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BPOLST 492 Topics in Policy Research (3-5, max. 10)
Explores topics in policy research to prepare students planning to enter a graduate level policy program. Topics may include: quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods, or research writing for the social sciences.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 492 (student access only)

BPOLST 500 Policy Process (5)
Focuses on political and institutional aspects of public policy processes. Examines rationales for public policy and the processes in which they are articulated and negotiated; formulation of policies; selection of policy instruments; and policy implementation. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 500 (student access only)

BPOLST 501 Public Finance and Budgeting (5) Jacoby
Analysis of government expenditures and revenues. Uses economic theory to examine key pubic policies in areas such as health, education, and labor. Emphasizes policy rationales and impacts regarding efficiency and equity. Develops accounting concepts necessary for budgeting analysis. Prerequisite: Microeconomics. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 501 (student access only)

BPOLST 502 Statistics for Policy Studies (5-)
Surveys important aspects of social science research for academic and practical investigation. Focuses on gaining an understanding of research and statistical analyses and their relationship to policy concerns. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.7 in BPOLST 500. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 502 (student access only)

BPOLST 503 Policy Analysis (-5)
Focuses on methods and approaches used in policy analysis and program evaluation. Examines and applies interdisciplinary approached and methods for evaluating policy impacts and outcomes, including cost-benefit analysis, randomized field experiments, quasi-experimental assessment, and participatory assessment. Examines
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 503 (student access only)

BPOLST 504 Management and Organizations (5)
Addresses how organizational cultures, processes, and resources create and limit policy options in local, state, and national context. Examines how an organization's strategies, perspectives, and patterns of resource management shape organizational responses to a variety of policy issues and problems. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.7 in BPOLST 500, BPOLST 502, and BPOLST 503.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 504 (student access only)

BPOLST 505 Leadership and Organizations (5) Decker, Kochis
Explores the human interactional dimension of organizational culture, behavior, and outcomes. Special attention is devoted to how individual and group dynamics frame the options open to leaders, managers, and employees in public, private, and non-profit organizations, and how leaders and managers shape the culture and behavior of organizations. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 505 (student access only)

BPOLST 506 Capstone Research (5-)
Depending of work experience, participate in an internship or field research in a private, public, or non-profit organization to investigate a policy problem. Conduct primary or secondary research, collecting data, and selecting theoretical perspectives. Represents the first stage of the Capstone project. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 506 (student access only)

BPOLST 508 Capstone Project (-5, max. 15)
Based on data collected form their primary or secondary research internship/field research, write a capstone paper which frames project conceptual issues, its research findings, and produces a critical analysis of a policy issue. Represents the second stage of the Capstone project.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 508 (student access only)

BPOLST 520 Policy Internship (2-5, max. 10)
Student arranged internship with a local organization or agency that incorporates a "field-based" component into their learning. Includes a policy project that benefits the organization and has academic merit. Prerequisite: BPOLST 500; BPOLST 502. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 520 (student access only)

BPOLST 571 Policy Ethics (5) Kochis
Examines the complex relationships between policy and ethics. These relationships are grounded in moral and political theories about the behavior of state and non-state actors. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 571 (student access only)

BPOLST 576 Education Policy and Politics (5)
Covers the historical development of U.S. K-12 education policy, with particular focus on contemporary education policy issues and debates, such as standards, tests, accountability, and school choice. Addresses the process and politics through which education policy is made at the federal, state, and district levels.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 576 (student access only)

BPOLST 581 Issues in Human Rights Policy (5, max. 10)
Explores the theories and practices of implementing the international human rights regime as government policy. Students engage in issues of normativity in policy formation and the pathways by which certain norms become domestic and global standards.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 581 (student access only)

BPOLST 582 Issues in Technology Policy (5, max. 10)
Explores how science and technology contribute to economic growth and human development, and how political processes shape and manage that impact. Examines historical and contemporary issues.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 582 (student access only)

BPOLST 583 Issues in Environmental Policy (5, max. 10)
Analyzes current policy issues in the complex and every changing arena of environmental policy.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 583 (student access only)

BPOLST 584 Issues in Labor and Human Resources (5, max. 10) Jacoby
Examines issues in the changing arena of labor and human resource policy.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 584 (student access only)

BPOLST 585 Issues in Health Policy (5, max. 10)
Examines relevant current issues in the changing arena of health policy including managed care, public health and safety, and the ethical dimensions of medical research and practice.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 585 (student access only)

BPOLST 586 Issues in Education Policy (5, max. 10)
Examines issues in education policy in local and global contexts.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 586 (student access only)

BPOLST 591 Research Colloquium (1, max. 5)
Provides an opportunity for graduate students and faculty members to exchange research ideas, present findings, discuss analytical methods and tools, and evaluate the implications of the presented research. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: jointly with BCULST 591; AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 591 (student access only)

BPOLST 592 Topics in Policy Research (3-5, max. 10)
Develops advanced technical skills in policy research methods. Topics may include various qualitative and quantitative methods of research.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 592 (student access only)

BPOLST 593 Topics in Policy Studies (3-5, max. 10)
Examines the changing arena of policy. Topics are relevant to current issues and may include the following: policy and gender; transportation policy in Puget Sound; policies of aging; and environmental policy.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 593 (student access only)

BPOLST 594 Research Design (5) Dolsak
Provides grounding in research designs, such as experimental, longitudinal, cross-sectional, case-study, and action research design. Helps professionals design and evaluate research proposals and be astute consumers of published research. Develops research proposals that can be submitted for institutional review at UW. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 594 (student access only)

BPOLST 595 Policy Studies Skills Workshop (1-3, max. 9)
Provides the opportunity to develop applied skills commonly required of managers and analysts in the public and non-profit sectors. Workshops emphasize hands-on learning and actual practice.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 595 (student access only)

BPOLST 598 Directed Research (1-5, max. 15)
Individual advanced research on policy topics conducted under the direction of one or more instructors.
MyPlan Course Details: BPOLST 598 (student access only)