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Interactive Media Design

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B IMD 330 Quantitative Methods in Interactive Media (5) QSR
Emphasizes mathematical concepts and principles related to the design, production, and analysis of media applications. Areas include ethics, probability theory, statistics, data visualization, research approaches, media-specific metrics, strategies, project management/budge, on-line survey techniques, and results presentation.

B IMD 350 Designing Media Experiences - MX (5)
Looks at the design of media experiences including the visual, haptic/kinetic, and cognitive aspects of humans as they interact with a variety of forms of media. Prerequisite: B IMD 330.

B IMD 351 Studio Elements I: Introduction (5)
Provides a survey of media design principles and technologies including characteristics of the studio process, fundamental project management and design methodologies, creativity, understanding audience, and explores user-centered design concepts. Projects linked to a series of introductory concept modules. Prerequisite: CSS 233.

B IMD 352 Studio Elements II: Essentials (5)
Second of three studio elements courses that provides core theory and methods related to dynamic web applications and integration with databases, photography, film production, audio techniques, and animation/storyboarding. Prerequisite: B IMD 351.

B IMD 353 Studio Elements III (5)
Third of three studio elements courses providing core theory and methods related to advanced storyboarding, media pre-production, web technologies/base architecture, video/audio integration, and other related areas critical to interactive media. Students complete projects and begin planning for their integrative project. Prerequisite: B IMD 352.

B IMD 362 Studio Elements II: Practicum (5)
Requires students to design and develop interactive media projects using design and production concept modules in an applied setting. Corequisite: B IMD 352; prerequisite: B IMD 351.

B IMD 363 Studio Elements III: Practicum (5)
Students design and develop interactive media projects using concept modules in an applied setting. Prepares students for senior-level integrative studio and specialty-area project. Prerequisite: B IMD 353, which must be taken concurrently; B IMD 362.

B IMD 390 Special Topics in Interactive Media Design (5, max. 10)
Provides an opportunity to study a special topic on interactive media design. Offered: AWSpS.
Instructor Course Description: Kanta A Kochhar

B IMD 401 Study Abroad: Interactive Media Design (1-5, max. 15)
Upper-division courses related to interactive media design, for which there are not direct University of Washington Bothell equivalents, taken through a University of Washington study abroad program.

B IMD 440 Systems of Digital Media Architecture (5)
Examines the components, technologies, and tools commonly used for multi-tier interactive digital media systems. Covers the design, implementation, deployment, and operational considerations for these systems such as infrastructure, software architectures, communication protocols, cloud-based systems, staging environments, usage and quality metrics, and supporting tools. Prerequisite: B IMD 352; B IMD 362.