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B HLTH 397 Current Health Topics (3-5, max. 15)
Survey of current issues in human health with analysis of selected topics. The personal, social, political, and economic aspects of health are explored through professional health writing and interdisciplinary literature.
Instructor Course Description: Anna M. Bruck

B HLTH 444 Issues in American Indian Health (5) I&S
Provides an overview of biobehavior and psychosocial health issues in American Indian communities. Uses media created by Native people and expresses perspectives best understood in Native voices and images to explore how social determinants of health intersect and shape health conditions, health beliefs, healing practices, and delivery of care.

B HLTH 445 Health in a Developing Nation: Study Abroad (5) I&S
Provides an overview of the health and health care challenges in a developing and low-income country. Addresses socio-cultural, environmental, economic, political, and ecological factors that influence health, illness, disability, and death as well as responses to health issues both within and outside the health sector. Includes study abroad.

B HLTH 450 Exploring the Humanities in Healthcare (5) VLPA
Explores how one or more of the arts/humanities are used in healthcare settings to help patients, their families and friends, and healthcare professionals: promote wellness, healing and recovery; and process illness, trauma, or loss experiences.
Instructor Course Description: Andrea H. Kovalesky

B HLTH 451 Family Caregiving Across the Life Span (5) I&S
Focuses on family caregiving across the lifespan. Examines issues, problems, and challenges family caregivers face while taking on this role across communities and illnesses. Supports health and social service providers in defining their roles within the context of family caregiving.

B HLTH 455 Women, Culture, and Healing (5) VLPA/I&S
Interdisciplinary course explores the inter-connectedness of identity, culture, healing. Addresses how women make meaning in their lives; how they are both shaped by and influence history, culture, and the world. Integrates humanities, social and health sciences to study cultural influences on women's health and healing.

B HLTH 460 Assessment of Older Adults (5) Sikma
Focuses on understanding the experience of aging and developing competence in assessing older adults and their needs. Studies and evaluates selected evidence-based functional, clinical, and psycho-social assessment instruments and approaches relevant to desired professional practice focus.

B HLTH 462 Global and Local Health Inequalities and Interventions (5) I&S Abrums
Examines the conditions (political, economic, cultural, historical) that create and sustain disparities in health globally and locally. Critically examines health issues from multiple perspectives, exploring theories and movements of people creating social justice in health within frameworks that are both globally and locally situated.

B HLTH 464 Environments and Health (5) I&S/NW
Facilitates understanding of complex relationships between human health and living and working environments. Students identify ways that professionals, private citizens, and members of community groups can take actions to preserve the environment and protect human health.

B HLTH 465 Adolescent Health (5) I&S Resnick
Explores growth and development, challenges of adolescence, and how society, through its communities, health agencies and schools and media, identifies and responds to adolescent health care needs. Uses literature and media produced for adolescent and professional, reflective writing and interviews to examine issues related to promoting adolescent health.

B HLTH 480 Genetics and Public Health (5) I&S/NW Wade
Explores the importance of human genome research findings for patient care and emphasizes developing skills for evaluating and communicating about genetic risks.

B HLTH 497 Selected Topics in Health (3-5, max. 15)
Guided survey and discussion of current literature in health related to personal, social, economic, and political topics. May have field component.
Instructor Course Description: Anna M. Bruck Andrea H. Kovalesky B. Josephine Ensign Bonnie L. Blachly Mark V Calogero Christopher H Wade Elizabeth A. Madison Elayne M Puzan Christine R Espina Jamie Lynn Shirley Jerelyn A. Resnick Maureen P. West

B HLTH 580 Genetics and Public Health (5) Wade
Explores the importance of human genome research findings for patient care and emphasizes developing skills for evaluating and communicating about genetic risks.

B HLTH 597 Special Topics in Health (3-5, max. 10)