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BCWRIT 500 Writing Workshop: Between Prose and Poetry (5) Brown, Heuving, Hiebert, Milutis
Focuses on the cross over between prose and poetry in multiple genres. Considers the prevalence of narrative and alternatives to narrative. Offered: AWSpS.

BCWRIT 501 Writing Workshop: Between Fact and Imagination (5) Brown, Heuving, Hiebert, Milutis
Examines the relationships between fact and imagination in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry writing. Offered: AWSpS.
Instructor Course Description: Amaranth C. Borsuk

BCWRIT 502 Writing Workshop: Processes of Thinking and Memory (5) Brown, Heuving, Hiebert, Milutis
Engages the primary processes of thinking and memory as they are affected by divers writing practices and media applications. Offered: AWSpS.

BCWRIT 510 Poetics Seminar: Cultural Change and Writing (5) Brown, Heuving, Hiebert, Milutis
Engages the subject of poetics as writing theory and practice. Focuses on cultural, social, and technological change as these create new challenges and possibilities for creative writing. Offered: AWSpS.

BCWRIT 511 Poetics Seminar: Writers' Research (5) Brown, Heuving, Hiebert, Milutis
Addresses how writers utilize research in their writing and inquires into different kind of research that can be pursued: textual, ethnographic, and performance-based. Offered: AWSpS.
Instructor Course Description: Sarah Dowling

BCWRIT 512 Poetics Seminar: Art, Technology, and Practice (5) Brown, Heuving, Hiebert, Milutis
Explores relationships among art, technology, and creative practice. Examines connections among diverse art forms, inquiring into their social, philosophical, and aesthetic dimensions. Offered: AWSpS.

BCWRIT 517 Teaching Practicum (3-5)
Practicum in which students gain theoretical and practical experience in teaching within community groups and organizations, in elementary and secondary schools, or in community colleges and universities.

BCWRIT 520 Creative Writing and Poetics Internship (2-5, max. 5)
Students conduct an internship within an organization in order to develop and extend their writing expertise. Topics and sites vary with student interest.

BCWRIT 530 Community-Based Practicum (2-5)
Students initiate, plan, carry through, and evaluate a literary or arts event or series of events for a specific community or arts venue. Topics and sites vary with student interest.

BCWRIT 597 Directed Readings (2-10, max. 10)
Intensive reading in literature, literary and art criticism, critical theory, or poetics.

BCWRIT 598 Directed Research (2-10, max. 10)
Focused inquiry into specific research ideas, issues, or topics and elected analytical and creative methods for pursuing these.

BCWRIT 700 Master's Thesis (*-) Brown, Hiebert, Heuving, Milutis
Includes completion of a creative thesis in one of the following areas: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or cross genre as well as a poetics essay or artist's statement. Students may elective to engage multiple media or performance venues in partial completion of their thesis. Offered: AWSpS.