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B CUSP 100 General Learning Strategies (2, max. 6)
Provides students with active learning strategies and exploration of university curricular and co-curricular resources and services to help them transition into a university setting and become effective learners. Includes interactive work on building collaborative skills, ands well as reflection on personal and academic goals. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 100 (student access only)

B CUSP 103 Intercultural Literacy for Multilingual Students (3) Y. MIN
Develops the intercultural abilities of students whose native language is not English. Students learn close reading skills and practical guidelines and strategies that can help them develop writing abilities for various genres of assignments.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 103 (student access only)

B CUSP 122 Introduction to Elementary Functions (5)
Covers college algebra with an emphasis on polynomial, rational, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric functions. Prerequisite: either a minimum grade of 2.5 in B CUSP 121 or a score of 147-150 on the MPT-GSA assessment test. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 122 (student access only)

B CUSP 123 Functions, Models, and Quantitative Reasoning (5) NW, QSR
Explores the concept of a mathematical function and its applications. Explores real world examples and problems to enable students to create mathematical models that help them understand the world in which they live. Each idea will be represented symbolically, numerically, graphically, and verbally. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.5 in B CUSP 122, a score of 145-153 on the MPT-AS assessment test, or a score of 151 or higher on the MPT-GS assessment test. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 123 (student access only)

B CUSP 124 Calculus I: Origins and Early Developments (5) NW, QSR
Develops modern calculus by investigating the questions, problems, and ideas that motivated its discovery and practice. Studies the real number system and functions defined on it, focusing on limits, area and tangent calculations, properties and applications of the derivative, and the notion of continuity. Emphasizes problem-solving and mathematical thinking. Prerequisite: either a minimum grade of 2.5 in B CUSP 123, sufficient score on approved mathematics assessment test, or a minimum score of 2 on either the AB or BC AP Calculus test. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 124 (student access only)

B CUSP 125 Calculus II: Foundations and the Emergence of Modern Analysis (5) NW, QSR
Focuses on the historical emergence of modern calculus, the Fundamental Theorem, area, volume, and area length calculations, properties and applications of the integral, infinite series, Taylor and Fourier expansions, and the Weierstrass definition of limit. Emphasizes problem-solving and mathematical thinking. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in B CUSP 124, score of 3 on AP MAB or AP MBC exams. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 125 (student access only)

B CUSP 126 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III (5) NW
Third quarter in calculus sequence. Introduction to Taylor polynomials and Taylor series, vector geometry in three dimensions, introduction to multivariable differential calculus, double integrals in Cartesian and polar coordinates. Prerequisite: either 2.0 in MATH 125, 2.0 in MATH 145, 2.0 in MATH 146, 2.0 in B CUSP 125, score of 5 on AB advanced placement test, or score of 4 on BC advanced placement test. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 126 (student access only)

B CUSP 131 Special Topics in First-Year Learning (1-5, max. 15)
Various topics designed to respond to curricular interests and needs for first-year students. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 131 (student access only)

B CUSP 133 First-Year Interest Group (1-5, max. 15)
Provides a range of educational experiences that are able to move both within and beyond the traditional classroom. Experiences include options such as participation in undergraduate research, community engagement, and on-campus groups organized around themes of common interest.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 133 (student access only)

B CUSP 134 Interdisciplinary Writing (5) C
Offers an interdisciplinary approach to composition, including generating a compelling topic; the articulation of a thesis; the development of supporting evidence; the ability to draw conclusions from the evidence, clear organization of the essay, correct mechanics; awareness of audience, and knowledge of resources for research. Prerequisite: may not be taken for credit if previously earned a minimum grade of 2.0 B CUSP 101, B CUSP 114, or ENGL 131. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 134 (student access only)

B CUSP 135 Research Writing (5) C
Strengthens performance of college-level argumentative writing and scholarly research, critical reading and thinking, and the critique and the creation of print and new media texts. Prerequisite: either B CUSP 101, B CUSP 114, or B CUSP 134. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 135 (student access only)

B CUSP 140 Scientific Journeys (5, max. 15) NW, QSR
Offers introductory practice in laboratory and quantitative techniques, a history of one or more of the sciences, and reflection on the relationship between science and its function in the larger society. Topics vary. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 140 (student access only)

B CUSP 141 Natural History and Environmental Science (5) NW W. GOLD, M. GROOM, A. LAMBERT, D. STOKES
Introduces the study of the natural world through the approaches and tools of both traditional natural historians and modern scientific inquiry. Emphasizes the application of these approaches to studying nearby natural areas and using education principles to communication and interpret nature.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 141 (student access only)

B CUSP 153 Introduction to Geology (5) NW
Survey of the physical systems that give the earth its form. Emphasizes the dynamic nature of interior and surface processes on the earth and stressing the value of geological forms in understanding of the past and predicting future events.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 153 (student access only)

B CUSP 154 Introduction to Oceanography (5) NW
Case studies of research on the oceans, deep-sea exploration, climate change, and human impacts on marine life. Considers societal factors affecting progress in marine science, changing popular attitudes toward the oceans, and key current policy implications of marine science.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 154 (student access only)

B CUSP 161 Digital Thinking (5) QSR
Introduces the fundamental concepts behind computing and computational thinking including logical reasoning; problem solving, data representation; abstraction; complexity management; computers and network operations; effective web searches; ethics; and legal and social aspects of information technology through the creation of popular digital artifacts such as web pages, animations, and video games. Offered: ASp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 161 (student access only)

B CUSP 170 Introduction to Psychology (5) I&S
Surveys major areas of psychological science. Core topics include human social behavior, personality, psychological disorders and treatment, learning, memory, human development, biological influences, and research methods. Related topics may include sensation, perception, states of consciousness, thinking, intelligence, language, motivation, emotion, stress and health, cross-cultural psychology, and applied psychology. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 170 (student access only)

B CUSP 171 World History I (5) I&S
Situates human history within broadest possible context - from beginning of the universe, through early earth history and the origin and evolution of earth's biomass and the human species to the development of the great classical societies of China, India, Persia, and the Mediterranean. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 171 (student access only)

B CUSP 172 World History II (5) I&S
Explores world history from the time of the ancient classical empires to the global Enlightenment periods of the Eighteenth century. Investigate the interaction of different peoples with their social and natural environments. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 172 (student access only)

B CUSP 173 World History III (5) I&S
Explores world history from the Enlightenment periods of the Eighteenth century to the present. Investigates the interaction of different peoples with their social and natural environments. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 173 (student access only)

B CUSP 174 American Lives (5) VLPA/I&S
Studies the biographies of Americans who made significant contributions during a particular era in American history. These biographies provide a platform for examining social, political and economic developments, as well as how those developments shaped American attitudes, identities, and institutions.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 174 (student access only)

B CUSP 175 Introduction to American Government (5) I&S
Examines the major institutions and processes of American government, including civil liberties and rights, federalism, Congress, the presidency, the judiciary, executive branch, political parties and elections, interest groups, and civic engagement. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 175 (student access only)

B CUSP 176 Introduction to Global Economy (5) I&S, QSR
Provides intellectual frameworks for common concerns about globalization, competition, trade, transnational corporations, migration, and other contemporary questions. Emphasizes mastery of relevant data and the ability to connect data to analysis and argument. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 176 (student access only)

B CUSP 177 Personal Finance and Consumer Psychology (5) I&S, QSR
Introductory examination of personal consumption decisions and financial management tools. Addresses decision-making models, societal norms, and institutions that mediate the working of global and local capital.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 177 (student access only)

B CUSP 178 Introduction to Communication (5) I&S
Introduces topics in the study of human communication. Focuses on key goals such as identities, relationships, and communities; modes of interaction such as linguistic, kinesthetic, visual, and mediated; and settings such as one-to-one, small group, organizations, virtual, and mass media. Offered: ASp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 178 (student access only)

B CUSP 186 Comic Books and Graphic Novels (5) VLPA
Analyzes comic books and graphic novels as cultural artifacts within a long tradition of visual storytelling and social critique. Traces the history of its development, focusing on social influences, and emerging social trends that shaped the powerful creative industry it has become today. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 186 (student access only)

B CUSP 187 Introduction to Literary Analysis (5) VLPA Goldberg, Goldstein, Kochhar-Lindgren, Watts
Examines how literary texts create meaning and emotion. Identifies literary elements and explains their use within formal structures in order to appreciate the pleasures and complexities of literary expression, and their usefulness in other arenas. Instructors may focus on specific genres or topics. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 187 (student access only)

B CUSP 188 Topics in Asian Cultures (5, max. 10) VLPA/I&S Goldberg, Goldstein, Kochhar-Lindren, Watts
Introduces the traditional arts, cultures, and history of countries of Asia. Emphasizes the interaction between culture and geography, politics, economies, and social structures that shape, and are shaped by cultural processes and products. Specific countries varies with the instructor and quarter offered. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 188 (student access only)

B CUSP 189 Myth, Ritual, and Culture (5) VLPA/I&S
Introduces the concepts of ritual, myth, symbols, and the construction of meaning in fields such as psychology, anthropology, performance studies, theater, and religions studies, focusing on the formation of rituals and their functions in different social contexts. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 189 (student access only)

B CUSP 190 Contemporary Literature (5) VLPA
Critically engages with contemporary fiction, poetry, drama, cross-genre writing, or new media texts to investigate questions such as methods of interpretation, cultural identity, historiography, gender formations, or political analysis. Offered: ASp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 190 (student access only)

B CUSP 192 Cross-Cultural Philosophies and Religions (5) I&S, DIV
A cross cultural examination of philosophical and religious perspectives on basic questions of human life such as meaning, reality, knowledge, and action, with the aim of developing a sense of the rich complexity of varying cultural and interpretive traditions. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 192 (student access only)

B CUSP 193 Introduction to Philosophy (5) I&S
Major philosophical questions relating to such matters as the existence of God, the foundations of knowledge, the nature of reality, and the nature of morality. Approach may be either historical or topical. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 193 (student access only)

B CUSP 194 Introduction to Film (5) VLPA
Provides an introduction to cinema as an artistic medium, as a source of entertainment, as a platform for cultural critique, and as a cluster of social institutions with significant political and economic power. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 194 (student access only)

B CUSP 199 Field-Based Learning (3, max. 9)
Designed for pre-majors interested in gaining hands-on work experience to access potential educational and career paths. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 199 (student access only)

B CUSP 200 Introduction to Microeconomics (5) I&S, QSR
Analysis of markets: consumer demand, production, exchange, the price system, resource allocation, government intervention. Recommended: B CUSP 123. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 200 (student access only)

B CUSP 201 Introduction to Macroeconomics (5) I&S, QSR
Analysis of the aggregate economy: national income, inflation, business fluctuations, unemployment, monetary system, federal budget, international trade and finance. Prerequisite: B CUSP 200; recommended: B CUSP 123. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 201 (student access only)

B CUSP 202 Introduction to Law (5) I&S
Introduction to the structure of the legal system. Covers how the United States legal system reflects and forms social values; resolves disputes; deals with criminal procedures; addresses torts and contracts; and examines the functioning of the Constitution. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 202 (student access only)

B CUSP 203 Undergraduate Peer Instructor Practicum (1-3, max. 12)
Provides instruction in group leadership and promotion of values and methods of learning within a university setting. For Peer Instructors. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 203 (student access only)

B CUSP 205 Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurs (2-5) I&S
Offers an exploratory workshop on generating and refining new ideas, both individually and collaboratively, in areas such as business, the arts, and community projects. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 205 (student access only)

B CUSP 206 Learning to Lead: Collaboration in Diverse Contexts (2) DIV
Explores methods of collaboration, mentoring, and shared leadership practices for social justice. Participants work together to identify relevant issues and necessary skills for both campus and community-based projects. Required for M.A.T.C.H. program. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 206 (student access only)

B CUSP 270 Negotiation and Persuasion: Theory and Practice (5) I&S
Examines effective negotiation techniques and prominent theories of persuasion, applying these techniques and insights in simulated negotiation. Students practice bargaining strategies, negotiate business contracts, job offers, interpersonal conflicts, consumer dispute, and ethical dilemmas. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 270 (student access only)

B CUSP 290 Research in Action (2, max. 6) Rasmussen
Introduces research practices, methods, and processes in the different (inter)disciplines represented on the UW Bothell campus. Students develop skills necessary to be successful scholars and researchers and learn about research that is being conducted by the UW Bothell faculty. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 290 (student access only)

B CUSP 295 Study Abroad Pre-Departure Seminar (2) I&S
Prepares students for the experience of studying abroad by offering a complex look at the industry of global travel. Students also consider various approaches to "responsible travel" and reflect on ways that their own study abroad experience may both mirror and challenge the well-worn image of the "American tourist". Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 295 (student access only)

B CUSP 296 Study Abroad: CUSP (1-5, max. 15) VLPA/I&S
CUSP related courses for which there are no direct University of Washington Bothell equivalents, taken through a University of Washington study abroad program.
MyPlan Course Details: B CUSP 296 (student access only)