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B BSKL 200 Preparing for the Business World (5)
Examines professionalism, productivity, communication, networking, and career management. Develops skills for business case analysis, project planning and management, public speaking, writing, team work, and introspection. Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: Laura B. Schildkraut

B BSKL 300 Business Team Skills (1) Collins, Kelley, Walters
Introduces students to the characteristics of effective teams, team processes, stages of group development, leadership behaviors, meeting management, and team performance diagnosis. Must be taken concurrently with B BUS 300, Management of Organizations. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AW.

B BSKL 305 Business Research Skills (1) Kelly, Miller
Familiarize students with analytical reasoning and research methods, the case method of teaching, and group writing skills. Provides students with the tools necessary to succeed in the UWB Business Program. Must be taken concurrently with B BUS 305, Managerial Communication. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AW.