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B ARTS 121 Introduction to Drawing (5) VLPA
Builds basic drawing skills, develops understanding of primary concepts which relate to drawing and develops an understanding of the grammar or syntax of two-dimensional language. Students move beyond their current knowledge and abilities and link new skills, concepts, and understandings to creative expressing. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 121 (student access only)

B ARTS 131 Introduction to Arts Practice (5) VLPA
Includes active exploration of processes through which artists discover and translate ideas, feelings, and concerns into various forms of objects. Uses a wide variety of methods and approaches, from traditional to technological, to promote artistic expression. Promotes discussions and critiques to lead to a better understanding of the creative process. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 131 (student access only)

B ARTS 135 Introduction to Painting (5) VLPA
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 135 (student access only)

B ARTS 141 Introduction to Photography (2, max. 6) VLPA
An introduction to photography as an art form. Focuses on camera operation and capturing images with full creative control. Encourages students to explore the visual language of photography; learn about contemporary and past photographers; communicate in the visual medium; and look at photographic works with a critical eye. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 141 (student access only)

B ARTS 151 Introduction to Acting (2, max. 6) VLPA
An interactive approach towards the investigation and development of basic acting skills through improvisation, monologues, scene-work, movement exercises, in-class writing exercises, and experimental ensemble projects. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 151 (student access only)

B ARTS 161 Introduction to Dance (2, max. 6) VLPA
Provides the opportunity for students to understand dance as a physical practice, creative art, and academic discipline as well as learn about the structural elements of dance, choreographic tools, and the art form's history. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 161 (student access only)

B ARTS 191 Art and Public Spaces (5) VLPA
Examines works from across the arts: painting, writing, film, architecture, theater, new media. Explores their relationship to public spaces such as museums, site-specific structures, galleries, and exhibitions, as well as the history of their public reception. Includes site visits. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 191 (student access only)

B ARTS 197 Studio Arts: Music, Media Arts, and InterArts Performance (2, max. 6) VLPA
Develops skills in a variety of studio arts in order to enhance student ability as a performer, arts creator, educator, or in applied areas of creativity. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: B ARTS 197 (student access only)