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R E 507 Accounting for Real Estate (3)
Provides an overview of basic accounting concepts and emphasizes tax and accounting methodologies in relation to the development and management of real estate assets. Topics include: understanding balance sheets; income statements; annual reports; GAAP accounting and standards; and federal and real estate property taxation. Offered: A.
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R E 508 Financial Modeling for Real Estate I - Excel (2) G. ROLFE
Introduces students to commercial real estate modeling, use of Excel and handheld financial calculators. Allows students to gain mastery and confidence in setting up and using preforms and models to analyze real estate investment, asset management, and development. Offered: A.
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R E 510 Introduction to Real Estate (3) S. DERMISI
Provides a basic overview of the participants, processes, workings of different components of the real estate industry (including a variety of uses spanning from residential, office, retail and industrial to specialized) as well as the quantitative components of the real estate decision-making. Additionally, students are introduced to an overview of construction management, sustainability, corporate services, property law and ethics. Offered: jointly with URBDP 552; A.
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R E 511 Real Estate Appraisal (3) C. BITTER
Discusses valuation theory and the mechanics underlying real estate appraisal practices. Explores the unique market within which property interests are created, allocated or transferred, the dynamic nature of real estate values, and the valuation impacts of various external factors. Offered: jointly with URBDP 555; A.
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R E 512 Leadership in the Built Environment (3)
Focuses on leadership principles applicable to the real estate and the built environment and helps students conduct self-assessments to understand their strengths and ways they can apply them. Addresses both organizational leadership and leadership of construction processes. Offered: A.
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R E 553 Urban Land Economics (4) C. BITTER
Introduces urban economics, land markets, and locational decision making; and examines urban spatial structure and the economic, political, social, technological, and historical forces that shape land values and uses. Uses applied spatial analytical tools including geographic information systems and geogemographic software. Offered: jointly with URBDP 553; A.
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R E 554 Real Estate Finance (4) S. DERMISI
Expands on basic financial concepts introduced in the Real Estate Process. Designed to help students understand the financial implications of various real estate decisions. Covers mortgage finance, leverage, cash flow analysis, capital sources, financial engineering, and advanced modeling. Prerequisite: R E 552/URBDP 552. Offered: jointly with URBDP 554; W.
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R E 556 Real Estate Investment (4)
Focuses on direct real estate investment based on the productive capacity of the total property, debt, and equity components and their impact on the cash returns in the form of positive returns to the property, tax savings potential, alternative leverage effects, and the gains at sale. Offered: jointly with URBDP 556; W.
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R E 557 Real Estate Law (4) J. FANDEL, S. OSBORNE
Focuses on the legal principles and issues essential to understanding the workings of the real estate industry, including the fundamentals of real estate transactions and development projects. Offered: jointly with URBDP 557; A.
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R E 558 Real Estate Market Analysis (4) C. BITTER
Prepares students to conduct and interpret market studies to cover a range of real estate decisions. Exposes students to the market analysis process and various tools and techniques that can be used to analyze and forecast supply, demand, and rental rates. Offered: jointly with URBDP 558; W.
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R E 560 Real Estate Feasibility (4)
Applies critical thinking needed to understand the drivers of value of the major property types which covers the "user in search of a site" and "investor in search of involvement' feasibility questions. Applies a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis to target markets. Offered: jointly with URBDP 568; Sp.
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R E 561 Real Estate Capital Markets (4) M. MAKAR
Studies capital markets, investigating the agents and institutions that channel money from the array of sources of savings to investment projects. Identifies the sources of available capital and uses investment and portfolio tools employed by conduits and intermediaries matches the capital to projects and asset classes. Offered: jointly with URBDP 569; A.
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R E 569 Real Estate Portfolio Management (5)
Students develop formal portfolio management strategies that draw on their in-depth understanding of real estate fundamentals, strategic planning and portfolio theory. Working in teams, students prepare cutting-edge portfolio strategies including the policies and procedures for implementation and portfolio management. Offered: jointly with URBDP 559; Sp.
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R E 570 Real Estate Project Finance (3) Rolfe
Introduces financing real property projects developed by public, community, and private entities with a primary emphasis on interim (acquisition/development/construction) and take-out lending for new real estate projects. Offered: jointly with URBDP 577; Sp.
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R E 571 Real Estate Development (4) G. ROLFE
Introduction and survey of processes and people involved in developing real estate, including issues of site control, public/private approvals, feasibility analysis, project financing, design/construction, marketing, and asset management. Prerequisite: R E 552/URBDP 552. Offered: jointly with URBDP 578.
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R E 590 Real Estate Forum I (1)
Provides an opportunity for students to learn about the interdisciplinary nature of real estate from industry leaders. Discusses current issues and opportunities in the industry as well as what it takes to develop a sustainable career path. Offered: jointly with URBDP 590; A.
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R E 598 Real Estate Special Topics (1-4, max. 12)
Systematic study of specialized subject matter. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: AWSpS.
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