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PROS 520 P-Complete Dentures (4)
Deals with the basic principles of complete denture fabrication as well as the didactic portion of diagnosis and treatment of a completely edentulous patient. Offered: A.

PROS 523 P-Removable Partial Denture Design (2)
Lectures in the basic principles of removable partial denture design. Discusses practical drawings and more advanced designs. Certain technical aspects of design procedures are done in the pre-clinic. Offered: A.

PROS 524 P-Immediate Dentures (3)
Deals with the basic principles of immediate denture fabrication as well as the didactic portion of diagnosis and treatment of partial edentulous patient. Covers the principles in immediate complete denture design and fabrication. Offered: W.

PROS 525 P-Removable Partial Dentures (4)
Deals with those procedures the dentist must perform to fabricate a physiologically acceptable removable partial denture. Student gains experience via laboratory exercises prior to beginning prosthodontic treatment of a partially edentulous patient. Offered: Sp.

PROS 560 Complete and Immediate Dentures (2)
Lecture/seminar devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of the completely edentulous patient and the immediate denture patient, with emphasis on management of patients with difficulties in treatment. Offered: S.

PROS 562 Removable Partial Dentures (2)
Lecture/seminar concentrating on factors peculiar to fabrication of removable partial dentures, with emphasis on management of combined fixed and removable therapy. Offered: S.

PROS 563 Maxillofacial Prosthetics I (1)
Introductory lecture/seminar series with emphasis on diagnosis and prosthodontic rehabilitative treatment of patients who have experienced trauma or have congenital or acquired defects in the oral region. Offered: S.

PROS 564 Maxillofacial Prosthetics II (1)
Introductory lecture series focusing on the prosthodontic rehabilitation of patients with loss and compromise of facial anatomy, i.e., ocular, orbital, nasal, auricular, combination intraoral/extraoral, and other related facial deformities. Offered: A.

PROS 571 Review of Literature Seminar (1, max. 12)
Weekly seminar devoted to the review of prosthodontic and related literature. Offered: AWSp.

PROS 572 Special Topics Related to Prosthodontics (1)
Lecture-seminar series focusing on relating principles of basic science to clinical application in prosthodontics. A wide and varied range of topics including surgery, psychology, speech, pharmacology, practice management, physiology, temporomandibular/myofascial joint dysfunction. Offered: S.

PROS 600 Independent Study or Research (*-)
Prerequisite: permission of Graduate Program Adviser. Offered: AWSpS.

PROS 630 P-Clinical Prosthodontics ([1-2]-, max. 5)
Clinical course involving the diagnosis and management of completely and partially edentulous patients. Removable partial dentures and immediate dentures are fabricated. Follow-up care provided for patients previously treated. Offered: AWSpS.

PROS 640 P-Clinical Prosthodontic Maintenance (1-, max. 3)
Clinic involving additional patient treatment with complete, partial, or intermediate dentures, plus indirect relines, managing adjustment chair, peer review, recall clinic, and follow-up care for patients previously treated. Offered: AWSp.

PROS 650 P-Extramurals in Prosthodontics (*, max. 12)
Elective clinical experiences or clinical practice teaching. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Credit/no-credit only.

PROS 660 Clinical Prosthodontics (1-2, max. 6)
Practical application of material covered in PROS560 and PROS 562. Offered: AWSpS.

PROS 665 Clinical Practice Teaching (1-, max. 4)
Supervised experience in teaching clinical prosthodontics to the undergraduate dental student.