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PPM 500 Proseminar in Public Policy and Management (1)
Engages students with faculty to discuss research in public policy and management. Provides an effective means to become familiar with research agendas and opportunities in this field, and other aspects of socialization into the academic process, including teaching, grant writing, and publishing. Credit/no-credit only.
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PPM 502 Research Design (4) Khagram, Thomas
Provides a rigorous foundation for interdisciplinary research design. Introduces iconic types of theory (predictive, interpretive, and explanatory) and the philosophical foundations underlying these. Reviews a range of methodological approaches to research: experimental and quasi-experimental, statistical and quasi-statistical, comparative case-study, ethnographic, and triangulation. Offered: A.
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PPM 504 Institutional Perspectives on Management (4)
Prepares doctoral students for careers in research and teaching public policy, management, and leadership. Examines essential responsibilities that policy makers, managers, and other kinds of leaders must address to succeed in public service through competing theories of institutional design and action. Offered: A.
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PPM 506 Advanced Microeconomics for Policy Analysis (4)
Reviews standard individual choice models and newer perspectives from behavioral and institutional economics that inform public policy analysis. Topics include: models of individual choice, constrained and unconstrained optimization, information and uncertainty, intertemporal decision making, transaction costs and property rights, externalities, and public goods. Prerequisite: multivariate calculus; intermediate microeconomic theory. Offered: A.
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PPM 508 Public Policy Processes (4)
Political science frameworks, approaches, and theories concerning development and implementation of public policies within American political systems. Governmental behaviors and processes, including rational, political, and bureaucratic models of governmental decision making; agenda-building processes; and normative perspectives concerning role of governmental entities.
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PPM 510 Public Policy Analysis (4)
Reviews public policy analysis and evaluation building on prior study of microeconomics, policy processes, research design, and statistics. Covers theoretical and interdisciplinary frameworks and applications of empirical methods to policy problems and solutions, and considers regularities in incidence, and effects of the use of alternative policy tools.
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PPM 512 Data Analysis Practicum (4)
Develops the methodological capacity to undertake independent research. Includes reading, critiquing, and replicating portions of selected empirical papers from a range of scholarly areas. Provides opportunities to deal with issues of research design, data limitations, measurement, model specification, and interpretation.
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PPM 514 Organizations, Management, and Theory (4)
Key theories of organizations as they apply to public and nonprofit management; building on the required course PPM 504 Institutional Perspectives. Students wishing to take the course who have not taken PPM 504 will be required to do some additional reading prior to taking this course. Recommended: PPM 504
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PPM 599 Topics in Public Policy and Management (1-6, max. 16)
Examines various research topics of importance in public policy and management.
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PPM 600 Independent Study or Research (*)
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PPM 601 Teaching Mentorship (2)
Credit/no-credit only.
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PPM 800 Doctoral Dissertation (*)
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