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PHARBE 500 Molecular and Cellular Biology for Pharmaceutical Bioengineering I (4) Minie
Covers fundamental molecular processes that occur in living organisms; including the structure and organization of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Studies molecular basis of cellular structure and behaviors of cell membranes, environmental sensing and motility, signaling pathways, and differentiation. Integrates online literature/media resources and bioinformatics tools. Offered: W.
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PHARBE 501 Molecular and Cellular Biology for Pharmaceutical Bioengineering II (4) Minie
Uses a case based approved to examine prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene structure and regulation, viruses, signaling pathways, RNA, DNA, metagenomics, and systems biology. Integrates student presentations of select research topics into curriculum to develop critical thinking approaches to the latest developments in the field. Prerequisite: PHARE 500 or permission of instructor. Offered: Sp.
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PHARBE 502 Pharmaceutics I (4)
Covers the drug development process for both small molecules and biological form discovery stage through the end of phase 1. Addresses the science, logistics, and regulatory environment of preclinical (pharmacology, PKDM, toxicology, CMC) and early clinical development. Offered: A.
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PHARBE 503 Pharmaceutics II (4) Benson
Covers phases II and III of the drug development process. Topics include clinical study design, safety, pharmacology, and statistics. Provides an overview of the preparation and filing of the New Drug Application (NDA). Uses case studies to demonstrate key concepts. Prerequisite: PHARBE 502 or permission of instructor. Offered: W.
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PHARBE 510 Applied Pharmacokinetics (4)
Covers basic principle of pharmacokinetics and its impact on treatment, including: single-dose intravenous and oral kinetics, multiple dosing, nonlinear pharmacokinetics, metabolite kinetics, pharmacogenetics, the role of disease in drug clearance and dose requirements, and kinetics of drug-drug interactions. Offered: A.
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PHARBE 511 Process Development (4) Laursen
Examines the principles involved in designed and developing production processes for protein therapeutics. Covers technologies, methods, and unit operations used in the development and GMP manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Includes interdependencies of upstream, downstream, analytical, formulation and drug delivery technologies, illustrated with key biochemical, chemical, and physical chemical reaction examples. Offered: W.
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PHARBE 512 Formulation and Delivery (4) Nehilla
Introduces drug delivery and formulation principles, systems, and applications. Reviews administration routes and associated delivery barriers, connection to drug pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, and drug diffusion and permeation principles. Includes current and developmental biomaterials used for formulation and drug delivery systems. Offered: Sp.
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PHARBE 513 Clinical Development (4)
Evaluates clinical development strategies including comprehensive drug candidate life cycle plan. Covers clinical trial design, FDA and Institutional Review Boards, ethics, consents, safety, and quality. Discusses target product profiles, phase III study synopses, informed consents, and SWOT analyses. Students present phase II results and debate go no go decisions. Offered: A.
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PHARBE 520 Molecular Biotechnology (4) To
Emphasizes concepts and the techniques/methodologies used in molecular biotechnologies. Uses practice-oriented lectures and laboratories to cover issue culture and assays, recombinant DNA methodologies such as SNA isolation, restriction mapping, cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, DNA sequencing, PCR techniques and applications, protein electrophoresis, ELISA analysis, and Western/Southern blotting methodologies. Offered: A.
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PHARBE 521 Drug Discovery and Design (4) Baldwin
Explores general principles and current approaches involved in modern drug discovery and development. Includes specific aspects of human biology and disease, case studies in discovery, and the evolution of how these topics have merged. Covers novel drug discovery techniques, emerging non-standard therapeutics, and the history of drugs and drug discovery. Offered: W.
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PHARBE 522 Molecular Targets and Drug Classes (4) Wong
Discusses select medicinal compounds, emphasizing mechanism of action, biotransformation, and structural and physical properties governing absorption, distribution, and excretion. Design of therapeutics to focus on maximizing efficacy while reducing toxicities. Compounds include classical organic small-molecules, peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, and other bioactive chemical classes. Offered: Sp.
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PHARBE 523 Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (4)
Surveys methods in bioinformatics and systems biology, including genomics, proteomics, protein-folding prediction, phylogenetics, and simulations, making particular use of tools available online. Emphasizes student presentations. Offered: A.
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