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PA EX 502 Executive Decision Making (3)
Examines multiple ways in which analysis can support good decision making by leaders. Examines the normal heuristics managers and leaders use and looks at the role of data analysis, modeling, and expert judgment in management and leadership.

PA EX 503 Strategic Financial Management I (4)
Introduction to state and local public finance and nonprofit financial management and analysis; political context and economic forces causing fundamental shift in resources and types of financing for public service; fundamental concepts of financial statements, their nature, and use in the public and nonprofit sectors.

PA EX 504 Executive Economics (3)
Explores basic principles of economics needed by executives to become critical consumers of economic analysis, recognizing when and how it is pertinent to decision-making.

PA EX 505 Strategic Financial Management II (4)
Focuses on strategic financial management; alternative forms of organizational financial structure; analytic skills and managerial applications of financial accounting and budgeting, techniques of financial analysis, performance budgeting, and debt management; strategic finance linked to contracting, multiple forms of privatization, social enterprise, and managing multiple revenue streams.

PA EX 506 Improving Organizational Performance (3)
Integrates organizational mission with the culture using effective communications, outcomes assessments, and other tools for a citizen-oriented approach that relies on modern marketing methods.

PA EX 507 Values and Integrity (3)
Provides a personal and value context from which to use the framework and methods to sustain a personal and institutional mission. Examines ranges of intelligence and learning styles to create a foundation of self understanding for leadership strength and integrity.

PA EX 508 Managing People (3)
Focuses on how to build a humane and fair workplace consistent with the laws that govern modern employment. Examines critical moments of building a strong culture through evaluation, promoting, firing, discrimination, work force succession, and intergenerational leadership.

PA EX 509 Leading Across Boundaries (3)
Examines the modern challenges of leading across complex networks of institutions and stakeholders, examining institutional, national, sectoral, and cultural boundaries. Examines these challenges in the context of globalization and the emergence of multi-sectoral and multi-cultural networks of governance.

PA EX 510 Negotiation and Mediation (4)
Explores a theoretical framework for negotiations with an equal emphasis on developing negotiation skills through role-plays. Focuses on techniques and nuances of negotiation that are most useful for a manager working in a complex, dynamic environment with multiple stakeholders.

PA EX 511 Strategic Communication (3)
Focuses on effective communication, highlighting the advocacy and motivation facet of leadership. In order to understand elements of persuasive communication, emphasizes concepts of negotiation analysis; power and dependence, perceptions of conflict, and finding mutual gains.

PA EX 512 Strategic Policy-Making (3)
Examines how managers can expertly function at the intersection of politics, policy, and the wishes of the public.

PA EX 513 Leading for a Legacy (3)
Explores the nature of human culture and values and how they relate to human legacy by impacting the quality of humans in an organization and how legacy grows from the values of the trusteeship and stewardship.