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ORALB 449 Undergraduate Research Topics in Oral Biology (*, max. 30)
Individual research on topics selected in collaboration with a faculty member. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.

ORALB 510 P-Development, Structure, and Function of Oral Tissues (3-, max. 6) Popowics
Development, microscopic and submicroscopic structure, functional aspects of hard and soft oral tissues. Embryonic development of head and neck; morphodifferentiation of face and oral structures. Structure-function relationships in descriptions of development and histology-ultrastructure of oral tissues by integration of traditional oral histology and oral physiology topics. Offered: WSp.

ORALB 520 P-Molecular Microbiology and Oral Diseases (2) Darveau
Applies students' background knowledge in basic sciences to an understanding of the molecular bases of the interactions between microorganisms and oral tissues that lead to plaque formation and dental diseases. Principles of clinical asepsis and diagnosis of caries and periodontal diseases also covered. Offered: Sp.

ORALB 521 Medical Microbiology and Immunology (3)
Bacterial structure, physiology and genetics. Viral structure and function. Bacterial and viral diseases of the respiratory tract, skin, GI tract, UG tract. Innate and adaptive immunity. Immune responses to infection, immunodeficiencies, and autoimmunity. Offered: A.

ORALB 540 P-Clinical Care of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (2) Evans
Presents the clinical treatment modalities used to care for patients with various diseases that present in the oral and maxillofacial area. Offered: jointly with O S 540; A.
Instructor Course Description: Julia Y Chang

ORALB 550 P-Directed Studies in Oral Biology (*, max. 12)
Selected readings and seminars on a topic chosen by individual arrangement in collaboration with a faculty member. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.

ORALB 561 Oral Tissue Development, Structure, and Function (3, max. 6) Popowics
Selected readings and discussions explore recent advances in cellular and molecular biology relevant to oral biology and medicine. Special emphasis on craniofacial and dental development, oral mucosa and periodontal tissues, salivary gland function, and olfaction and gustation. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: WSp.

ORALB 562 Supervised Teaching in Oral Biology (1-5, max. 10)
Directed and guided experience in selected topics in teaching techniques, teaching philosophy, and design of courses given by the Department of Oral Biology. Students are required to participate in lecture and laboratory teaching under the supervision of the course director. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: AWSpS.

ORALB 564 Clinical and Histopathological Correlation I (1-3, max. 10) Oda
Four quarter advanced oral pathology course designed to interpret the clinical changes of a disease through the lenses of a microscope. Covers around 200 soft tissue disease of the mouth to include epithelial and mesenchymal reactive and neoplastic conditions. Offered: jointly with O S 564; AWSpS.

ORALB 565 Clinical and Histopathological Correlation II (1-3, max. 10) Oda
Three quarter advanced oral pathology course designed to interpret the clinical changes of a disease through the lenses through a microscope. Covers around 200 jaw bone and soft tissue disease to include cysts and neoplasms of the jaws and blood diseases of the jaws and soft tissue. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with O S 565; AWSpS.

ORALB 566 Surgical Oral Pathology (2-4, max. 16)
Students are trained to interpret microscopic slides of lesions from the oral cavity and related areas, and to correlate these with the clinical findings. Each student is responsible for the grossing of specimens and the preparation of histology reports. Primarily designed for students with DDS, MD, or DVM. degrees. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: AWSpS.

ORALB 569 Advanced Oral Microbiology (2) Darveau
Viral, bacterial classification; physiology; toxicity mechanisms reviewed. Formation and composition of plaque and calculus, and chemical methods of control discussed. Specific microbial floras of acute and chronic gingivitis, early onset forms of periodontitis, and adult periodontitis studied. Principles of antibiotic use reviewed. Offered: W.

ORALB 572 P-Oral Pathology (3-, max. 6) Oda
Survey of the diseases of the oral facial regions in lecture and laboratory sessions. Diseases of teeth and their supporting structures and diseases of the oral and paraoral soft tissues and bones. Correlations between clinical findings and histopathologic features. Attendance in the laboratory is required. Offered: jointly with O S 521; AW.

ORALB 574 Clinical Stomatology (3) Evans
Diseases of the oral cavity and jaw are presented as the practitioner encounters them - detailed clinical pictures, laboratory tests, radiographic findings, surgical exploration for the establishment of a therapeutic diagnosis. Offered: jointly with O S 574; Sp.

ORALB 575 Oral Biology Seminar (1-3, max. 30) Presland
Presentation and discussion of current research problems by members of the staff, investigators from other departments in the University, visiting scientists, and trainees. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: AWSp.

ORALB 578 Research Techniques in Oral Biology (2-4, max. 15)
Introduction to biochemical, analytical, or morphological techniques employed in biochemical cytology or molecular pathology as well as in vitro techniques of tissue and organ culture. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: AWSpS.

ORALB 579 Molecular Biology (2) Presland
Applications of molecular biology and recombinant DNA methodologies to oral biology topics of interest in dental sciences. Prerequisite: BIOC 405 or BIOC 406 or equivalent, and permission of instructor. Offered: S.

ORALB 580 Introduction to Molecular Biology Laboratory (4) Presland
Includes laboratory experiences involving use of restriction enzymes, cloning of DNA into plasmid vectors and plasmid DNA isolation, RNA isolation from cells and tissues, PCR, DNA sequence analysis, and web-based DNA, and protein sequence analysis. Prerequisite: either BIOC 405, BIOC 406, or permission of instructor. Offered: A, even years.

ORALB 581 Secretory Process in Exocrine Glands (1-3, max. 3) Jeffrey
Biostructural, physiological, and biochemical aspects of individual secretory systems as integrated units. Faculty members with appropriate expertise participate in discussions and presentations during each of the three quarters. Offered: Sp.
Instructor Course Description: Susanne Kolare Jeffrey

ORALB 591 Advanced Topics in Oral Biology I - Teeth and Bones (1-2, max. 2) Herring
Covers aspects of biology basic to the dental sciences. Focuses on developmental biology of the craniofacial region, structure and function of teeth, bone, and the periodontium, and dental/oral sensation and pain. Offered: jointly with ORTHO 591; W.

ORALB 600 Independent Study or Research (*-)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: AWSpS.

ORALB 700 Master's Thesis (*-)
Offered: AWSpS.

ORALB 800 Doctoral Dissertation (*-)
Offered: AWSpS.