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NSG 505 Applied Occupational Health and Safety (3)
Application of occupational safety and health principles. Student teams perform evaluations, assess production methods/processes and exposures, health and safety procedures and programs, and develop engineering and administrative controls. Students perform on a consulting project with a local company including budgeting, project reporting, and presentation. Offered: jointly with ENV H 559/IND E 567; Sp, even years.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 505 (student access only)

NSG 506 Occupational Safety Management (4)
Explores industrial organization and methods of integrating safety and industrial hygiene programs with industrial operations. Investigates philosophic issues related to industrial safety and health such as responsibility for safety, dependency on safe practice, and hierarchy of prevention. Contains numerous case problems and student involvement opportunities. Offered: jointly with ENV H 560; Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 506 (student access only)

NSG 507 Technical Aspects of Occupational Safety (3)
Reviews federal OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and state WISHA (Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act) standards. Explores the impact of these regulations on industry, particularly construction. Upon completion of the course, student receive an OSHA 510 30-hour Construction Safety and Health certificate. Offered: jointly with ENV H 562; W.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 507 (student access only)

NSG 508 Introduction to Ergonomics (3)
Basic principles of ergonomics in work environment applied to problems of worker and management. Topics include measurement of physical work capacity, problems of fatigue and heat stress, applied biomechanics, worker-machine interactions and communication, design of displays and controls. Prerequisite: basic human physiology or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with ENV H 566/IND E 566; W.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 508 (student access only)

NSG 511 Prevention Issues in Community Health (3)
An interdisciplinary overview of community health prevention approaches focusing on the social determinants of health and health disparity reduction among vulnerable populations. Analysis of community and population preventive strategies across the life course. Roles of advanced community health nurses as prevention leaders and consumers of prevention information are emphasized. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 511 (student access only)

NSG 512 Prevention Critique in Community Health (3)
Critical examination of community health prevention programs that build community health capacity and show promise in facilitating long-term health equity among vulnerable populations. Focuses on the leading health disparities among U.S. racial and ethnic people of color, and how to be a critical program consumer, adopter, and adapter. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 512 (student access only)

NSG 513 Psychopharmacology for Children and Adolescents (1) Tyson, Walsh
Reviews pertinent issues in prescribing psychoactive medications to children and adolescents. Emphasizes empirical neuroendocrine bases, and nursing management relevant to these interventions. Examines legal and ethical issues pertaining to prescribing for children and adolescents. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: S.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 513 (student access only)

NSG 530 Leadership, Communication, and Professional Identity (4) Brown, Shannon
Analyzes professional identity, transition to new roles and responsibilities, leadership approaches, and inter-professional teamwork skills needed to provide effective, efficient and patient/community-centered care. Covers advanced, multi-modal communication strategies specific to professional role certification, conflict resolution, professional communication, inter-professional teamwork and leadership using interactive, skills-based learning. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 530 (student access only)

NSG 537 Development and Psychopathology: Parents and Infants (3) Spieker
Provides an overview of typical social and emotional development and psychopathology in children ages three and younger. Demonstrates attachment relationships with parents and family to infant's development and psychopathology. Core course of Infant Mental Health Certificate program.O ffered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 537 (student access only)

NSG 539 Assessment and Management of Common Psychosocial and Biophysical Conditions in the Perinatal Period (1-3, max. 3)
Focuses on integrating three areas of knowledge specific to nurse-midwifery and advanced neonatal and perinatal nursing practice: psychosocial adaptations during the perinatal period; management of the childbearing woman; and fetus and neonate at risk for commonly occurring health problems during the perinatal period.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 539 (student access only)

NSG 548 Basic Arrhythmia, Conduction Disturbance, and 12-Lead Electrocardiography Interpretation (2)
Covers the theory and practice of basic arrhythmia, conduction disturbance, and 12-lead electrocardiography (ECG) interpretation, as well as selected pharmacologic and electrical management. Content is appropriate for primary care, and provides foundation for advanced interpretation for students in acute/critical care.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 548 (student access only)

NSG 549 Complex Arrhythmia, Conduction Disturbance, and 12-Lead Electrocardiography Interpretation (2)
Covers the theory and practice of complex arrhythmia, conduction disturbance, and 12-lead electrocardiography (ECG) interpretation, as well as selected pharmacologic and electrical management. Appropriate for acute/critical care. Prerequisite: NSG 548, or satisfactory pretest of basic ECG interpretation.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 549 (student access only)

NSG 550 Seminar on Professional Issues in Nursing Education (3)
Seminar on role and related professional issues in nursing education. Prerequisite: either NSG 545, B NURS 513, or T NURS 513; either NSG 546, B NURS 511, or T NURS 511. Offered: jointly with B NURS 550/T NURS 550.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 550 (student access only)

NSG 551 Health Politics and Policy (3)
Critically analyzes the politics of health policy in the United States. Examines leadership and advocacy in influencing politics and policy to address and influence health outcomes. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 551 (student access only)

NSG 552 Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity (3)
Examines fundamental concepts, emerging theory, research, and intervention strategies regarding the influence and putative mechanisms of environment and societal factors on health at population, community, and individual levels. Emphasizes an interdisciplinary, multi-level socio-ecological perspective on health and illness with consideration of principles of equity and justice in societal contexts. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 552 (student access only)

NSG 553 Foundations of Health Systems and Health Economics (3)
Examines health systems and care delivery in the context of principles of business, finance, and economics. Concepts applied in the design of cost and care effectiveness system-level health improvements. Prerequisite: either NMETH 536, which may be taken concurrently, or permission of instructor. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 553 (student access only)

NSG 554 Occupational Health Nursing: Practice Issues (3)
Examination of current, emerging occupational health and safety topics affecting worker populations. Includes discussion of workforce groups, work environments, and socio-political contexts; introduces prevalent health matters resulting from occupational exposures; applies theoretical concepts to the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses; and identifies issues affecting advanced professional practice and leadership roles.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 554 (student access only)

NSG 555 Perspectives on Implementing Research in Advanced Nursing Practice (3) Boutain, Landis
Provides an overview of contemporary multidisciplinary perspectives, models and research approaches for advanced practice nursing. Focuses on understanding and applying science to practice, and practice to science. Emphasizes ethical practice, scientific responsibility, research curiosity and use. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 555 (student access only)

NSG 557 Physiology and Pathophysiology Across the Life Span (4)
Analyzes disordered physiologic responses in individuals within the context of lifespan physiology. Examines pathophysiologic principles and responses, using case studies as exemplars for selected concepts, and the relationship between physiologic and pathophysiologic principles and the evidence basis for current practice. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 557 (student access only)

NSG 558 Occupational Health Nursing: Advanced Practice and Leadership in Program Development (3)
Examination of advanced professional practice and leadership in the context of occupational health and safety programs. Focuses on assessment, development, implementation, and evaluation of programs involving workplace health surveillance, case management, workers' compensation, and health promotion in consideration of political, economic, legal, ethical issues, and application of current research.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 558 (student access only)

NSG 561 Community Health Systems for Equity (3)
Defines, evaluates, and synthesizes how community health systems promote health equity. Emphasizes how various systems, such as care, public health, governmental, tribal, family, and social-kin, nonprofit, faith-based, and business, inhibit or promote communal health. Highlights advanced practice, practice inquiry, and leadership implications. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 561 (student access only)

NSG 568 Infant Observation (1-, max. 4) C. DILLON, S. SPIEKER
Includes observing an infant and parent in the first year of life and reflecting on observations. GCPAPN-IMH core course. Four quarter sequence begins each Autumn. Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: NSG 568 (student access only)