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MSIS 501 Information Technology and Organizational Strategy (3)
Discusses the role of information technology (IT) in the development and execution of business strategy that takes into account competitors, customers, and firm competencies (including IT capabilities). Examines the impact of IT on two sets of strategic issues for a company - where to compete and how to compete. Helps students develop tools to use IT in aiding strategy. Offered: SpS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 501 (student access only)

MSIS 502 Business Data Analysis (2)
Covers statistical techniques for managerial decision making. Includes hypotheses testing, regression, and analysis of variance. Offered: SpS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 502 (student access only)

MSIS 503 Operations and Business Process Management (3)
Presents a framework to understand organizational processes, offers tools to improve these processes. Covers process improvement methodologies such as reengineering, TQM, six-sigma, simulation, and collaboration. Focuses on discussing application and implementations of improvement programs in a wide variety of settings, including operations processes related to inventory and scheduling, service, and quality assurance. Offered: SpS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 503 (student access only)

MSIS 510 Introduction to Data Mining and Analytics (3)
Covers managerial decision-making and business intelligence. Topics include naive Bayesian classifier, decision trees, rule covering, and other classification techniques, as well as issue related to date cleaning, design, testing, and validation. Special attention given to embedded intelligence in modern business processes and applications. Offered: AS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 510 (student access only)

MSIS 511 Digital Transformation of Organizations (3)
Studies the impact of digital technologies within an organization, an industry, and an economy. Discusses system architecture that enables business process and provides foundation for management and use of information systems within organizations. Covers issues related to workflow process changes, efficiency and effectiveness, innovation, convergence, competitive advantage, and sustainability. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 511 (student access only)

MSIS 512 Information Security and Assurance in a Networked World (3)
Explores technical and managerial aspects of information security and assurance within a networked environment. Includes inspection and protection of information assets, detection of and reaction to internal and external threats, determining the levels of protection needed, and design of a consistent and reasonable information security architecture along with an implementable process. Offered: AS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 512 (student access only)

MSIS 521 Information Technology and Marketing in the New Economy (3)
Explores issues related to marketing models based on social networking/computing, such as concepts and applications of search engine optimization (SEO), viral marketing, web analytics, user generated content, the wisdom of crowds, and prediction markets. Students work in teams on real-world projects to develop marketing strategies for maximizing online traffic to business sites. Offered: AS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 521 (student access only)

MSIS 522 Advanced Business Data Mining (2)
Covers managerial decision-making and business intelligence. Topics include association rule mining and regression. Special attention given to embedded intelligence in modern business processes and applications. Offered: AW.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 522 (student access only)

MSIS 523 Compliance and Legal Issues in Information Technology (3)
Covers the overall framework of information technology (IT) compliance, both generic and industry-specific. Includes intellectual property rights, privacy, copyright protection, trade secrets, and other legal issues relevant to IT. Offered: AW.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 523 (student access only)

MSIS 524 Managing Information Technology Projects (3)
Explores issues related to analyzing and managing complex information technology (IT) projects in a globalized and networked world. Covers topics such as life-cycle models, use case point estimation, function point analysis, COCOMO, scheduling and budgeting, project risk analysis, monitoring and control, contract design, outsourcing, and capability maturity model (CMM). Students manage a real-word information technology project in a simulated environment. Offered: AW.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 524 (student access only)

MSIS 526 Enterprise Systems and Integration (3)
Provides an overall understanding of the complex role of information systems in transforming organizational processes and integrating them as part of an enterprise system. Topics include the concept of process-enabling information technologies and enterprise resource planning systems that support organizational manufacturing, customer service, and human resource management. Offered: SpS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 526 (student access only)

MSIS 541 Advanced and Unstructured Data Mining (2)
Advanced topics in data mining, focusing on unstructured data, web mining, and test mining. Students learn and apply unstructured data mining tools on real-world unstructured data. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 541 (student access only)

MSIS 542 Advanced Development Frameworks (2)
Introduces object-oriented principles and key web-based system development tools. Topics include object-oriented modeling, object-oriented programming languages, and advanced user interface design. Students use object analysis and design, modern programming languages, and advanced database technology to develop business applications. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 542 (student access only)

MSIS 543 Advanced Database Systems and Data Warehouses (2)
Extends and enhances understanding of enterprise databases to design, implement, and support business intelligence (BI) solutions. Topics include DBMS extensions for data warehousing, data warehouse and data mart design, loading and extracting data, performance tuning, and cloud-based Bi application design. Emphasizes agile techniques to efficiently produce optimal solutions that meet business requirements and increase competitive advantage. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 543 (student access only)

MSIS 544 Managing Information Technology Resources (2)
Covers issues related to managing operations of the information (IT) department in an organization. Topics include IT budgeting, systems implementation/support/maintenance, user training, hardware replacement strategies, performance evaluation, technology cost estimation and trend forecasting, capacity planning, website utilization and traffic load balancing, and coordination with other functional departments. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 544 (student access only)

MSIS 545 Technology Entrepreneurship (2)
Examines the issues involved in creating an organizational environment that recognizes, nurtures, and grows technology-related entrepreneurial activities, the practice of selecting and monitoring ventures, and the capital process within a firm. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 545 (student access only)

MSIS 546 Information Systems Economics (2)
Examines basic concepts of economics as it pertains to information technology and systems. Includes the value of information, cost-benefit analysis, economies of scale, network effects, pricing of digital goods, information uncertainty in electronic markets, risk-return trade-offs, and other related topics. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 546 (student access only)

MSIS 550 MSIS Leadership Series (1-, max. 5)
Provides the capstone learning experience. Includes seminars by information technology leaders. Seminar topics and speakers chosen based on the progression of other courses in the program. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 550 (student access only)

MSIS 579 Contemporary Topics in Information Systems (2)
Contemporary topics in Information Systems. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: MSIS 579 (student access only)