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MOLMED 504 Topics of Molecular Medicine (1.5, max. 5)
Focuses on an important topic in medicine and science. Lectures introduce clinical and basic science background, followed by a seminar/discussion with speakers. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with CONJ 504; Sp.
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MOLMED 513 Clinical Medical and Human Genetics (4) Byers
Rotations through medical genetics clinics for graduate students enrolled in the molecular medicine pathway. Students review clinical data, identify the molecular basis of genetic disorders, and assess how scientific studies have changed the assessment and natural history of these conditions. Limit of four students per quarter. Offered: jointly with CONJ 513; AWSp.
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MOLMED 514 Molecular Medicine (3) Eary, Rosen
Introduces how basic sciences impact the practice of medicine, using patient case histories to introduce key areas of clinical research and investigative medicine. Topics include cancer biology; drug development; gene- and cell-based therapeutics; inflammation and host response; vascular disease; and obesity and weight regulation. Offered: W.
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MOLMED 540 Medicine in Action (1.5, max. 5) Liles
Examines how medical decisions are made and carried out, based on individual cases. Focuses on recent technologies that have contributed to diagnosis and treatment and how improvements in these technologies or development of novel technologies might improve diagnosis and treatment. Offered: AWSp.
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MOLMED 559 Scientific Ideas at Work (1.5) Gray, Maizels
Examines how basic biomedical research leads to discovery of new therapeutics and diagnostics for treatment of human disease. Considers disease mechanism and impact, need for a drug, preclinical studies, clinical testing and drug approval, and how technology developed in an academic laboratory is translated into a commercial product. Offered: jointly with CONJ 559; Sp.
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MOLMED 583 Molecular Targets in Cancer Therapy (1.5) Maizels, Monnat
Examines how molecular targets for cancer therapies are discovered and validated. Covers disease mechanisms, need for new therapeutics, how small molecule and antibody therapeutics are identified and developed, and how preclinical studies are used to establish safety and efficacy. Offered: jointly with CONJ 583; A.
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