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LSJ 200 Introduction to Law, Societies, and Justice (5) I&S K. BECKETT, S. HERBERT
Explores the central role of law in social processes; investigates the primary types of legal regimes and compares them across different national and international contexts; contrasts legal with non-legal forms of social ordering; investigates the structure and practice of human rights law.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 200 (student access only)

LSJ 230 Introduction to Disability Studies (5) I&S, DIV J. WOIAK
Introduces the field of disability studies. Focuses on the theoretical questions of how society predominantly understands disability and the social justice consequences. Examines biological, social, cultural, political, and economic determinants in the framing of disability. Offered: jointly with CHID 230/DIS ST 230.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 230 (student access only)

LSJ 301 Internship (1-5, max. 5)
Participation in an approved internship. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 301 (student access only)

LSJ 310 Research in Law, Societies, and Justice (1-5, max. 15) I&S
Supervised introductory individual and/or seminar-based research on some aspect of society and justice.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 310 (student access only)

LSJ 320 The Politics and Law of International Human Rights (5) I&S, DIV J. MAYERFELD
Studies the international human rights movement in its legal and political context. Focuses on institutions which influence, enable, and constrain the international promotion of human rights. Offered: jointly with POL S 368.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 320 (student access only)

LSJ 321 Human Rights Law in Culture and Practice (5) I&S, DIV A. OSANLOO
Introduces the complexities of issues surrounding human rights. Examines human rights concerns through critical analyses, taking into account legal, social, economic, and historical variables. Offered: jointly with ANTH 323.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 321 (student access only)

LSJ 322 Human Rights in Latin America (5) I&S, DIV A. GODOY
Overview of human rights issues and their recent evolution in Latin American history; military dictatorships; contemporary challenges in the region's democracies. Human rights concerns in relation to broader sociopolitical context. Recommended: knowledge of modern Latin American history. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 324.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 322 (student access only)

LSJ 327 Women's Rights as Human Rights (5) I&S, DIV R. CICHOWSKI
Women's rights in comparative perspective, focusing on varying settings that alter the meaning and practical application. Domestic level: areas including abortion politics to trafficking in women. International level: areas including equality claims before European supranational judicial bodies, rape as war crime in international law. Offered: jointly with POL S 327.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 327 (student access only)

LSJ 329 Immigration, Citizenship, and Rights (5) I&S, DIV C. PINEDO-TURNOVSKY
A sociological examination of citizenship. Focus on how immigration law and polices shape divers meanings, practices, and statues, of citizenship in varied context, Topics include migration theories, state control, stage of legal status, relationship to race and gender ideology, as well as labor and civil society, in shaping membership and rights.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 329 (student access only)

LSJ 330 Beyond Civil Rights: Law, Culture, and Change (5) I&S
Assessment of the contemporary politics of civil rights as shaped by an identity politics that is both significant and passe. Recommended: either LSJ 363 or one course in either AES or GWSS. Offered: jointly with AES 330.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 330 (student access only)

LSJ 331 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States (5) I&S, DIV M. FRANCIS
Introduction to the history and development of racial hierarchy, focusing on how race and ethnicity shape political institutions (e.g., the Constitution, political parties, voting systems). Examination of political relationships between Whites, African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans. Case studies of minority representation and the politics of welfare, crime, immigration, and terrorism. Offered: jointly with POL S 317.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 331 (student access only)

LSJ 332 Disability and Society (5) I&S
Concentrates on contemporary issues in disability studies, focusing on the thematic frameworks of rights, identities, values, and science/medicine. Recommended: DIS ST 230/LSJ 230/CHID 230. Offered: jointly with CHID 332/DIS ST 332.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 332 (student access only)

LSJ 360 Introduction to United States Constitutional Law (5) I&S G. LOVELL
Growth and development of the United States Constitution as reflected in decisions of the Supreme Court; political, social, and economic effects. Offered: jointly with POL S 360.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 360 (student access only)

LSJ 361 United States Courts and Civil Liberty (5) I&S G. LOVELL
Cases and literature bearing on protection of constitutionally guaranteed private rights, with particular reference to the period since 1937. Offered: jointly with POL S 361.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 361 (student access only)

LSJ 363 Law in Society (5) I&S
Inquiry into how law matters in social practice. Examines general theories of law, the workings of legal institutions, and the character of legally constituted practices and relationships in diverse terrains of social life. Instructor: McCann. Offered: jointly with POL S 363.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 363 (student access only)

LSJ 366 Comparative Law, Societies, and Courts: Global and Local Perspectives (5) I&S Barzilai
Explores global issues of comparative law, societies, politics, and courts. Uses criteria, methodologies, and theories to compare legal settings internationally. Covers: what is 'comparative law'; families' of law; history of comparative law; models of judicial review; legal cultures; and models of regulation. Can not be taken for credit if student has already taken LSJ/POL S 367. Offered: jointly with JSIS B 366.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 366 (student access only)

LSJ 367 Comparative Law and Courts (5) I&S R. CICHOWSKI
Introduction to comparative judicial politics, focusing on the relationship between law and politics in cross-national perspective, as well as on the functioning of supranational and international legal entities in the international system. May not be taken for credit if student has taken LSJ/JSIS B 366. Offered: jointly with POL S 367.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 367 (student access only)

LSJ 370 Privacy (5) I&S S. Pekkanen
Explores how individuals, corporations, and governments respond to privacy challenges in the digital age. Examines evolution of the idea of privacy using case studies of actual privacy policies, legal cases, and real-world situations. Covers legal, political, and social facets of this fundamental human issue. Offered: jointly with JSIS B 370/POL S 370; Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 370 (student access only)

LSJ 375 Crime, Politics, and Justice (5) I&S J. WENDER
Reviews the major components - police, courts, and corrections - of the U.S. criminal justice system; investigates critical factors that shape criminal procedure; considers the relationship between criminal procedure and wider concerns of justice.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 375 (student access only)

LSJ 376 Drugs and Society (5) I&S K. BECKETT, J. WENDER
Explores the questions of drug use and abuse, social and political factors that shape response to their use, and the social conditions under which drug use is likely to have adverse consequences. Also covers U.S. drug control policy, the political economy of legal and illegal drugs, and political aspects of drug use. Offered: jointly with SOC 376.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 376 (student access only)

LSJ 377 Punishment: Theory and Practice (5) I&S
Examines the philosophical reasoning that underlies punishment practices such as sentencing, imprisonment, or capital punishment. Considers policy issues in these areas in light of theories about morality and human nature. Helps students learn how to analyze punishment policies from ethical and philosophical perspectives.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 377 (student access only)

LSJ 378 Policing the City (5) I&S S. HERBERT
Investigates how and why formal and informal order is established in urban areas, how this order produces advantages and disadvantages, and possibilities of alternative visions of order. Topics include formal means of control (zoning, laws, policing, building codes) and informal means of control (gossip, ostracism, peer pressure, local politics). Offered: jointly with GEOG 378; A.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 378 (student access only)

LSJ 380 Contemporary Issues in Comparative Legal Institutions (5, max. 10) I&S
Covers theoretical, empirical, and comparative aspects of such topics as socio-legal concepts, justice, legal policies, and the institutions of law. Recommended: either POL S 101, POL S 202, POL S 204, or SOC 110.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 380 (student access only)

LSJ 381 Contemporary Issues in Rights (5, max. 10) I&S
Studies the theoretical, empirical, and comparative aspects of such topics as human rights, civil rights, and legal change.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 381 (student access only)

LSJ 400 Senior Seminar (5, max. 10)
For students in their final year as Law, Societies, and Justice majors. Incorporates material learned in student's primary field of specialization. Includes independent research, oral presentations, and the completion of a substantial paper.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 400 (student access only)

LSJ 401 Field Experience in Law, Societies, and Justice (5) S. HERBERT
Participant observation in a public or private agency relevant to the study of law, justice, human rights, or court systems.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 401 (student access only)

LSJ 420 The Politics of Rights (5) I&S M. McCann
Examines rights in practical and social interaction, rights as social conventions, relations of rights practices to official state policies, disputing practices, interest formation, and identity construction at individual and group levels. Explores how rights practices figure into the constellation of contested power relations within modern societies.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 420 (student access only)

LSJ 421 Women's Rights and Politics in Islamic Society (5) I&S, DIV A. OSANLOO
Human rights theory with women's legal rights and practice within context of the Islamic state. Introduction to debates regarding universality of human rights through examination of women's rights in Muslim context. Considers journalistic notions of homogeneity among Muslims, political nature of the Islamic state, and its mobilization of human rights. Offered: jointly with ANTH 498.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 421 (student access only)

LSJ 425 Domesticating International Human Rights: Perspectives on U.S. Asylum and Refugee Law (5) I&S, DIV A. OSANLOO
Examines the creation, production, and proliferation of law and legal categories relating to the status of refugees and asylum-seekers in the United States. Integrates anthropological perspectives of law's ability to create meaning in the examination of deeper implications of asylum and refugee law in American society. Offered: jointly with ANTH 497.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 425 (student access only)

LSJ 426 Reconciliation: The Politics of Forgiveness in a Global Age (5) I&S, DIV A. OSANLOO
Draws on history of post-World War II conflict. Analyzes international mechanisms for reconciliation alongside philosophical and moral consideration. Combines occidental moral philosophies of secular human rights rooted with local knowledge and value systems. Surveys faith-based epistemologies underlying reconciliation processes. Prerequisite: either LSJ 320/POL S 368, LSJ 321/ANTH 323, LSJ 322/JSIS A 324, or PHIL 338.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 426 (student access only)

LSJ 428 Women's Rights in an Integrated Europe (5) I&S
Examines the transformation in women's rights policy within the European community from the late 1950s through the present. Focuses on the legal rules and bodies that govern not only these policy domains, but also their evolution and impacts. Offered: jointly with POL S 415.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 428 (student access only)

LSJ 430 Topics in Disability Studies (1-5, max. 15) I&S
Theoretical, critical, analytical, or comparative examination of an issue or issues in Disability Studies. Topics vary. Prerequisite: either DIS ST/CHID/LSJ 230, DIS ST 332, DIS ST 433, or DIS ST 434. Offered: jointly with CHID 430/DIS ST 430.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 430 (student access only)

LSJ 433 Disability Law, Policy, and the Community I&S (5) I&S, DIV
Addresses the history of legal rights of disabled people, U. S. disability policy, and the role of community activism and other forces in policy development and systems change. Introduces the existing social service system that affects disabled people. Recommended: LSJ 230/CHID 230/DIS ST 230. Offered: jointly with CHID 433/DIS ST 433.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 433 (student access only)

LSJ 434 Civil and Human Rights Law for Disabled People (5) I&S, DIV Brown
Expands knowledge of civil and human rights for disabled people. Examines the American perspective (ADA) as well as various international models including the United Nations' International Human Rights treaties as they relate to disabled people. Recommended: LSJ 230/CHID 230/DIS ST 230. Offered: jointly with CHID 434/DIS ST 434.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 434 (student access only)

LSJ 444 Ethics in Law and Justice (5) I&S
Applies ethical theories, research, and practice to the law and justice system, with the goals of: (1) analyzing the moral dimensions of criminal law; (2) studying ethical issues in law enforcement, adjudications, and corrections; and (3) examining a variety of controversial ethical issues associated with the justice system.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 444 (student access only)

LSJ 467 Law, Justice, and the Environment (5) I&S S. HERBERT
Examines the role law plays in shaping environmental policy. Challenges student to understand how environmental concerns are translated into legal discourse, and covers several typical issues that emerge in environmental law. Centers on active discussions. Offered: jointly with GEOG 467.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 467 (student access only)

LSJ 469 Law and Rights in Authoritarian Regimes (5) I&S S. WHITING
Explores role of law and courts and nature of rights in authoritarian regimes. Questions addressed include why authoritarian regimes promote "rule-of-law", who is empowered by law, and the political consequences of "rule-of-law' promotion. Recommended: LSJ 366/JSIS B 366 or POL S 367/LSJ 367. Offered: jointly with JSIS B 469/POL S 469.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 469 (student access only)

LSJ 474 Geography and the Law (5) I&S S. HERBERT
Examines the relationship between geography, law, and socio-legal analysis; reviews significant instances where law and geography intersect, such as the regulation of public space, the regulation of borders and mobility, and disputes over property and land use. Offered: jointly with GEOG 474.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 474 (student access only)

LSJ 476 Miscarriages of Justice (5) I&S
Examines legal and social factors that shape criminal case outcomes, analyzing how one type of miscarriage of justice - wrongful conviction - occurs. How can cases of wrongful conviction be explained? Why are some people, against whom there is only weak evidence, convicted-and sometimes even executed? Offered: jointly with SOC 476.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 476 (student access only)

LSJ 480 Policing Modern Society (5) I&S J. WENDER
Explores institution and practices of police in context of the rise of modern society, and considers the expanding presence of the police in everyday modern life. Topics include: history of policing, changing roles of police, police reform, and ethical dilemmas intrinsic to the police function.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 480 (student access only)

LSJ 488 Honors in Law, Societies, and Justice (5-)
First of a two-course hyphenated sequence. To be completed with LSJ 489.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 488 (student access only)

LSJ 489 Honors in Law, Societies, and Justice (-[1-5], max. 5) I&S
Thesis research honors option. Second of a two-course hyphenated sequence. To be completed with LSJ 488.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 489 (student access only)

LSJ 490 Special Topics in Comparative Legal Institutions (1-5, max. 15) I&S
Focused, comparative examination of legal institutions.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 490 (student access only)

LSJ 491 Special Topics in Rights (1-5, max. 15) I&S
Focused, comparative examination of topics in rights.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 491 (student access only)

LSJ 495 Study Abroad-Law, Societies, and Justice (3-5, max. 15) I&S
Comparative studies abroad of legal institutions, rights, and justice as related to national settings. Specific course content determined by faculty member.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 495 (student access only)

LSJ 499 Readings in Law, Societies, and Justice (1-5, max. 10)
Individual readings in law, societies, and justice.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 499 (student access only)

LSJ 501 Law, Politics, and Society (5) Beckett, Herbert, McCann
Provides a broad overview of, and introduction to, the interdisciplinary field of Law and Society Studies, including the historical development of law and society studies and an overview of its main concerns and questions.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 501 (student access only)

LSJ 510 Topics in Law and Society Studies (3-5, max. 20)
Current topics in law and society studies.
MyPlan Course Details: LSJ 510 (student access only)