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LAW P 501 Intellectual Property Law Core (6-8)
Intensive study of intellectual property law core subjects: patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks. Examines fundamental principles, their underlying policies, and how the laws inter-relate. Not open to students who have taken LAW A 522, LAW A 546, LAW E 567, or LAW E 588.

LAW P 503 Introduction to American Legal Systems and Skills (2-3)
Introduces the U.S. system of state and federal courts in the context of intellectual property. Discusses how intellectual property laws come from the common law as well as state and federal statutes and regulations. Teaches legal research, writing, case briefing, and analysis skills. Offered: A.

LAW P 504 Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property (2-3)
Explores the intersection between intellectual property law and economics from both a macro and micro economic perspective; economic justification of intellectual property law; and portfolio management tools that can evaluate intellectual property protection as an investment. Prerequisite: either LAW P 501 or LAW E 567; recommended: economics. Offered: W.
Instructor Course Description: James W Markwith

LAW P 505 International Intellectual Property Law (2-3)
Focuses on international treaties as they relate to protection of trademarks and copyrights. Introduces international aspects of branches of intellectual property, including general principles of comparative and international law, and specific law related to obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights in foreign countries. Prerequisite: either LAW A 522, LAW E 567, LAW E 588, or LAW P 501.

LAW P 506 Transnational Intellectual Property Law Theory and Practice (3) Takenaka
Studies comparative intellectual property law using a series of lectures, license exercises, and a mock trial. Consists of a series of lectures on campus followed by a one-week intensive transnational seminar hosted by a law school in Asia or Europe. Offered: Sp.

LAW P 509 Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights (2-3) Bangasser
Examines in-depth application of competition law and policy to the creation and exploration of intellectual property. Offered: Sp.

LAW P 510 Advanced Research and Writing Seminar (2-, max. 4) Gomulkiewicz
Instructs IP LL.M students in the research and writing skills necessary to write a major legal research paper. Offered: A.

LAW P 522 Advanced Copyright Law (2-5)
Advanced, in-depth study of copyright law and policy. Explores the boundaries of copyright protection and how copyright law relates to other intellectual property laws. Prerequisite: either LAW A 522, LAW E 567, or LAW P 501.

LAW P 525 Intellectual Property Law Seminar ([1-4]-, max. 4)
Explores current controversies and important topics in intellectual property law and policy. Welcomes visiting speakers from industry, government, and the academy to discuss these cutting-edge issues.

LAW P 528 LLM Intellectual Property Law Practicum (1-4, max. 6)
Experience with an approved non-profit organization, judicial or legislative body, or governmental agency on issues related to intellectual property law and policy. Students work under the guidance of experienced practitioners; both student and field supervisor provide the supervising law faculty member with a final written evaluation. Credit/no-credit only.

LAW P 535 Entertainment Law (3)
A primer on the various forms of legal protection (trade secrets, copyright, trademarks, publicity law, and licensing) that form the bases for various types of entertainment. Considers key industries: books, music, movies, television, internet, and computer games. Prerequisite: LAW P 501 or permission of the instructor.

LAW P 539 Law, Technology, and Development (2-3) Snyder, Winn
Provides an overview of selected principles and theories of development economies, and considers the implications of technological innovation, intellectual property rights, government regulation, trade policy, and technical standards for the achievement of development objectives. Mass media coverage of current developments enriches class discussions.

LAW P 543 Intellectual Property Law in East Asia (2-3)

LAW P 545 Advanced Patent Law Seminar (3) Taylor
Studies public policy and practice considerations relating to patenting research results in high technology. Examines the most up-to-date issues in legal protection of technology from the comparative law perspective. Prerequisite: either LAW A 546 or LAW P 501. Offered: W.

LAW P 546 Advanced Trademark Law (3) Takenaka
Covers advanced procedural and substantive topics of trademark law including protection of trade dress, online trademark infringement, and global trademark protection including gray market issues. Students write and present a research paper on a topic related to trademark law and policy. Prerequisite: either LAW P 501 or LAW P 567 Offered: W.

LAW P 547 Legal Protection for Computer Software (3)
Addresses copyright, patent, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, and contract protection for software. Also addresses how the law places boundaries around legal protection through anti-trust law and the doctrines of fair use and preemption.

LAW P 548 Litigation Strategies in Technology Protection (3)
Deals with procedural and substantive legal issues in enforcement of patents. Proceeds through a litigation in the order that parties normally would. Teaches substantive legal issues in conjunction with procedural and strategic considerations. Prerequisite: either LAW A 546, LAW P 501, or LAW P 567.

LAW P 550 Patent Prosecution (4)
Addresses fundamentals of patent application drafting, through a combination of lectures and assignments. Addresses all aspects of proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including preparing new applications, and examiner interviews. Prerequisite: either LAW A 546, LAW P 501, or LAW P 567; recommended: engineering or science background.

LAW P 552 Strategic Intellectual Property Commercialization (3)
Comprehensive coverage of issues related to exploitation of intellectual property rights as a business asset for new companies, or as a source of income for existing businesses. Prerequisite: either LAW A 546, LAW P 501, or LAW P 567.

LAW P 567 Survey of Intellectual Property (3-6, max. 6) O' Connor
Intended for both law students who are only interested in a general overview of intellectual property and non-law students who are seeding a certificate in intellectual property law and policy. Designed as an alternative to Patents, Trademark and Unfair Competition Law, and Copyrights. Prerequisite: either LAW A 522, LAW A 546, LAW E 588, or LAW P 501. Offered: W.

LAW P 577 Drafting Intellectual Property Licenses (3)
Covers advanced drafting and negotiating licenses and other technology agreements. Credit/no-credit only.

LAW P 589 IP Innovations in Science and Technology (2-, max. 6) Takenaka
Covers controversial intellectual property law and policy questions arising from evolving science, technology and e-commerce, and addresses cutting edge issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. Examines the current legal regimes and research environment and explores innovative methods for maximizing the exploitation of advanced science and technology. Offered: AWSp.

LAW P 590 Graduate Intellectual Property Law Tutorial (1-4, max. 4)
Focuses on a specialized area of intellectual property law. Limited to students in the graduate program in intellectual property law and policy. Tutorial must be approved by the program director.
Instructor Course Description: Zhi-Xiang Oh Thomas J. Hoffmann