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LAW 100 Introduction to American Law (2-5, max. 5) I&S T. MYHRE
Examines the structure of the American legal system and how laws are made. Surveys key doctrinal areas of the law learning fundamental legal concepts, and explore how the law functions and evolves over time, including legal issues and decision-making related to statutory or common law. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 100 (student access only)

LAW 300 Introduction to Law (3-6, max. 6) I&S
Understanding the legal system, its functions in the social-economic order, legal reasoning, and the world of legal education and the legal profession. Open to nonlaw students only.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 300 (student access only)

LAW 410 Problems in Professional Responsibility (4) I&S
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 410 (student access only)

LAW 415 Criminal Justice (3) I&S
Examines pre-trial rights of persons suspected or accused of crime, primarily those rights covered by the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 415 (student access only)

LAW 416 International Contracting: Negotiation and Drafting (3) I&S
Skills course designed to introduce process and problems of negotiating and drafting international agreements. Client interviewing and counseling and negotiation and drafting of a contract between parties in the United States and Japan. Open to nonlaw students only. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 416 (student access only)

LAW 422 Copyright (3) I&S
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 422 (student access only)

LAW 429 Public Land Law (3) I&S
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 429 (student access only)

LAW 440 Legal Issues of Internet Law (3) I&S
Introduces the basic legal issues raised by networked digital technologies, such as the Internet. Covers jurisdiction, speech, privacy/access, propriety rights (copyrights, domain names), emerging law, leading policy debates, as well as fundamental Internet technical skills. Offered: S.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 440 (student access only)

LAW 442 Land Law and the Urban Environment (3) I&S
Examination of the major legal tools available to shape the urban environment by controlling the use of land. Considers zoning, subdivision controls, urban renewal, private land-use restrictions, and the rules of nuisance law. Open to law and nonlaw students. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 442 (student access only)

LAW 443 The Legal Process I (3/5) I&S
The system of law and its functions rather than substantive law pertaining to any particular subject or discipline. Open only to nonlaw students.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 443 (student access only)

LAW 444 Constitution and American Public Education (3-6, max. 6) I&S
Examines the relationships between the Constitution of the United States and the American system of public education, excluding higher education, in areas of constitutional freedom and legal controls, racial desegregation, and equal educational opportunity, including equal financing of the public schools. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: jointly with EDLPS 444.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 444 (student access only)

LAW 445 Major Issues in American Constitutional Law (3) I&S
Significant themes in American constitutional law. Doctrine of judicial review, application of the Bill of Rights to the states, Supreme Court's recognition of fundamental rights, the Equal Protection clause, the Religion clauses, freedom of speech, and presidential powers. Open to law and nonlaw students.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 445 (student access only)

LAW 447 Critical Perspectives in Law (3) I&S
Examination of modern critical legal thought and critics views regarding proposed alternative forms of social ordering.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 447 (student access only)

LAW 476 International Economic Relations and Trade Policy (3) I&S
Consideration of international control of national trade policies and permissible transnational reach of national trade or other regulation. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the international monetary system examined from legal and economic perspective. Examination and comparison of prescriptive jurisdiction to public international law.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 476 (student access only)

LAW 477 Law, Literature, and Film ([2-4]-, max. 4) VLPA/I&S
An examination of literary and cinematic portrayals of and issues important to law, lawyers, and the legal system. Considers both portrayals purporting to depict the legal system as well as works envisioning lawyers and the legal system in a "better world.".
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 477 (student access only)

LAW 481 Land, American Culture, and the Law: Perspectives on the Use and Ownership of the Natural Environment (1-6, max. 6) I&S
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 481 (student access only)

LAW 489 Law and Aging (3) I&S
Survey of principal areas of law of special concern to aging population, considering healthcare and healthcare decision-making, public and private income maintenance programs, taxation, guardianships, conservatorships, and other methods of protecting the property of the elderly, counseling, and professional responsibility.
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 489 (student access only)

LAW 600 Independent Study or Research (*-)
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 600 (student access only)

LAW 800 Doctoral Dissertation (*-)
MyPlan Course Details: LAW 800 (student access only)