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ISS 301 Social Science Theory in Context (5) I&S
Provides an introduction to the concepts of social theory, interdisciplinarity, and the thematic areas of the integrated social sciences major. Explores how social sciences study what people do, how people understand their world, and how that understanding shapes social practice. Offered: ASp.
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ISS 302 Survey of Social Science Methods (5) I&S
Provides an inclusive survey of methods used across the social sciences. Introduces statistics, survey research, and data visualization techniques. Also covers qualitative research methods ranging from participant observation to archival textual analysis. Students develop skills in both quantitative and qualitative reasoning using real-world evidence. Offered: A.
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ISS 350 Introduction to Integrated Social Sciences Portfolio (2) I&S
Begins the process of online learning portfolio development to define learning goals, refresh research skills, explore academic interests, and build a collection of work in the social sciences. Offered: ASp.
View course details in MyPlan: ISS 350

ISS 355 Integrated Social Sciences Portfolio Studio (3) I&S
Continues the integrative and reflective work begun in ISS 350, developing online learning portfolio content and interdisciplinary knowledge in the social sciences in preparation for the capstone. Prerequisite: ISS 350. Offered: AWSp.
View course details in MyPlan: ISS 355

ISS 381 Advanced Research Writing in the Social Sciences (5) C M. CARNEY, P. MYERS
Concentration on the development of advanced research-based writing skills in the social sciences. Recommended: 100-level English course.
View course details in MyPlan: ISS 381

ISS 401 Integrated Social Sciences Portfolio Capstone (5) I&S
Focuses on the transformation of the online learning portfolio into a showcase portfolio suitable for an external audience identified by the student. Builds on the reflective and integrative work done over the past quarters. Prerequisite: ISS 355. Offered: AWSpS.
View course details in MyPlan: ISS 401