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ISS 301 Social Science Theory in Context (5) I&S M. SPARKE
Explores how social sciences study what people do , how people understand their world, and how that understanding shapes social practice. Provides ways to conceptualize how social relations - economic, political, cultural, sexual, racial, spatial, and historical relations - interact in real work contexts. Offered: A.
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ISS 350 Introduction to Portfolios in Social Science (2) I&S M. SPARKE
Helps students begin the process of developing a Learning E-portfolio in which they articulate connections between substantive content learned in their social science courses, as well as begin a process of reflection of their learning in different contexts (private and public, individual, and social). Offered: A.
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ISS 355 Portfolio Seminar in Integrated Social Sciences (2, max. 14) I&S M. SPARKE
Designed to continue the essential integration and reflection work begun in ISS 350 on an intersecting trajectory with developing content and disciplinary knowledge over time. Prerequisite: ISS 350. Offered: WSpS.
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ISS 401 Capstone (5) I&S M. SPARKE
Focuses on the completion of the Learning Portfolios, building on the reflective and integrative work done over the past quarters to produce a final synthesis. Offered: Sp.
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