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INDN 401 Pali (3) VLPA Cox, Salomon
Introduction to Pali language and literature. Prerequisite: SNKRT 303.

INDN 402 Pali (3) VLPA Cox, Salomon
Introduction to Pali language and literature.

INDN 410 Prakrit (3, max. 6) VLPA Salomon
Introduction to the various Prakrit or Middle Indo-Aryan dialects (Gandhari, Magadhi, Maharashtri, Sauraseni) from literary, canonical, and inscriptional sources. Prerequisite: SNKRT 303.

INDN 490 Senior Seminar (5)
Seminar study of special topics in the languages and literatures of South Asia.

INDN 499 Undergraduate Research (3-5, max. 15)
Primarily for South Asian language and literature majors. Offered: AWSpS.

INDN 530 Readings in Pali Literature (3, max. 18) Cox, Salomon
Reading and interpretation of intermediate and advanced texts in Pali. Prerequisite: INDN 402 or equivalent.

INDN 590 Special Topics in Indology (1-5, max. 27)
Studies in selected research topics in South Asian languages and literatures. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of instructor.