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HSTAFM 151 Introduction to Precolonial Africa (5) I&S
Explores the African past from c. 1400 through the end of the nineteenth century. Uses the emerging evidence of historical, linguistic, and archaeological analysis to think critically about lingering notions that Africa and its peoples are static and unchanging, primitive and simple, and best understood in terms of racial difference.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 151 (student access only)

HSTAFM 152 Introduction to African History, c. 1880 - Present (5) I&S, DIV
Examines Africa's pasts from approximately 1880 to the present. Through the theme of the politics of wealth, explores the history of European colonization, African social and cultural life under colonial rule, anti-colonial movements and decolonization, and the changes and challenges of the post-colonial present.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 152 (student access only)

HSTAFM 161 Survey of the Muslim Near East (5) I&S
The Middle East (the Arab countries, Israel, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan) from the emergence of Islam in AD 622 to the present: culture, economics, politics.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 161 (student access only)

HSTAFM 163 The Modern Middle East (5) I&S, DIV
Provides an introduction the politics, society, and culture of the Middle East since the 19th century and through the present. Aims to foster an understanding of imperial power and anti-imperialism, ethnicity and sectarianism, religious and secular sociopolitical movements, authoritarianism, and the transformations wrought by modernity and economic development.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 163 (student access only)

HSTAFM 261 The Crusades: Middle Eastern Perspectives (5) I&S
Examines the impact of European Christians on the Middle East, from the establishment of the County of Edessa (1097) to the fall of Accon (1291). Explores how Muslims understood, reacted, and adapted to the crusades and how the close encounter with the "Franks" transformed medieval Middle Eastern societies.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 261 (student access only)

HSTAFM 268 Wars in the Modern Middle East (5) I&S
Examines the political, social, and cultural impact of war on Middle Eastern societies. Focuses on how the preparation for, conduct of, and aftermath of wars have affected the region. Examines the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Algerian War of Independence, the Lebanese Civil War, and the First Gulf War (1991).
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 268 (student access only)

HSTAFM 361 Middle Eastern History, 1453-1800 (5) I&S Schwarz
Introduction to the early modern period in the Middle East, including an exploration of the political, economic, and cultural dominance of the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Iran. Explores the political and social dynamics and economic transformations of the two empires.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 361 (student access only)

HSTAFM 451 Eastern and Central Africa Since 1500 (5) I&S
Explores the history of Eastern and Central Africa from the period prior to the slave trade through European colonialism to the post-colonial present. Focuses on political, economic, and social change and continuity. Emphasis on understanding how various historical actors and historians have interpreted these processes.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 451 (student access only)

HSTAFM 452 Southern Africa Since 1500 (5) I&S, DIV
Explores the history of Southern Africa from pre-colonial social institutions through European colonialism and industrialization to the post-apartheid present. Focuses on the interplay between race, class, ethnicity, and gender in the structuring of political relations. Emphasis on understanding how various historical actors and historians have interpreted these processes.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 452 (student access only)

HSTAFM 453 Health and Illness in Africa (5) I&S
Explores health and illness in Africa from the nineteenth century to the present. Focuses on the influence of colonial and post colonial history on patterns of health and health care in sub-Saharan Africa. Analyzes Western representations of health and illness in Africa.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 453 (student access only)

HSTAFM 461 History of the Middle East: 622-1300 (5) I&S
Political and economic analysis of the period circa AD 600, preliminary to rise of Islam, to arrival of the Turks. Muhammad's teaching and impact; Islamization and Arabization.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 461 (student access only)

HSTAFM 462 History of the Middle East: 1258-1798 (5) I&S
Conquests by successors of Ghengis Khan; creation in Egypt, Syria, and Iran of cavalry-based states; domination of political, social, and economic history by Ottoman and Safavid empires. The Napoleonic invasion.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 462 (student access only)

HSTAFM 463 History of the Middle East Since 1789 (5) I&S
Critical issues and themes in the changing Middle East, including Westernization, growth of nationalism, Arab-Israeli dispute, Iranian revolution, and the role of Islam.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 463 (student access only)

HSTAFM 465 Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia, 1750-2001 (5) I&S
Introduction to the modern history of the Islamic republics of Iran and Afghanistan and the secular republics of Central Asia from 1750 to 2001. Includes discussion of colonialism, the role of the U.S., and diaspora and exile in these predominantly Muslim societies.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 465 (student access only)

HSTAFM 552 Field Course in African History (5)
Methodological and conceptual issues in African historiography, focusing on 1500 to the present. Examines topics including pre-colonial politics and economics, slavery and the slave trades, European conquest and colonization, resistance movements and nationalist politics, and post-colonial debates and dilemmas. Special attention to issues of gender, race, ethnicity, and class.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 552 (student access only)

HSTAFM 561 Islamic History (3-6, max. 6)
Field course. Introduction to advanced study in the major periods and problems of Islam. Bibliographical guidance is stressed.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 561 (student access only)

HSTAFM 562 Ottoman History (3-6, max. 6)
Field course. Introduction to the major periods and problems of Ottoman history, 1300-1914, by acquainting the student with the major works in at least two languages. An attempt is made to teach some use of Ottoman materials. A minor problem is investigated in detail by every student. Prerequisite: knowledge of at least one major language besides English (French, German, Russian, or other).
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 562 (student access only)

HSTAFM 563 Modern Near East (3-6, max. 6)
Field course introducing the student to the major periods and problems of Near Eastern history, 1798 to the present.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAFM 563 (student access only)