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HSTAA 101 Survey of the History of the United States (5) I&S
Supplies the knowledge of American history that any intelligent and educated American citizen should have. Objective is to make the student aware of his or her heritage of the past and more intelligently conscious of the present.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 101 (student access only)

HSTAA 105 The Peoples of the United States (5) I&S, DIV
Surveys American diversity since 1500. Repeopling of America through conquest and immigration by Native Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans. Contributions of various peoples and the conflicts between them, with special attention to changing constructions of race and ethnicity and evolving understandings of what it means to be American.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 105 (student access only)

HSTAA 110 History of American Citizenship (5) I&S, DIV
Examines how, when, and why different groups of people (e.g., white men, white men without property, peoples of color including one-time slaves, women, immigrants) became eligible for citizenship throughout American history. Explores how and why for many peoples, at many times, citizenship did not confer equal rights to all.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 110 (student access only)

HSTAA 150 Introduction to African American History (5) I&S
Introductory survey of topics and problems in Afro-American history with some attention to Africa as well as to America. Basic introductory course for sequence of lecture courses and seminars in Afro-American history. Offered: jointly with AFRAM 150.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 150 (student access only)

HSTAA 202 American Foreign Policy, 1776 -Present (5) I&S
Surveys the history of American foreign relations.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 202 (student access only)

HSTAA 205 Asian American History (5) I&S, DIV
Introductory history of Asian Indians, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese and Koreans in the United States from the 1840s to the 1960s. Major themes include imperialism, labor migration, racism, community formation, and resistance.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 205 (student access only)

HSTAA 208 The City: People, Place, and Environments (5) I&S
Surveys the history of cities in North America and around the globe from 1800 to the present. Considers economic and technological change; politics and government; city planning and landscaping design; migration and immigration, race, gender, and class; suburbanization; popular culture; and natural environments and natural disasters.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 208 (student access only)

HSTAA 212 The Military History of the United States From Colonial Times to the Present (5) I&S
Development of American military policies, organizational patterns, tactics, and weaponry, from beginnings as a seventeenth-century frontier defense force to the global conflicts and military commitments of the twentieth century. Interaction and tension between need for an effective military force and concept of civilian control of that force.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 212 (student access only)

HSTAA 221 Environmental History of the U.S. (5) I&S L. NASH
Surveys the relationship between nature and human history, including the impact of the non-human environment on American history and the environmental effects of colonization, urbanization, and consumerism; the cultural construction of nature in different eras and its social implications; the sources and limits of modern environmental politics. Offered: jointly with ENVIR 221; A.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 221 (student access only)

HSTAA 225 American Slavery (5) I&S, DIV
Explores the making of American slavery from beginnings on the African coast to the plantations of the southern United States. Includes slave life, pro-slavery thought, slave management, representations of slavery then and now, abolitionism, and debates about slavery.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 225 (student access only)

HSTAA 230 Race and Power in America, 1861-1940 (5) I&S, DIV
Explores race and the shaping of American society between the Civil War and World War II. Topics include reconstruction, segregation and lynching, immigration and naturalization, imperialism, and movements for social justice.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 230 (student access only)

HSTAA 235 The American People and Their Culture in the Modern Era: A History of the United States Since 1940 (5) I&S
Through study of documents, personal testimony, and other source materials, through written reports on historical problems, and through discussions, lectures, films, and audiovisual presentations, students are encouraged to examine evidence and to think "historically" about persons, events, and movements within the memory of their own generation and that immediately preceding theirs. Primarily for first-year students.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 235 (student access only)

HSTAA 236 How Race Matters: Racial Norms in the Making of U.S. Society and Culture (5) I&S
Confronts U.S. racial history through a series of questions: Is U.S. history a story of increasing tolerance and inclusion, or a story about confronting and reconsolidating racial dominance? How have slavery, segregation, immigration, Indian removal, and imperialism defined national identity? How does racial exclusion intersect with class, gender, and sexuality?
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 236 (student access only)

HSTAA 270 The Jazz Age (5) I&S, DIV Walter
Interdisciplinary study of period after World War I to Great Crash. Afro-American and Anglo-American currents and impulses that flowed together in the Roaring Twenties. Covers politics of normalcy, economics of margin, literature of indulgence and confusion, transformation of race relations, and cultural influence of jazz. Offered: jointly with AFRAM 270.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 270 (student access only)

HSTAA 273 Women of the American West (5) I&S
Women of the Trans-Mississippi West, from the time of European contact to World War II, studied in all their multifarious roles. Explores ethnicity, class, work, family, suffrage, politics, reform, women's groups, arts and entertainment, religion, civilizing and resistance, and gender ideology.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 273 (student access only)

HSTAA 290 Topics in American History (5, max. 10) I&S
Examines special topics in American history.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 290 (student access only)

HSTAA 301 Colonial North America (5) I&S
Early America from the sixteenth century to the end of the American Revolution: the founding years, social and religious development, race relations, development of the Atlantic world, origins and legacy of American independence.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 301 (student access only)

HSTAA 302 Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century America (5) I&S
Explores the history of everyday Americans (women, slaves, working people, farmers) of a variety of races, ethnicities, and citizenships in the context of the major cultural, social, and political changes that dramatically transformed their lives over the course of the nineteenth century.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 302 (student access only)

HSTAA 303 Modern American Civilization From 1877 (5) I&S
Emergence of modern America, after the Civil War; interrelationships of economic, social, political, and intellectual developments.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 303 (student access only)

HSTAA 313 African Americans in the American West (5) I&S, DIV
Explores pre-1848 Spanish-speaking black settlers, slavery, post-civil war migration, buffalo soldiers. 19th and 20th century black urban settlers, World War II migration, the civil rights movement in the West, the interaction of African Americans with other people of color. Particular focus on Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 313 (student access only)

HSTAA 315 Researching Indians' History (5) I&S A. HARMON
Finding and interpreting sources of information about American Indians' history. Offered: jointly with AIS 370.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 315 (student access only)

HSTAA 316 History of American Science (5) I&S
History of science in the United States, including migration of European science, development in colonial America, growth of an American scientific community, and expansion of American science in the twentieth century. Issues of scientific attitudes to the natural world, race, ethnicity, and gender are included.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 316 (student access only)

HSTAA 321 Becoming Black Americans (5) I&S, DIV
History of Africans in America from slave trade through the Civil War, with emphasis on how gender informed African-American experience. Topics include slave trade, middle passage, life in plantation south, culture, family structure and resistance, and the experience of free blacks, North and South.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 321 (student access only)

HSTAA 322 African-American History, 1865 To The Present (5) I&S, DIV
African-American experience from Reconstruction to the present, emphasizing the variety of African-American political expression. Gender and class differences closely examined, as well as such constructs as "community," "race," and "blackness."
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 322 (student access only)

HSTAA 331 American Indian History I to 1840 (5) I&S, DIV A. HARMON
History of indigenous peoples and their descendants in the area that now constitutes the United States, from the eve of European discovery of the Americas to 1840. Emphasis on relations between indigenous peoples and immigrants. Offered: jointly with AIS 331.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 331 (student access only)

HSTAA 332 American Indian History II Since 1840 (5) I&S, DIV A. HARMON
History of American Indians in the United States from 1840 to the present. Emphasis on relations between Indians and non-Indians, government policies, and Indian strategies of survival. Offered: jointly with AIS 332.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 332 (student access only)

HSTAA 334 Civil Rights and Black Power in the United States (5) VLPA/I&S Steptoe
Examines the politics and culture of the modern African American freedom struggle, which began after WWII and continued into the 1970s. Interrogates political strategies associated with nonviolent direct action, armed self-reliance, and black nationalism, as well as the cultural expression that reflect these political currents. Recommended: AFRAM 150; AFRAM 270. Offered: jointly with AFRAM 334.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 334 (student access only)

HSTAA 336 American Jewish History Since 1885 (5) I&S
Political, social, economic, religious history of American Jewish community from great eastern European migration to present. Integration of immigrant community into general American community; rise of nativism; development of American socialism; World War I and II; and reactions of American Jews to these events. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 336.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 336 (student access only)

HSTAA 338 The United States and Vietnam (5) I&S
American involvement in Vietnam, including: the complex of negotiations; strategies and objectives of both sides; military, political, and economic operations of the United States; efforts at pacification; impact of Vietnam on American affairs.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 338 (student access only)

HSTAA 351 American Constitutional History: From Colonial Times to the Present (5) I&S
European origins; the constitution-making of the American Revolution; the growth of government; Civil War and Reconstruction as constitutional crises; reform and the new federalism; the Supreme Court and civil rights; Congress, the presidency, and modern American constitutionalism.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 351 (student access only)

HSTAA 353 Class, Labor, and American Capitalism (5) I&S, DIV
The history of workers and class formation form early industrialization to the present. Emphasizes the interaction of class with race, ethnicity, gender, and political culture within the context of American economic development. Explores the role of unions, labor politics, and radical movements.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 353 (student access only)

HSTAA 365 Culture, Politics, and Film in Twentieth Century America (5) VLPA/I&S
Explores relationship between film and twentieth century U.S. cultural, social, and political history. Examines the ways that films responded to, participated in, and helped shape understandings of modernity, national identity, political power, race and ethnic relations, gender, and crises such as economic depression and war.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 365 (student access only)

HSTAA 371 Consumption and Consumerism in the Modern U.S. (5) I&S
Surveys the rise of consumer society in the late-nineteenth-and twentieth-century United States including theories of consumption, the experience of consumer culture by different social groups, the role of the state in fostering consumption, the material impacts of consumer society in the U.S. and beyond, and critiques of consumerism.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 371 (student access only)

HSTAA 373 Social History of American Women to 1890 (5) I&S, DIV Yee
A multi-racial, multicultural study of women in the United States from the seventeenth century to 1890 emphasizing women's unpaid work, participation in the paid labor force, charitable and reform activities, and nineteenth century social movements. Uses primary materials such as diaries, letters, speeches, and artifacts. Offered: jointly with GWSS 383; W.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 373 (student access only)

HSTAA 374 Social History of American Women in the Twentieth Century (5) I&S
Analyzes major themes in the history of women in North America from 1890 through the 1990s. Themes include family and community formation, social activism, education, paid and unpaid labor patterns, war, migration, and changing conceptions of womanhood and femininity in the twentieth century. Offered: jointly with GWSS 384.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 374 (student access only)

HSTAA 377 History of Canada (5) I&S
General survey and analysis of political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of Canadian history from the foundation of New France to present; Canadian-American relations, the rise of Quebec nationalism, and the development of the Canadian West. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 375.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 377 (student access only)

HSTAA 401 American Revolution and Confederation (5) I&S
Causes of separation of the United States from the British empire; political theory of the Revolution; its military history; diplomacy of the Revolution; the Revolution as a social movement; intellectual aspects; readjustment after independence; the formation of the American union; the Constitution.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 401 (student access only)

HSTAA 404 New England: From the Foundings to the Civil War (5) I&S
New England from colonial beginnings to the region's emergence to national leadership in the mid-nineteenth century. Emphasis on Puritanism, the New England town, adjustment to empire, revolution and constitution making, the growth of party, abolitionism, the flowering of a regional culture, and the personalities who embodied these key themes and periods.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 404 (student access only)

HSTAA 406 Asian American Activism (5) I&S, DIV
Explores the multiple political traditions forged by Asian Americans, from the earliest challenges to racist laws and unequal wages to the latest debates over affirmative action and racial profiling. Examines Asian American communities organized to oppose and to perpetuate social inequalities. Offered: jointly with AAS 406.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 406 (student access only)

HSTAA 407 Andrew Jackson's United States (5) I&S
In-depth examination of the U.S. from 1820 to 1850, including changes which affected American politics, society, and culture.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 407 (student access only)

HSTAA 409 American Social History: The Early Years (5) I&S
Survey of American society and institutions from the colonial era through the Civil War, with special attention to reform, labor, immigration, education, law enforcement and the city.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 409 (student access only)

HSTAA 410 American Social History: The Modern Era (5) I&S
Survey of American society and institutions from Reconstruction to the present with special attention to reform, poverty, social mobility, immigrant and ethnic groups, the city and law enforcement.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 410 (student access only)

HSTAA 411 The United States During the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction (5) I&S
Conflicting interests, ideologies, and ways of life in the United States from the 1840s to the 1870s.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 411 (student access only)

HSTAA 412 The Westward Movement, 1700-1850 (5) I&S
Anglo-American advance into interior of continental United States culminating in occupation of Far West. Rivalry with New France and New Spain in colonial period; role of federal government in westward expansion; land policy and land distribution; migration, settlement, and the pioneering experience; federal Indian policies and implementation; political evolution, urbanization, and economic development of trans-Appalachian West; shaping of national character and institutions.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 412 (student access only)

HSTAA 413 History of the Trans-Mississippi West (5) I&S
Anglo-American exploration, conquest, occupation, and exploitation of the trans-Mississippi West, with emphasis on economic development into the twentieth century. Considers wide range of developmental themes (social, political, cultural) in historiography of American West.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 413 (student access only)

HSTAA 414 The Canadian West, 1670-1990 (5) I&S
Examines the history of colonization and settlement of Canada's four westernmost provinces with emphasis on their economic, social, and Native history.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 414 (student access only)

HSTAA 415 History of Indian-White Relations in Anglo-America (5) I&S
Explores the wide variety of interactions in North America, ranging from close alliances to outright warfare, between Native Americans and Europeans and their descendants from contact through the removal of most of the remaining eastern Indians to land west of the Mississippi River during the 1830s.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 415 (student access only)

HSTAA 417 Indians in Western Washington History (5) I&S, DIV A. HARMON
Relations of Indians and non-Indians in the Puget Sound region, from the 1790s to the present, with emphasis on evolving ideas about Indian identity. Offered: jointly with AIS 425.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 417 (student access only)

HSTAA 426 American Urban History Since 1870 (3/5) I&S
Development of American cities for the past century. Topics include physical development, immigration, politics, and changes in society and culture.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 426 (student access only)

HSTAA 431 American Politics and Society Since 1920 (5) I&S
Political, social, economic, and intellectual developments in the United States from 1920 to the present.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 431 (student access only)

HSTAA 432 History of Washington and the Pacific Northwest (5) I&S
Exploration and settlement; economic development; growth of government and social institutions; statehood.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 432 (student access only)

HSTAA 433 A Documentary History of Pacific Northwest Identity (5) I&S Findlay
Considers cultural construction of Pacific Northwest region through more than two centuries of narratives, including Native American stories; travel literature from early explorers to modern tourists; accounts by newcomers from pioneer to modern era; aggressive regionalism of 1890-1945; Northwest literature of the post-war period. Offered: S.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 433 (student access only)

HSTAA 446 American Indian Economic History (5) I&S Harmon
Surveys and analyzes the history of American Indians' economic challenges and strategies. Topics include the economic cultures of indigenous North American societies, the impacts of European colonization and U.S. government policies, and tribal strategies aimed at improving Indians' economic circumstances. Offered: jointly with AIS 446.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 446 (student access only)

HSTAA 454 The Intellectual History of the United States (5) VLPA/I&S
Lectures and discussions devoted to the development of the American mind, from historical beginnings to the present.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 454 (student access only)

HSTAA 458 Education in the Forming of American Society (5) I&S Beadie
Covers the development of American education in cultural context; history of schools and non-school learning from colonial period to the twentieth-century; apprenticeship and learning societies; community and market-based schooling; liberal learning and the rise of the university; and schools as agencies of economic and political integration and mediators of culture and social status. Offered: jointly with EDLPS 458.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 458 (student access only)

HSTAA 459 History of American Education Since 1865 (3) I&S
Development of American education in cultural context: progressive education, recent criticism, continuing issues and trends. Offered: jointly with EDLPS 459.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 459 (student access only)

HSTAA 461 Diplomatic History of the United States, 1776-1901 (5) I&S
Foreign policy of the United States government prior to the twentieth century. Emphasis on international wars, territorial expansion, and the peculiarities of the American position in world politics.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 461 (student access only)

HSTAA 462 Diplomatic History of the United States, 1901-Present (5) I&S
Foreign policy of the United States government during the twentieth century. International wars and the other major episodes in diplomacy are emphasized.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 462 (student access only)

HSTAA 465 The Sixties in America: Kennedy to the Counterculture (5) I&S
Examines American politics, society, and culture during the 1960's. Also lightly touches upon 1945-1959 and 1970-1975. Topics include the Cold War; Vietnam; JFK, LBJ and their critics; MLK, Malcolm X, race, gender, and social movements; and mass culture, pop culture, and the counterculture.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 465 (student access only)

HSTAA 473 Homefront: American Cultures and Society in the 1940s (5) I&S
An exploration of the impact of WWII on American culture and social thought. Topics include the effects of war on civil liberties and civil rights, the uses of nationalism, patriotism, and racial ideology, the internment of Japanese-Americans, responses to the Holocaust, and the effects of war on social life.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 473 (student access only)

HSTAA 490 Topics in American History (5, max. 10) I&S
Examines special topics in American history.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 490 (student access only)

HSTAA 501 American History: Early (3-6, max. 6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 501 (student access only)

HSTAA 503 Seminar in American History, Early ([3-6]-, max. 12)
Research seminar in early American History, 1600-1875.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 503 (student access only)

HSTAA 504 Seminar in American History, Early (-[3-6], max. 12)
Research seminar in early American History, 1600-1875.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 504 (student access only)

HSTAA 506 Slavery in the Americas (5)
Explores the rise of American slavery beginning with the development of the Atlantic slave trade between southern European powers and coastal African traders. Topics include cultures of slavery in the Americas, comparative racial formations, cultural change, and the role of gender in slave societies.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 506 (student access only)

HSTAA 508 American Urban History (5)
Covers major themes and scholarly literature in American urban history.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 508 (student access only)

HSTAA 512 American History: Western (3-6, max. 6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 512 (student access only)

HSTAA 513 Seminar in American History: Western ([3-6]-, max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 513 (student access only)

HSTAA 514 Seminar in American History: Western (-[3-6], max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 514 (student access only)

HSTAA 516 Hispanics of the United States (3-6, max. 6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 516 (student access only)

HSTAA 517 Field Course in American Indian History (5)
Field-reading course. Survey of major problems and literature concerning indigenous peoples of North America and their descendents.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 517 (student access only)

HSTAA 519 Asian American History (5)
Introduces students to the field of Asian American history, with an emphasis on historiograhical shifts and debates. Includes a broad range of topics and methodologies that often cross disciplinary boundaries.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 519 (student access only)

HSTAA 521 American History: Writings and Interpretations, 1770-1870 (4-6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 521 (student access only)

HSTAA 522 American History: Writings and Interpretations Since 1870 (4-6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 522 (student access only)

HSTAA 524 American Social History Before 1860 (3-6, max. 6)
Field course. Survey of major problems and literature in American social history before 1860.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 524 (student access only)

HSTAA 525 American Social History After 1860 (3-6, max. 6)
Field course. Survey of major problems and literature in American social history after 1860.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 525 (student access only)

HSTAA 531 American History: Twentieth Century (3-6, max. 6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 531 (student access only)

HSTAA 532 Seminar in American History: Recent Period ([3-6]-, max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 532 (student access only)

HSTAA 533 Seminar in American History: Recent Period (-[3-6]-, max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 533 (student access only)

HSTAA 534 Seminar in American History: Recent Period (-[3-6], max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 534 (student access only)

HSTAA 540 African American Urban History: 1700-2000 (5)
Examines the growth and evolution of African-American urban communities from the colonial era to the present, with particular emphasis on cities of the West.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 540 (student access only)

HSTAA 549 Culture, Politics, and Power in Nineteenth-Century Black America (5)
Canonical issues, problems, and topics in nineteenth-century black social history. Traces major developments during the period; engages historiographical debates; and explores methodological questions such as the intersection of social and cultural history, and the challenges and possibilities of writing the history of a people with few written records.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 549 (student access only)

HSTAA 550 African-American History to Reconstruction (5)
Comprehensive introduction to the major topics and writings in African-American history from the colonial era to 1900, including the inception of slavery, free Blacks, slave revolts, Black abolition, Blacks in the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the Black female role in the struggle for freedom.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 550 (student access only)

HSTAA 551 African-American History Since Reconstruction (5)
Comprehensive introduction to the major topics and writings in African-American history in the twentieth century, including Jim Crow era, Black Women's Movement, Harlem Renaissance, legal origins of Civil Rights Revolution, Second Reconstruction, and Politics of Cultural Pluralism.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 551 (student access only)

HSTAA 552 Graduate Seminar in African-American History (5-)
Research experiences and opportunities in African-American history. Provides students with skills and methodology to pursue advanced research in the field.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 552 (student access only)

HSTAA 553 Graduate Seminar in African-American History (-5)
Research experiences and opportunities in African-American history. Provides students with skills and methodology to pursue advanced research in the field.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 553 (student access only)

HSTAA 554 American History: Intellectual (3-6, max. 6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 554 (student access only)

HSTAA 555 Seminar: American Intellectual History ([3-6]-, max. 12)
Develops research and writing competence in American intellectual history. Prerequisite: permission of instructor or graduate program coordinator.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 555 (student access only)

HSTAA 556 Seminar: American Intellectual History (-[3-6], max. 12)
Develops research and writing competence in American intellectual history. Prerequisite: permission of instructor or graduate program coordinator.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 556 (student access only)

HSTAA 561 History of American Foreign Policy (3-6, max. 6)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 561 (student access only)

HSTAA 562 Seminar in American Diplomatic History ([3-6]-, max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 562 (student access only)

HSTAA 563 Seminar in American Diplomatic History (-[3-6], max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 563 (student access only)

HSTAA 570 American Environmental History (5)
Readings in environmental history emphasizing theory, methodology, and principal themes in the field. Readings emphasize the environmental history of North America and the United States.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 570 (student access only)

HSTAA 590 Topics in American History (5, max. 15)
Seminar on selected topics in American history, with special emphasis on preparation for field examinations. Topics vary according to interests of students and instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: HSTAA 590 (student access only)