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Design Use Build

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HCID 510 Designing Interactive Systems (3)
Covers issues relating to the design and interactive technologies, favoring design thinking in lieu of implementation concerns. Skills include design processes, design rationale, adductive reasoning, structured brainstorming, design techniques, and design critiques.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 510 (student access only)

HCID 511 Ideation Studio (5)
Introduces student to ideation: the systematic process of generating design ideas, developing idea variations, and identifying ideas that open promising design directions; with hands-on exercises that give students the skills to participate in and lead ideation processes on their own.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 511 (student access only)

HCID 520 User Interface Software and Technology (3)
Covers fundamental skills in user interface prototyping and implementation, including tools for low and high fidelity prototyping, software architectures for implementing graphical user interfaces on desktop and mobile platforms, and the toolkits that use these software architectures.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 520 (student access only)

HCID 521 Prototyping Studio (5)
Examines user-interface prototyping as a foundational skill in user-centered design. Introduces the tools and uses hands-on exercises to enable students to create and refine user-interface prototypes as part of a design process.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 521 (student access only)

HCID 530 Usability and User Research (3)
Teaches concepts on engaging with users in the context of a technology design project. Covers both empirical and analytic evaluation techniques. Methods include user interviewing, in-lab usability testing, field deployments, heuristic evaluation, and cognitive walkthrough.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 530 (student access only)

HCID 531 Evaluation Studio (5)
Teaches concepts related to conducting user research and usability evaluations. Introduces students to the methods and hands-on exercises that will enable them to determine user needs and usability and acceptability of interactive system designs.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 531 (student access only)

HCID 541 Capstone Studio (9)
Team-based capstone design an interactive product relevant to industry challenges. Students apply iterative design, prototyping and research techniques in an studio format, with peer, faculty, and industry sponsor reviews of deliverables, culminating in a portfolio presentation documenting process and final solutions. Studio content supplemented by demonstrations and guest lecturers.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 541 (student access only)

HCID 590 Design, Use, Build Seminar (1, max. 10)
Covers the latest research in human-computer interaction and design, through talks by both UW and outside researchers. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 590 (student access only)

HCID 598 Special Topics (1-5, max. 6)
Studies of emerging areas and specialized topics in human-computer interaction and design.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 598 (student access only)

HCID 599 Special Projects (1-5, max. 6)
Individual graduate projects in human-computer interaction and design.
MyPlan Course Details: HCID 599 (student access only)