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GRDSCH 200 Preparing for Graduate Education (2)
Explores graduate education and its structure and organization. Students use interactive assignments, individual reflective work, and professional portfolio development to explore their preparation for graduate education, and develop strategies for pursing graduate school. Credit/no-credit only.

GRDSCH 610 Teaching Mentorship (3, max. 6)
Individualized project, under the direction of a faculty member, focused on issues of teaching and learning at the college/university level and designed to enhance the student's ability to make innovative contributions in teaching. Prerequisite: permission of faculty member, graduate program coordinator, and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Credit/no-credit only.

GRDSCH 615 Teaching Assistant Preparation (1-6, max. 6)
Department or University-wide training for teaching and research assistants. Credit/no-credit only.

GRDSCH 616 Research Assistant Preparation (1-6, max. 6)
Department or University-wide training for research assistants. Credit/no-credit only.

Credit/no-credit only.

GRDSCH 630 Special Topics in College/University Teaching (2, max. 6)
Interdisciplinary discussion of topics related to college/university teaching, with an emphasis on innovative teaching and preparing for faculty careers. Designed to address topics across disciplines, as a complement to discipline-specific courses offered in departments. Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: Calla E. Chancellor Angela R Linse Wayne Jacobson