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ENGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Design (5) I&S
Introduction to design and communication principles through engineering project approach, stressing teamwork, design process, specialties and tools of engineering, creative and analytical thinking, professionalism and ethics, social, economic and political context, open-ended problems. Grading based on quality of engineering projects and presentation of design through written, oral, and graphical communication. Offered: AWSp.
Instructor Course Description: Wei-Chih Wang

ENGR 101 Engineering Exploration (1-2, max. 3)
Presentations and discussions on topics of current interest in engineering. Explores various areas of engineering research, engineering disciplines, and the relevance to today's students. Topics vary by quarter.

ENGR 102 Studying Engineering (1-3, max. 6)
Intensive seminar focusing on topics relating to the successful study of engineering. Topics include an introduction to the university culture, learning skills development, engagement with critical resources, and an introduction to engineering disciplines and professions. Topics vary by quarter. Credit/no-credit only.

ENGR 197 Engineering Problem Solving (1, max. 12)
Lectures and problem sessions in mathematics, chemistry, and physics with engineering applications. Enrollment restricted to Minority Science, Engineering Program (MSEP), and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) students. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSp.
Instructor Course Description: Baboucarr Ebrima Mbowe

ENGR 199 Special Projects (1-3, max. 3)
Students propose problems to solve to an engineering faculty member. The problems may be selected from the student's own experiences and interests, from the interest of the faculty member, or from other sources such as faculty or graduate students doing research projects, or from personnel in the physical medicine area, occupational therapy, hospital, industry, or government. Corroboration by an engineering faculty member is required. Project suggestions are available. Offered: AWSpS.
Instructor Course Description: Cathryne L Jordan

ENGR 202 Special Topics (1-5, max. 10)
Topics of current interest to engineering students. Offered: AWSp.
Instructor Course Description: Jarman Derrick Hauser

ENGR 321 Engineering Cooperative Education ([1-2]-, max. 16)
Engineering practicum; integration of classroom theory with on-the-job training. Periods of full-time work alternate with periods of full-time study. Open only to students who have been admitted to the Engineering Cooperative Education Program. Requires subsequent completion of ENGR 322 to obtain credit. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.

ENGR 322 Engineering Cooperative Education Postwork Seminar (-0)
Reporting and evaluation of co-op work experience, and discussion of current topics in engineering. To be taken during the first quarter in school following each work session. Offered: AWSpS.

ENGR 360 Introductory Acoustics (3) NW
Introduction to propagation of acoustical waves; emphasis on propagation of sound waves in air, but material is applicable to propagation of sound waves in liquids, including underwater acoustics, and to propagation of stress waves in solids. Includes a historical development of acoustics, terminology, and units employed. Prerequisite: either MATH 136 or MATH 307; PHYS 123. Offered: Sp.

ENGR 380 Design for Sustainability in the Developing World (2, max. 8) I&S Bolton
Introduction to issues in international sustainable development from an engineering perspective. Combines lectures on current approaches and potential pitfalls with work on group projects related to sustainable development efforts of Engineers Without Boarders. Develops research and design skills using real life projects. Intended for students from all backgrounds. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AW.
Instructor Course Description: Denise M Wilson

ENGR 498 Special Topics in Engineering (1-5, max. 6)
Offered: AWSpS.
Instructor Course Description: Deborah Hagen-Lukens Julie Ann Medero Joyce Wen-Hwei Yen Brian James Hutchinson

ENGR 499 Special Projects in Engineering (1-3, max. 6)
Offered: AWSpS.

ENGR 598 Seminar Series in Engineering (1, max. 12)
Graduate seminar series on topics of interest to all engineering students.

ENGR 601 Internship ([1-2]-, max. 24)
Engineering practicum; includes integration of classroom theory with on-the-job training for graduate students. Open only to students who have been admitted to the Engineering Cooperative Education Program. Offered: AWSpS.