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CSE M 501 Introduction to Compiler Construction (4)
Fundamentals of compilers and interpreters; symbol tables; lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, code generation, and optimizations for general purpose programming languages. Cannot be taken for credit if credit received for CSE 401. Prerequisite: CSE 332; CSE 351.
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CSE M 544 Database Systems (4)
Relational data model and SQL query language. Conceptual modeling; normal forms; XML. Transactions: recovery and concurrency control. Implementation of a database system. Application project using a relational database system. Study of database research papers. May not be taken for credit if student has taken CSE 444. Prerequisite: CSE 332; CSE 344.
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CSE M 547 Natural Language Processing (4)
Methods for designing systems that usefully and/or intelligently process natural language text data. Language models, text categorization, syntactic and semantic analysis, machine translation. Emphasizes algorithms and data-driven methods. Prerequisite: CSE 312 and CSE 332. Cannot be taken for credit if credit received for CSE 447; recommended: MATH 308 ; CSE 446 is recommended before or concurrently.
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CSE M 552 Introduction to Distributed Systems (4)
Covers abstractions and implementation techniques in the construction of distributed systems, including cloud computing, distributed storage systems, and distributed caches. Prerequisite: CSE 451
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CSE M 584 Computer Security (4)
Explores foundations and new directions in computer security and privacy, including: risk analysis, system security, applied cryptography, human-computer interaction, design and implementation issues, anonymity, web security, and side channels. Studies security and privacy research papers. Prerequisite: CSE 351; either CSE 451 or CSE 461.
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