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CL LI 501 Comparative Phonology of Greek and Latin (5) Levaniouk
Phonological developments of Greek and Latin from Indo-European to the classical periods of both languages.

CL LI 503 History of the Greek Language (5) Levaniouk
Morphological and syntactical development of the Greek language from Homer through the New Testament; the development of prose and poetic style.

CL LI 505 History of the Latin Language (5) Levaniouk
Morphological and syntactical development of the Latin language; the development of Latin as a literary language.

CL LI 506 Italic Dialects (5) Levaniouk
Principal remains of the non-Latin languages and dialects of ancient Italy.

CL LI 508 Greek Dialects (5) Levaniouk
The non-Attic dialects of ancient Greek, based on a study of inscriptions and the literary remains.