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CEWA 540 Microbiological Process Fundamentals (3)
Fundamental concepts for microbial processes including organic chemical structure, nomenclature and environmental properties, principles of microbial metabolism, study of specific types of bacteria important to environmental engineering and their metabolism, development of microbial kinetic equations, including substrate utilization, energetics, and stoichiometry. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Instructors: Stahl Offered: A.
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CEWA 545 Environmental Organic Chemistry (3)
Covers characterization and modeling of properties and processes governing the distribution, fate, and transformation of organic pollutants in environmental systems. Explores linear free energy relationships and their application to examining the water/soil/air partitioning, bioaccumulation, substitution and redox reaction kinetics, and abiotic transformations of organic pollutants. Prerequisite: CEE 543 or permission of instructor. Offered: W.
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CEWA 549 Advanced Topics in Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology (3)
Special topics of current importance in environmental engineering. Application of fundamental chemical and biological principles to the study of such phenomena as the behavior of aqueous colloids, corrosion processes, and bacterial metabolism in chemically complex solutions. Prerequisite: CEE 540, CEE 541. Offered: Sp.
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CEWA 564 Advanced Hydrology (3) E. Istanbulluoglu
Detailed treatment of statistical methods used in hydrology: trend analysis, hypothesis testing, flood frequency, and elements of stochastic hydrology and data generation. Detailed examination of hydrologic models with emphasis on evapotranspiration and water budget, use of a watershed model (e.g., Stanford Watershed Model) in catchment. Offered: Sp.
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CEWA 565 Data Anaylsis in Water Sciences (4) J. LUNDQUIST
Covers fundamental topics related to data analysis, including statistical inference testing and error estimation, linear and quantile-based regression models, Monte Carlo simulation, time series analysis, Bayes theorem, and data visualization using modern computer techniques. Applications to water sciences, but techniques are applicable to any area. Offered: A.
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CEWA 566 Satellite Remote Sensing for Water Resources (3) F. HOSSAIN
Basic principles of satellite remote sensing of earth's water. Practical aspects of remote sensing in the context of conventional water management. Data uncertainty, modeling and assimilation for advancing water management. Offered: A.
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CEWA 568 Snow Hydrology (3) Lundquist
Introduces snow hydrology research, emphasizing current research methods and results in both measurements and modeling. Explores the impact of snow on hydrology and water resources. Offered: W.
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CEWA 570 Hydrodynamics (4) A. Horner-Devine
Applications of the equations of motion to ideal and real fluid flow, with topics in Environmental Fluid Mechanics. Kinematics, Navier-Stokes equations, viscous flows, Coriolis, density driven flows, free surface flows, and introduction to turbulence. Applications include: tidal flushing, lakes, estuaries, gravity currents and river plumes. Prerequisite: CEE 357 or equivalent. Offered: Sp.
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CEWA 573 Water Wave Mechanics for Coastal Engineers (4) J. Thomson
Covers theory and numerical modeling of water waves; classical water wave problem and approximate solution techniques; evolution equations and their solutions for wave systems; viscous damping effects and mass transport; nonlinear shallow-water waves and the Korteweg-deVries equation; and waves on beaches and structures. Prerequisite: CEE 347. Offered: Sp, even years.
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CEWA 576 Physical Hydrology (4) E. Istanbulluoglu
Engages familiarity with physical hydrologic processes, interactions, and their representations over multiple timeframe references and scales. Project and report based exercises extend furthering analytical skills using existing theories and observations in Physical Hydrology. Offered: A.
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CEWA 578 Water Resource System Management and Operations (3)
Readings in recent literature related to the modeling and management of water resources. Topics include drought management, expansion of existing water supplies, hydropower production, streamflow forecasting, water demand forecasting, regional water planning, climate change, and other topical issues. Offered: Sp.
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CEWA 580 Water-Quality Management (3)
Application of biological, ecological, and chemical processes to modeling of water quality and use of such models in appropriate management of water resource systems. Includes units on the modeling of temperature, BOD, nutrient, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and other processes in lakes, streams, and estuaries. Offered: Sp.
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CEWA 596 Fate and Transport of Chemicals in the Environment (3) Neumann
Presents a general introduction to the fundamental physical, chemical, and biological processes governing the movement and fate of chemicals in surface water and groundwater. Provides basic literacy in environment transport and fate processes, creating a solid foundation for accessing and synthesizing material on these topics. Offered: A.
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