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CET 512 Transportation Data Management (3) Y. Wang
Modern concepts, theories, and tools for transportation data management and analysis at the graduate level. Applications of software tools for transportation data storage, information retrieval, knowledge discovery, data exchange, online information sharing, statistical analysis, system optimization, and decision support. Offered: W.
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CET 561 Transportation Planning and Design (5) Avery
Provides an overview of transportation planning and how sustainability fits into this field. Topics include institutional frameworks, legal/legislative issues, land use, capacity analysis, supply management and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Covers tasks/tools of transportation planning at the site, city, region, and state levels. Offered: A.
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CET 562 Livable Communities and Design (4) Bassok
Explores the positives and negatives affecting livability. Covers sprawl and compact cities, energy issues and environmental quality, transit-oriented and traditional neighborhood development, and mixed-use and mixed income developments. Includes context-sensitive solutions to transportation projects. Offered: A.
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CET 563 Transportation Choices and Technology (4) Rutherford
Explores the range of sustainable transportation choices for both people and goods. Studies passenger modes of transportation including bicycles, single-occupancy vehicles, care and van pools, shared autos, bus, rail, ferries, trolleys, and foot travel in the context of sustainability. Offered: A.
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CET 564 Sustainable Transportation from a Systems Perspective (5) McCormack
Covers tools to evaluate and develop sustainable transportation systems. Emphasizes design approaches that support sustainable transportation, methods to evaluate the full life cycle impacts of transportation systems, and tools to assess transportation networks as resilient systems. Offered: A.
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CET 565 Climate Change and Energy (5) Larson, Mahoney
Covers the nature of global climate systems, global warming, ozone depletion, and human influences. Introduces tools to evaluate current and alternative energy production and conversion options for transportation. Explores the nexus between transportation and energy in the context of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Offered: W.
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CET 566 Environmental Analysis and Assessment (5) Watkins
Reviews statistical methods necessary to analyze environmental issues. Uses environmental data to demonstrate how significant impacts are measured and reported. Discusses transportation data sources, sustainable transportation indicators, and related statistical analysis. Includes travel demand forecasting and a review of engineering economy. Offered: Sp.
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CET 567 Health and Sustainable Transportation (5) Rowangould
Examines how transportation policy is driven by human health impacts. Highlights water and air impacts on health along with the health benefit of human powered transportation. Presents legal and regulatory issues. Case studies provide examples of application of these principles to real world transportation issues. Offered: A.
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CET 568 Transportation Economics (5) Niemeier
Economics applied to transportation planning, operations, maintenance, and management problems; microeconomic and macroeconomic theories; benefit-cost analysis; and the effect of uncertainty. Presents the effect of tolls, parking pricing, transit subsides, and other pricing and incentive policies. Offered: W.
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CET 569 Policy Development, Finance, and Sustainable Transportation (5) Rutherford
Covers the development and implementation of transportation policies to support sustainable transportation systems. Reviews regulations and finance opportunities at the local, state, and federal level highlighting those that promote sustainable transportation. Offered: Sp.
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CET 579 Advanced Traffic Detection Systems (3) Wang
Introduction to advanced tracking and detection technologies in transportation engineering, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS), inductance loop detection systems, remote traffic microwave radar, computer-vision based technologies, and other emerging detection technologies with cutting-edge research in these areas.
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CET 580 Urban Transportation Planning (4) Rutherford
Introduction to transportation planning, including trends and issues, land use and transportation interaction, surveys, public involvement, demand management, technology, forecasting, impacts, and policy strategies. Offered: A.
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CET 581 Travel Demand Forecasting (4)
Application of mathematical models to forecast urban travel behavior. Introduces emerging methods, land use models, travel demand models, including trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, and network assignment. Discusses validation and ethics. Offered: A.
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CET 582 Intelligent Transportation Systems (3)
Application of modern computer and communication technologies to transportation systems. Benefits to public agencies, commercial companies, and travelers. Coordination between private and public sectors. Intelligent Transportation System's (ITS) social, organizational, and operational changes. Offered: A.
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CET 583 Transportation Energy and Sustainability (3) D. Mackenzie
Addresses technical and policy options for making transportation more sustainable, considering economic, environmental, and equity impacts. Topics include transportation demand management; vehicle technologies; alternative fuels; dynamics of technology change; and roles of state, federal, and international policy. Prepares students to think broadly, analyze systematically, and communicate effectively in this area. Offered: Sp.
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CET 584 Analytical Methods in Transportation I (3)
Application of analytical and statistical methods to issues in transportation and driving. Analysis of probability distributions that describe variables. Development of statistical models for predicting transportation phenomena. Elementary sampling theory hypothesis testing, regression analysis, time series analysis, applied to transportation data. Prerequisite: either IND E 315, MATH 390/STAT 390, or equivalent. Instructors: Boyle Offered: jointly with IND E 546; W.
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CET 585 Analytical Methods in Transportation II (3)
Applications of advanced econometric methods to transportation issues. Topics include, but not limited to, systems of equations, duration models, limited dependent variable approaches, and count models. Hands-on modeling, with numerous data sets, available for application. Collaborative projects. Prerequisite: CEE 584 or permission of instructor.
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CET 586 Pedestrian Travel, Land Use, and Urban Form (3)
Seminar concentrating on walking as a mode of transportation in cities and city-regions, including social, cognitive, and perceptual dimensions of pedestrian movement and behavior theory. Offered: jointly with URBDP 576.
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CET 587 Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics Management (4)
Provides an overview of trade, transportation, and logistics activities. Develops an understanding of the physical and information flows in supply chains, and the economic drivers of supply chain choices. Includes methods to analyze and improve logistics and transportation systems, including applications of policy, technology, and infrastructure. Offered: Sp.
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CET 589 Transit Systems Planning (3)
Planning, operational methods for urban public transportation. Review of technological, operating characteristics of vehicles and systems; financing, management, institutional aspects. Paratransit. Short-range planning, operational strategies, revenue-fare structures. Service monitoring. Mode choice, transit demand relating to service. Computer-aided methods for planning, design of transit systems. Offered: Sp.
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CET 590 Traffic Systems Operations (3) Goodchild, McCormack
Operational planning, management of arterial and freeway traffic systems. Review of transportation system management strategies to achieve more efficient use of existing infrastructure, including improved and innovative traffic control systems and demand management policies, measures of effectiveness, impact assessment, traveler response. Introduction to use of relevant computer models and packages. Prerequisite: CEE 327. Offered: A.
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CET 591 Freight Transportation (3)
Overview of the technical and institutional aspects of transporting freight. Topics include the different modes of moving freight, the technology of transferring freight between modes at ports and terminals, issues that impact freight movement such as congestion and government regulation, and the future of freight mobility. Also covers regional freight demand modeling techniques. Offered: A.
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CET 593 Transportation System Analysis (3) X. Ban
Applications of mathematical models to model traffic flow on transportation system. Introduces graph theories of transportation networks, basic network flow methods, network equilibrium and pricing concepts. Discusses impact of emerging techniques (e.g., shared mobility) on transportation. Prepares students on transportation system analysis fundamentals for them to conduct more advanced research. Offered: Sp.
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CET 594 Travel Survey Methods (3) Q. Chen
Covers the entire process of data collection in transportation planning, including sampling, survey administration, questionnaire design, and post-survey processing. Both quantitative and qualitative data collection will be collected. Additionally, use of new technologies for data collection will also be included.
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CET 599 Special Topics in Transportation Engineering (1-5, max. 20)
Special topics in transportation engineering offered occasionally by permanent or visiting faculty members. Offered: AWSpS.
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