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BA RM 580 Applied Econometrics I (4)
Emphasizes the application of econometric methods rather than the mathematical proofs of statistical procedures. Introduction to the linear regression model, interpretation of summary statistics, bias and precision of regression estimates, analysis of the residuals, and hypothesis testing. Prerequisite: STAT 342 or STAT 395 or STAT 481, or permission of instructor.

BA RM 581 Applied Econometrics II (4)
Continuation of BA RM 580. Measurement errors, distributed lags, and simultaneous equation models. Prerequisite: BA RM 580.

BA RM 590 Behavioral Research Methods - Theory and Design (4)
Philosophy of science, development of scientific method, and meaning of behavioral research. Historical perspective of scientific investigation and the evaluation of research. The development of theory and its relationship to research. Various strategies and designs in behavioral research. Prerequisite: STAT 361, STAT 362, or permission of instructor.

BA RM 591 Behavioral Research Methods - Approaches and Applications (4)
Considers alternative research approaches, such as laboratory and field experimentation, simulation, and surveys, with data-gathering techniques appropriate for each approach. Primarily concerned with developing alternative approaches to research problems and with discussing specific applications. Builds upon a background of specific statistical tools and techniques and an understanding of theory development and research design. Prerequisite: STAT 361, STAT 362, or permission of instructor.