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ASTBIO 115 Astrobiology: Life in the Universe (5) NW
Introduction to the new science of astrobiology, study of the origin and evolution of life on Earth, and the search for microbial and intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. Designed for non-science, liberal arts majors. Offered: jointly with ASTR 115/BIOL 114/ESS 115/OCEAN 115.
MyPlan Course Details: ASTBIO 115 (student access only)

ASTBIO 501 Astrobiology Disciplines (4)
Review of research and subject matter relevant to astrobiology from within the disciplines of biology, astronomy, oceanography, atmospheric science, chemistry, planetary science, and geology.
MyPlan Course Details: ASTBIO 501 (student access only)

ASTBIO 502 Astrobiology Topics (4)
Investigation in detail of research topics of current interest.
MyPlan Course Details: ASTBIO 502 (student access only)

ASTBIO 550 Professional Development for Astrobiology (2)
Seminar in preparation for the academic job market; writing and reviewing grant proposals; building and managing interdisciplinary research teams; understanding the multiple career paths available in astrobiology; interdisciplinary teaching; and professional ethics. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ASTBIO 550 (student access only)

ASTBIO 575 Seminar in Astrobiology (1, max. 10)
Discussion of recent research in astrobiology. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ASTBIO 575 (student access only)

ASTBIO 576 Astrobiology Colloquium (1, max. 15)
Current research topics in astrobiology. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ASTBIO 576 (student access only)

ASTBIO 600 Independent Study or Research (*)
Study or research under the supervision of individual faculty members.
MyPlan Course Details: ASTBIO 600 (student access only)