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ARTSCI 121 Arts and Sciences: An Immersive Introduction (5) I&S/VLPA
Immersive introduction to the creative, collaborative, and problem solving skills of the arts and sciences disciplines, and the value and relevance of such skills to careers and life after graduation.
View course details in MyPlan: ARTSCI 121

ARTSCI 150 Arts and Sciences Learning Community (1, max. 6)
Small, faculty/staff-mentored learning community designed to emphasize connections across courses and majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, and connections to career and life after graduation. Credit/no-credit only.
View course details in MyPlan: ARTSCI 150

ARTSCI 300 Arts and Sciences Advanced Story Intensive (5/6) VLPA
Intensive program of team-based project work focusing on problem solving skills characteristic of arts and sciences disciplines.
View course details in MyPlan: ARTSCI 300

ARTSCI 301 "Story" in Contemporary Liberal Education (5) I&S
Social science approaches to the concept of "story," and its application to contemporary liberal education. Emphasis on team- and project-based work connecting the intellectual mission of a research university to career, citizenship, and goals after graduation. Offered: S.
View course details in MyPlan: ARTSCI 301

ARTSCI 310 Interdisciplinary Connections in Arts and Sciences (2, max. 4)
Informal discussion with faculty from across Arts and Sciences highlighting connections across disciplines and between research and the world outside the university. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: S.
View course details in MyPlan: ARTSCI 310