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ART 101 Narratives in Art and Design (5) VLPA
Introduces the practice of art and design through active participation in the space, activities, and resources of the Henry Art Gallery. Develops knowledge of the working methods and accomplishments of artists and designers and helps students translate conceptual ideas into creative solutions. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 101 (student access only)

ART 124 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art and Design (5) VLPA
Introduces three-dimensional concepts and a critical, formal vocabulary through exploration of the dependent relationship of visual, physical, and experimental principles involved in created three-dimensional art. Emphasizes exposure to a variety of physical materials, processes, and diverse approaches to designing and solving assignments and investigations.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 124 (student access only)

ART 126 Topics in Studio Art (5) VLPA
Studio-based class introducing students, through particular studio practice of individual instructors, to methods of visual awareness, principles of organization, and approaches to visual and conceptual observation. Relationship between art history and contemporary art practice. Artistic medium in each class varies with instructor expertise.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 126 (student access only)

ART 131 Alternative Approaches to Art and Design (5, max. 20) VLPA
Presentation of process through which artists discover and translate ideas, feelings, and concerns into images or objects. Use of a wide variety of methods and approaches, from traditional to technological, to promote visual expression. Discussion and critiques leading toward better understanding the creative process.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 131 (student access only)

ART 134 Concepts in Three-dimensional Art (5) VLPA
Exploration, study, and application of thematic concepts not generally associated with traditional three-dimensional art forms. Investigation of themes such as installation, performance, public, and socio-political art.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 134 (student access only)

ART 140 Basic Photography (5) VLPA
Introduces theory, techniques, and processes of still photography in an artistic context. Emphasizes photography's creative potential.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 140 (student access only)

ART 190 Introduction to Drawing (5) VLPA
Builds basic drawing skills, develops understanding of primary concepts which relate to drawing and develops an understanding of the grammar or syntax of two-dimensional language. Students move beyond their current knowledge and abilities and link new skills, concepts, and understandings to creative expressing.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 190 (student access only)

ART 191 Color Studies Studio (5) VLPA Lin
Examination of color as a distinct visual phenomenon with investigations of its practical, theoretical, and illusionary aspects. Employs various media and materials in exercises and compositions that demonstrate properties of color structure, symbolism, and perception and the potential application to art and design.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 191 (student access only)

ART 201 Introduction to Ceramics: Handbuilding (5) VLPA
Introduces a variety of ceramic handbuilding and surface processes with an emphasis on problem solving and self-expression. Includes examination of contemporary sculpture in clay.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 201 (student access only)

ART 202 Introduction to Ceramics: Wheel Throwing (5) VLPA
Introduces wheel throwing and glazing as a means to explore functional and conceptual considerations with clay in a contemporary context and art practice.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 202 (student access only)

ART 226 Introduction to Weaving (5) VLPA
Explores the structure of two- and three-dimensional textile forms. Students work with floor looms, computer-aided looms, as well as working directly with materials.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 226 (student access only)

ART 227 Introduction to Surface (5) VLPA
Basic techniques of dying, printing, and embellishing, with emphasis on their conceptual uses in art making.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 227 (student access only)

ART 232 Introduction to Glass: Flame-Working (5) VLPA
Introduces the materials of glass and its applications in the fine arts, Examines historical, technical, and contemporary practices involved in the practice and process of flame-working.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 232 (student access only)

ART 233 Introduction to Glass: Kiln-Forming (5) VLPA
Introduces the materials of glass and its applications in the fine arts. Examines historical, technical, and contemporary practices involved in the practice of kiln-firing.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 233 (student access only)

ART 234 History of Public Art and Public Space (5) VLPA Young
Survey of the melding of public art, architecture, and landscape architecture through the ages, starting with Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and Gothic cathedrals, and ending with contemporary earthworks, public art, and twenty-first century performance art.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 234 (student access only)

ART 240 Intermediate Photomedia I (5) VLPA
Includes studio projects examining the expressive and conceptual uses of alternative photographic materials and techniques. May include and introduction to photography, large format, and studio lighting. Prerequisite: ART 140.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 240 (student access only)

ART 241 Intermediate Photomedia II (5) VLPA
Introduces the creative use of photographic digital workflow in the processing, cataloging, and printing of camera generated digital imaging. Examines a variety of manipulations and transformation of both photographic and non-photographic imagery, involving multiple programs, procedures, and hardware (Macintosh platform). Prerequisite: ART 240.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 241 (student access only)

ART 242 Intermediate Photomedia III (5) VLPA
Covers topics in digital imaging, including specialized output, interactive presentations, the moving image, and web-based works. Emphasizes creative exploration of both software and hardware tools and the possibilities of integration with other art media. Prerequisite: ART 241.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 242 (student access only)

ART 245 Concepts in Printmaking (5) VLPA
Introduction to contemporary printing methods such as monotype, monoprint, stencil, and photocopy. Survey of historical and current approaches to the art of printmaking.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 245 (student access only)

ART 246 Works on Paper/Monotype (5) VLPA
Introduces contemporary imaging methods, expands traditional drawing methods, and encourages relationship of content to structure. Introduces relationship of printmaking and painting to drawing through monotype methods.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 246 (student access only)

ART 259 Water-Soluble Media (5, max. 15) VLPA
MyPlan Course Details: ART 259 (student access only)

ART 272 Introduction to Sculpture I (5) VLPA Taylor
Introduces three dimensional concepts in the production of art and a critical, formal vocabulary in the pursuit of individual expression. Uses a variety of techniques and processes including mold making and casting in the creation of sculpture in the forms of multiples, series, narrative, progressions, and identity.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 272 (student access only)

ART 273 Introduction to Sculpture II (5) VLPA Lynn
Introduces understanding the specific concepts and skills needed to construct and create structure driven in wood, steel, plastic, glass, rubber, fabric, and found object. Explores issues of materiality, form, object, scale, and connection.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 273 (student access only)

ART 280 Media, Time, and Technology Arts (5) VLPA
Develops a "new genre" attitude toward exploration and research in contemporary visual arts, based on computer/ human interface and electronic technology. Includes performance art, environmental art, sound art, light art, video art, interactive installation, kinetic art, conceptual art.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 280 (student access only)

ART 290 Beginning Drawing: The Figure (5) VLPA
Introduction to the human figure as historically traditional subject matter as well as an important component in self expression. Covers proportion, foreshortening, and composition. Prerequisite: ART 190.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 290 (student access only)

ART 291 Beginning Drawing Topics (5) VLPA
Revolving topics in the study of drawing at the beginning level.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 291 (student access only)

ART 292 Beginning Painting (5, max. 10) VLPA
Beginning oil painting. Prerequisite: ART 290.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 292 (student access only)

ART 327 Intermediate Surface Design Studio (5, max. 10) VLPA
Explores intermediate techniques used in the basic fiber media, surface design. Covers pattern development, expanded scale, visual clarity, and conceptual depth. Prerequisite: ART 227.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 327 (student access only)

ART 328 Intermediate Weaving (5, max. 15) VLPA
Explores more advanced techniques used in the basic fiber media, weaving and surface design. Technical focus of each class varies. Covers pattern development, expanded scale, visual clarity, and conceptual depth.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 328 (student access only)

ART 329 Topics in Fiber Art (5, max. 15) VLPA
Explores a range of special topics in fibers, including non-traditional materials and processes and interdisciplinary areas of interest within the field, while offering specific technical, hands-on training when appropriate. Emphasizes the development of the thematic content of the individual's work.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 329 (student access only)

ART 330 History of Textiles (5) VLPA
Overview of Western textiles from Coptic tapestry through industrialization. Discussion of textiles not only in aesthetic terms but also as cultural documents arising from, and reflecting, a broad range of societal pressures and concerns. Special topics in contemporary issues and non-Western textiles with emphasis on holdings in the University collection.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 330 (student access only)

ART 332 Intermediate Sculpture (5, max. 15) VLPA
Studio practice focusing on sculptural installation in architectural, urban, and natural settings; foundry, forging, and advanced fabrications; and movement, kinetics, and interaction. Prerequisite: ART 272; ART 273.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 332 (student access only)

ART 333 New Materials and Processes in Glass (5, max. 15) VLPA
Explores the process through which artists discover and translate ideas, feelings, and concerns into images or objects. Investigations include various glass forming methodologies and material properties. Topics rotate and may include mold-making, kiln casting, photo processes, mixed medial, cold fabrication, enamels, cold-working, hot glass practices, and sculptural applications. Prerequisite: ART 233; ART 272.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 333 (student access only)

ART 334 Public/Professional Art Issues (5, max. 15) VLPA Young
Topics vary, centering on issues of public art and professional practices.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 334 (student access only)

ART 335 Metal Casting (5, max. 15) VLPA
Introduction to foundry techniques as applied to fine arts casting of ferrous and nonferrous material. Prerequisite: ART 272.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 335 (student access only)

ART 338 Photography: Theory and Criticism (5) VLPA/I&S
Art traditions of photography from its origins in the nineteenth century to the present. Emphasis on photographic traditions and photographers of the twentieth century, and investigations of and research into local collections.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 338 (student access only)

ART 339 Photography (5) VLPA
Introduces a range of theories, ideas, techniques, and processes of still photography in a fine art context. Emphasizes photography's creative potential.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 339 (student access only)

ART 340 Advanced Photomedia (5, max. 15) VLPA
Explores the concepts and techniques of contemporary photographic practice, including non-traditional approaches to photography and related media. Explores 3-dimensional installation practices, collaborative projects, and the moving image. Examines the use and role of photography and related media in contemporary culture. Introduces how an artist's work responds to these contemporary issues. Prerequisite: ART 242. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 340 (student access only)

ART 345 Intermediate Printmaking (5, max. 25) VLPA
Development of mature and personal statement within context of the print form through studio practice and group discussion and critique. Processes and media emphasis varies on a revolving basis.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 345 (student access only)

ART 350 Printmaking Special Projects (5, max. 15) VLPA
In depth study of a printmaking method such as sequential printing, multi-block printing, white-ground aquaint, or sugar-lift aquatint.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 350 (student access only)

ART 351 Furniture Design and Making (5, max. 10) VLPA
Introduction to furniture design and making. Covers history of furniture from 1850 to present and includes hands-on learning resulting in design and fabrication of three unique tables. No previous experience required.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 351 (student access only)

ART 352 Furniture Design and Production (5, max. 10) VLPA
Hands-on woodworking and furniture production. Includes development of technique and collaboration with fabrication shops and design professionals. Uses design drawing, model building, and full-scale construction prototypes as tools of communication. End-of-term exhibit places work on public view.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 352 (student access only)

ART 353 Intermediate Ceramic Art (5, max. 20) VLPA
Explores a variety of ceramic processes and conceptual development including: press and slip molds, glaze formulation, multiples and installation, tiles and bricks, intermediate wheel, time, space, and scale. Prerequisite: ART 201.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 353 (student access only)

ART 355 Materials in Context for Interdisciplinary Practice (5) VLPA
Focuses on exploring the meanings, uses, and visual/sculptural potentials of both traditional and innovative new materials, both natural and man-made.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 355 (student access only)

ART 360 Topics in Studio Art and Practice (5, max. 25) VLPA
Examines a variety of cutting edge, emerging, and interdisciplinary approaches in studio art and practice. Topics vary.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 360 (student access only)

ART 361 Critical Issues in Contemporary Art (5, max. 15) VLPA
Surveys critical ideas in contemporary art practice. Includes lectures by nationally recognized artists to introduce a wide range of artistic positions and practices. Engages students with the major issues informing contemporary art and new modes of practice.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 361 (student access only)

ART 365 Social Practice (5) VLPA
Introduces overlapping territories of art and social practice, the practice of Socially Engaged Art. Focuses on environmentalism, consumerism, economies, society and culture, activism, and the place for creative practice in our contemporary life.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 365 (student access only)

ART 390 Intermediate Drawing (5, max. 10) VLPA
Prerequisite: ART 290.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 390 (student access only)

ART 391 Intermediate Drawing Topics (5) VLPA
Revolving topics in the study of drawing at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: either ART 290 or ART 291.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 391 (student access only)

ART 392 Intermediate Painting (5, max. 10) VLPA
Prerequisite: either ART 292.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 392 (student access only)

ART 393 Intermediate Painting Topics (5) VLPA
Revolving topics in the study of painting at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: ART 392.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 393 (student access only)

ART 395 The Creative Process: Strategies and Outcomes (5) VLPA
Explores the nature of the creative process in the visual arts. Focuses on experiential learning through projects of ideation, experimentation, problem solving, editing, and creating narrative meanings.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 395 (student access only)

ART 400 Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Senior Studio (5, max. 15) VLPA Labitzke
Focuses on the development of exhibition quality artwork, culminating in a group show. Covers curatorial issues, installation, and presentation. Assignments are designed to strengthen oral presentation skills, artist's written statement, critiquing abilities, and ability to place work within a larger art historical framework.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 400 (student access only)

ART 421 Video Art (5, max. 15) VLPA
MyPlan Course Details: ART 421 (student access only)

ART 427 Special Topics in Surface Design (5, max. 15) VLPA
Advanced art making in the field of surface design. Topics include improvisational silk screening, artists' books, and explorations of non-traditional approaches in surface design.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 427 (student access only)

ART 428 Senior Thesis in Fiber Arts (5, max. 20) VLPA
Specialized investigation involving surface design and/or fabric structures.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 428 (student access only)

ART 440 Senior Thesis in Photomedia (5, max. 20) VLPA
Development of a coherent artistic theme or topic evolved over three consecutive quarters resulting in a finished thesis portfolio. Prerequisite: ART 340.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 440 (student access only)

ART 450 Individual Projects in Printmaking (5, max. 15) VLPA
Individual media study within the context of group discussion and critique.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 450 (student access only)

ART 453 3D4M Senior Studio (5, max. 20)
Includes individual studio work, seminars, source presentations, field trips, professional practices, and culminates with the BFA thesis exhibition. Prerequisite: ART 332; ART 353; recommended: Minimum 15 credits of ART 332, ART 333, and ART 353.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 453 (student access only)

ART 457 Artist Handmade Books (5) VLPA
The creative and structural development of an artist's book. Focuses on issues of sequential imagery, conceptual development, and the relationship between work and image.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 457 (student access only)

ART 458 Alternative Approaches to Drawing (5) VLPA
Advanced works-on-paper class. Focuses on drawing issues such as formal process, working methods, conceptual development, and practical working applications.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 458 (student access only)

ART 490 Advanced Drawing (5, max. 15) VLPA
Study at an advanced level involving history, practice, and theory of drawing as an art form. Prerequisite: either ART 265 or ART 390.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 490 (student access only)

ART 491 Advanced Drawing Topics (5) VLPA
Revolving topics in the study of drawing at the advanced level. Prerequisite: either ART 390 or ART 391. Not open for credit to students having taken ART 490.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 491 (student access only)

ART 492 Advanced Painting: The Figure (5, max. 10) VLPA
Drawing and painting from the model. Prerequisite: ART 390; ART 393.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 492 (student access only)

ART 493 Advanced Painting Topics (5) VLPA
Revolving topics in the study of painting at the advanced level. Prerequisite: either ART 390 or ART 391; either ART 392 or ART 393.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 493 (student access only)

ART 494 Senior Seminar in Painting and Drawing (5, max. 15) VLPA
Development of individuality in painting through creative exercises. Prerequisite: ART 492.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 494 (student access only)

ART 496 Art Internship (1-5, max. 10)
Internships in conjunction with Art faculty and partners in the large visual arts community. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 496 (student access only)

ART 497 Study Abroad-Studio Individual Projects (3-10, max. 20) VLPA
MyPlan Course Details: ART 497 (student access only)

ART 498 Individual Projects - Art (2-5, max. 15)
Independent projects in studio art.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 498 (student access only)

ART 512 Graduate Seminar (3, max. 9)
MyPlan Course Details: ART 512 (student access only)

ART 515 Graduate Studio Photomedia (3-15, max. 60)
Photomedia graduate studio and seminar, including readings, discussions, and studio critiques.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 515 (student access only)

ART 540 Fiber Arts (3-15, max. 60)
MyPlan Course Details: ART 540 (student access only)

ART 550 Printmaking (3-15, max. 60)
MyPlan Course Details: ART 550 (student access only)

ART 553 3D4M Grad Studio (3-15, max. 60)
MyPlan Course Details: ART 553 (student access only)

ART 590 Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar in Contemporary Practices (5, max. 25)
Constructive forum for developing dialogue and critique in practicum-based setting. Professional development highlights the student's experience.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 590 (student access only)

ART 591 Graduate Studio: Drawing (5, max. 15)
Supervised studio for advanced-level students from various media-based disciplines designed to develop an interest in and familiarity with aspects of drawing. Utilization of various media. Discussion of historical and contemporary issues concerning drawing.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 591 (student access only)

ART 592 Graduate Studio: Painting (3-15, max. 60)
Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 592 (student access only)

ART 594 Graduate Seminar in Painting and Drawing (5, max. 15)
Designed as a forum for the presentation and criticism of student work as well as for discussion of contemporary directions in visual art. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 594 (student access only)

ART 595 Master of Fine Arts Research Project (2-5, max. 10)
An independent research project related to and informed by the MFA student's studio work. Final project form may be a lecture, slide presentation, or paper.
MyPlan Course Details: ART 595 (student access only)

ART 600 Independent Study or Research (*-)
MyPlan Course Details: ART 600 (student access only)

ART 700 Master's Thesis (*-)
MyPlan Course Details: ART 700 (student access only)