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ARCHY 101 Exploring Archaeology (5) I&S
Introduces perspectives from archaeology on the long term history of the diversity and the dynamics of human life. Examines how archaeologists gather and use data and how that information is relevant to contemporary society. Concepts and methods introduced through readings focus around a theme that varies such as environmental issues, warfare, and migration.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 101 (student access only)

ARCHY 105 The Human Past (5) I&S
Explores human cultural and biological evolution: how ancestors 2,500,000 years ago were like us but still different, Neanderthals and their extinction, social/economic revolutions from foraging to farming to "civilized" - progress, setbacks, failures, relationships with social and natural environments, and the role of technology. Examines the astonishing variety of adaptations humans have made.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 105 (student access only)

ARCHY 109 Archaeology in Film (5) I&S Marwick
Deals with depictions of archaeology by and for non-archaeologists and implication of those depictions at the intersection of archaeology, the human past, and popular culture.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 109 (student access only)

ARCHY 205 Principles of Archaeology (5) I&S
Techniques, methods, and goals of archaeological research. Excavation and dating of archaeological materials. General problems encountered in explaining archaeological phenomena.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 205 (student access only)

ARCHY 269 Special Topics in Archaeology (3-6, max. 12) I&S
Investigation of special topics in archaeology focusing on developing basic analytical, practical, and numerical skills.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 269 (student access only)

ARCHY 270 Field Course in Archaeology (12) I&S
Introduction to field acquisition of archaeological data through survey and excavation. On-going field projects; recovery and recording techniques.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 270 (student access only)

ARCHY 272 Short Field Course in Archaeology (5) I&S/NW
Learn how archaeologists detect human occupation on the landscape by surveying, excavating, and crating evidence of the past. Students learn from start to finish the process of archaeological field investigation. Location may change from year to year. Recommended: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 272 (student access only)

ARCHY 299 Archaeological Laboratory Techniques (1-3, max. 12) I&S
Laboratory procedures geared to one specific archaeological research project. Archaeological collection, its processing and curation, how archaeological materials are processed, and how significance is determined. No more than 5 credits may be used toward an anthropology major. Prerequisite: either ARCHY 105 or ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 299 (student access only)

ARCHY 303 Archaeology of Africa and Eurasia (5) I&S
Old World prehistory from beginnings of human culture to rise of civilizations. First tools made by humans, spread of humans out of Africa, origins of agriculture, rise of state society. Africa, Near East, Egypt, China, India, Europe.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 303 (student access only)

ARCHY 304 Archaeology of the Americas (5) I&S
History of earliest Americans, beginning with crossing of land bridge between Asia and North America and eventual spread over the Americas. Highlights prehistory and best examples of western hemisphere's civilizations. Mexico, Yucatan, Peru, southwestern and eastern United States, Washington.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 304 (student access only)

ARCHY 309 Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia (5) I&S Marwick
Covers the archaeology of mainland Southeast Asia from the first colonization by hominins to the appearance of written texts, especially in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Emphasizes methods of acquiring archaeological data and addressing current controversies about mainland Southeast Asia prehistory. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 309 (student access only)

ARCHY 319 Archaeology of Australia (5) I&S Marwick
Archaeology of Australia with an emphasis on understanding of the evidence and interpretation of both singular events and long-term processes in prehistory. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 319 (student access only)

ARCHY 325 Archaeology of Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific (5) I&S Lape
History of the human occupation of the South Pacific Islands, especially Indonesia, Philippines, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. Focus on current debates about human migrations, long distance maritime trade, political structures, culture contact, and colonialism. Emphasis on the analysis of the primary archaeological and documentary data. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 325 (student access only)

ARCHY 369 Special Problems in Archaeology (3-6, max. 12) I&S
Delineation and analysis of a specific problem or related problems in archaeology focusing on developing research and scholarly communication skills.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 369 (student access only)

ARCHY 371 Analysis of Archaeological Data (5) I&S
Analyzing archaeological data by measuring and describing such artifacts as stone tools and ceramics. Analysis of such environmental data as bones, plant remains, and sediments. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 371 (student access only)

ARCHY 372 Archaeological Field Recording Techniques (5) I&S
Teaches hands-on archaeological field techniques. Corequisite: ARCHY 373.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 372 (student access only)

ARCHY 373 Principles of Archaeological Field Recording (3) I&S Llobera
Provides students the theoretical, technical, and mathematical basis for using different recording and mapping devices (e.g. Total stations, DGPS, GIS) used in archaeology. Corequisite: ARCHY 372.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 373 (student access only)

ARCHY 377 Archaeology of the Artic (5) I&S Fitzhugh
Archaeological history of the circumpolar arctic and subarctic from Pleistocene to the nineteenth century. Variability in human adaptation and social change in extreme cold environments such as Eurasian tundra, North Pacific rim, Beringia, and North American high arctic. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 377 (student access only)

ARCHY 378 Prehistory of the Arid West (5) I&S Grayson
Archaeology of arid western North America, with particular emphasis on the earliest peoples of this region (and on the peopling of the New World in general), and on the prehistoric hunter-gathers of the Great Basin and Southwest. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 378 (student access only)

ARCHY 401 Archaeology of Human Origins (5) I&S Close
Early part of the prehistoric archaeological record in Africa and Eurasia, from >2,000,000 years ago until the spread of modern human beings; development of stone and bone technologies; ways of making a living; cultural adaptations; intellectual and social development. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 401 (student access only)

ARCHY 402 Archaeology and Social Difference (5) I&S, DIV Close
Examines case studies in prehistoric archaeological record for intersections of socially constructed differences including age, gender, and class. Contrasts past perceptions of difference with projection of modern differences backward to validate the present. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205; either ARCHY 105, ARCHY 303, or ARCHY 401.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 402 (student access only)

ARCHY 403 The Archaeology of Landscapes (5) I&S/NW Llobera
Study of landscapes in archaeology. Methods for landscape research: historic maps, diaries, aerial photographs, geophysical and satellite imagery, etc. Archaeological landscape surveys: principles and limitations. Review of various theoretical approaches. Examination of key case studies, issues on landscape heritage, and indigenous landscapes. Prerequisite: ARCH 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 403 (student access only)

ARCHY 465 Public Archaeology (5) I&S Lape
Examines archaeology as practiced, regulated, represented, and paid for in the world outside of academia. Reviews the development of cultural resource management laws in the context of other social changes, investigates archaeology job opportunities outside of academia, and discusses how the public learns about and funds archaeology. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 465 (student access only)

ARCHY 466 Archaeology Honors Thesis ([1-9]-, max. 18) I&S
Individual research under the direction of a thesis adviser, culminating in a senior honors thesis. Open only to upper-class students in departmental honors program.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 466 (student access only)

ARCHY 467 Research Ethics in Archaeology: Conservation, Accountability, and Stewardship (5) I&S Wylie
Advanced survey of ethics issues that arise in archaeology including: accountability to descendent communities; professional codes of conduct; response to looting and commercial exploitation of the record; and the implications of a conservation ethic and principles of stewardship for archaeological practice.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 467 (student access only)

ARCHY 469 Special Studies in Archaeology (3-6, max. 18) I&S
Consideration in detail of specific archaeological topics, either methodological or substantive in content, of current interest. Offered occasionally by resident, new, or visiting faculty. For advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 469 (student access only)

ARCHY 470 The Archaeology of Extinction (5) I&S Grayson
Uses archaeological and paleoecological data to examine the argument that prehistoric peoples caused vertebrate extinction, from the late Ice Age extinction of ground sloths and saber-toothed cats in North America to the extinction of moas in New Zealand some 500 years ago.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 470 (student access only)

ARCHY 480 Advanced Archaeological Analysis: Ceramics (6) I&S Feathers
Surveys history of ceramic studies in archaeology and introduces analytical methods involving ceramic function, style, unit construction and sampling, use wear, and trade and exchange. Laboratory provides hands-on experience with prehistoric ceramics, and applies various techniques for studying composition, form, manufacturing methods, and firing strategies. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 480 (student access only)

ARCHY 481 Zooarchaeology (6) I&S Grayson
Seminar on techniques and methods employed in analysis of faunal remains from a wide range of Pleistocene and Holocene settings, including archaeological sites, coupled with a laboratory focusing on identification of faunal remains from these settings. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 481 (student access only)

ARCHY 482 Geoarchaeology (3) I&S Marwick
Seminar on the identification, analysis, and interpretation of sediments and soils associated with archaeological remains. Covers geomorphology, geochemistry and geophysics in archaeology. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205; recommended: ARCHY 486, which may be taken concurrently.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 482 (student access only)

ARCHY 483 Analyses of Stone Artifacts (6) I&S Close
Current approaches to lithic analysis, including types of information obtainable (technological, functional, social, ideological) and constraints affecting the formation and analysis of lithic assemblages. Lectures interspersed with application of methods under discussion to individual artifacts and to assemblages. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 483 (student access only)

ARCHY 484 Archaeological GIS (5) I&S
Teaches students the basics of GIS through a series of hands-on tutorials using archaeological datasets, and provides them with a critical view of the application of this tool within the field of archaeology.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 484 (student access only)

ARCHY 486 Geoarchaeology Laboratory (3) I&S
Laboratory course covering a variety of geoarchaeological techniques, with experiments designed to illustrate major concepts. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205; ARCHY 482, which may be taken concurrently.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 486 (student access only)

ARCHY 489 Archaeology Practicum (2-9, max. 15) I&S
Faculty-supervised internships either on or off campus in organizations utilizing archaeological skills in academic or non-academic settings. Includes cultural resource management companies, government agencies, private non-profit organizations, tribal governments, and museums.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 489 (student access only)

ARCHY 490 Museum Curation Practicum: Archaeology (1-5, max. 15)
Application of museological training in curation of archaeological collections including ethnographic, geological, or zoological collection materials in the Burke Museum. Supervised work ranges from fundamental collection documentation and research to preventive conservation, storage, and other special curation projects:
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 490 (student access only)

ARCHY 495 Quantitative Archaeological Analytic Techniques (5) I&S
Introduction to quantitative approaches to archaeological problems; data screening, numeric methods of classification and identification, graphical and computer-based seriation techniques, and the analysis of spatial patterning in artifact distributions.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 495 (student access only)

ARCHY 499 Undergraduate Research (*, max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 499 (student access only)

ARCHY 501 Preceptorial Reading (6)
For beginning graduate students who have not had adequate training in the problems, principles, and methods involved in the reconstruction of prehistory. Not open to graduate students in the archaeology program.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 501 (student access only)

ARCHY 508 Histories of Archaeological Theory and Practice (5) Wylie
Advanced history of archaeological theories and traditions of research practice. Topics include the formation of scientific and humanistic research traditions in anthropological archaeology; comparative global histories of archaeology; object biographies and histories of craft practice in emerging research traditions; and critical histories of inequality and marginality in archaeology. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 508 (student access only)

ARCHY 509 Archaeology and Explanation (5) Marwick
Analytical and historical examination in archaeology and philosophy of science. Prerequisite: permission of instruction.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 509 (student access only)

ARCHY 520 Principles of Archaeological Theory (5)
Review of principles of archaeological theory. Student presentation of research on archaeological theory and seminar discussion or presentations. Open only to first-year graduate students in anthropology.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 520 (student access only)

ARCHY 525 Archaeology of Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific (5) Lape
History of the human occupation of the South Pacific Islands, especially Indonesia, Philippines, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. Focus on current debates about human migrations, long distance maritime trade, political structure, culture contact, and colonialism. Emphasis on the analysis of the primary archaeological and documentary data.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 525 (student access only)

ARCHY 560 Seminar in Archaeological Methods (5, max. 20)
Basis, limitations, and applications of a particular archaeological analytical method, or closely related set of methods. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 560 (student access only)

ARCHY 561 Dating Methods in Archaeology (6) Feathers
Theory and method of dating in archaeology. How archaeologists determine time, in both relative and absolute senses. Methodology of stratigraphy, seriation, radiocarbon dating, dendrochronology, obsidian hydration dating and other methods. Special emphasis on, and laboratory experience in, luminescence dating.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 561 (student access only)

ARCHY 570 Seminar in Archaeological Theory (3-6, max. 18)
Detailed consideration of a particular archaeological theory or closely related set of theories, including their methodological and epistemological bases. Prerequisite: ARCHY 497, ARCHY 498.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 570 (student access only)

ARCHY 572 Seminar in North American Archaeology (3, max. 6)
Selected problems in the archaeology of America north of Mexico. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 572 (student access only)

ARCHY 574 Meta-archaeology: Philosophy and Archaeology (4) Wylie
Examines philosophical issues raised in and by archaeology, including theories of explanation and model building, analyses of evidential reasoning and hermeneutic interpretation, debates about ideals of objectivity and about science and values. Recommended: ARCHY 570. Offered: jointly with PHIL 574; Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 574 (student access only)

ARCHY 575 Archaeological Field Research Design (6)
Nature of the archaeological record, and methods and techniques of field research, to illustrate range of data sources and modern techniques of general applicability. Practical experience in mapping, map interpretation, sampling design, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and research proposal writing. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 575 (student access only)

ARCHY 576 Designing Grant Proposals (5) Grayson
Design and writing of grant proposals for archaeological research at both dissertation and senior investigator levels, with particular emphasis on National Science Foundation structure and requirements. Prerequisite: upper-level graduate standing and permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 576 (student access only)

ARCHY 591 Advanced Field Course in Archaeology (6-9)
For students with previous field experience and graduate work in archaeology. Emphasis on decision making in field and project management. Prerequisite: ARCHY 497, ARCHY 498, ARCHY 571, and ARCHY 575 or permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 591 (student access only)

ARCHY 599 Teaching Archaeology (2-6, max. 12)
Provides instruction in archaeological pedagogy. Includes syllabus development, text selection, lesson planning and delivery, lab section planning, assessment and grading strategies, technological support, staff management, and troubleshooting.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 599 (student access only)

ARCHY 600 Independent Study or Research (*-)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 600 (student access only)

ARCHY 601 Internship (3-10, max. 10)
Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ARCHY 601 (student access only)