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ANTH 100 Introduction to Anthropology (5) I&S
Introduction to the subfields of archaeology, biocultural anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology through the examination of selected problems in human physical, cultural, and social evolution. Not recommended for students who have had other courses in anthropology, archaeology, or biocultural anthropology.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 100 (student access only)

ANTH 101 Exploring Sociocultural Anthropology (5) I&S D. HOFFMAN
Introduces perspectives from sociocultural anthropology on the diversity and the dynamics of collective human life. Examines how individual lives are shaped by broader social and cultural contexts, how people make meaning, and how power relations work. Introduces ethnography as a method for documenting and understanding social and cultural life.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 101 (student access only)

ANTH 150 Culture and Rights: Exploring the Meaning and Practice of Human Rights (5) I&S
Examines social justice issues with the aim of obtaining deeper understanding of human rights. Analyzes historical and theoretical foundations and introduces international and regional institutions designed to implement and enforce human rights. Case studies in sovereignty, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, genocide, torture, truth commissions, and forgiveness.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 150 (student access only)

ANTH 202 Principles of Sociocultural Anthropology (5) I&S
Comparison of life ways of various non-Western and Western peoples. Introduction to basic theories and methods used in the field.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 202 (student access only)

ANTH 203 Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics (5) VLPA/I&S
Linguistic methods and theories used within anthropology. Basic structural features of language; human language and animal communication compared; evidence for the innate nature of language. Language and culture: linguistic relativism, ethnography of communication, sociolinguistics. Language and nationalism, language politics in the United States and elsewhere. Offered: jointly with LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 203 (student access only)

ANTH 204 Reading Ethnography (5) I&S
Introduction to the descriptive and analytic literature of cultural anthropology. Extended examination of representative accounts of the lifeway of peoples from selected areas of the world with an emphasis on methods of observation and analysis.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 204 (student access only)

ANTH 206 The Cultural Animal (5) I&S/NW
Examination of the interaction between biology and culture in shaping human social behavior. Basic principles of natural selection, gene-environment interaction, cultural transmission, learning, and cultural evolution; application of these to various topics, including gender, violence, politics, kinship, and religion.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 206 (student access only)

ANTH 207 Class and Culture in America (5) I&S, DIV
Anthropological view of the contemporary United States with emphasis on social class. Through ethnographic readings examines education, work, political economy, working class experience and the ideology of the middle class, and relations between class and race, gender, ethnicity, language, place, sexuality, and culture.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 207 (student access only)

ANTH 208 The Culture Concept (5) I&S
History of the culture concept and its use in the field of cultural anthropology. History of its emergence in European colonial expansion and contemporary debates about its place as the central concept defining the field of anthropology.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 208 (student access only)

ANTH 209 Anthropology through Visual Media (5) VLPA/I&S S. WELLAND
Theories of culture and cultural variation, as seen and understood through visual media such as films, video, and photography.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 209 (student access only)

ANTH 210 Introduction to Environmental Anthropology (5) I&S S. HARRELL, D. PENA
Introduction to human/environment interactions from various anthropological perspectives. Intellectual history of anthropological approaches to environment, emphasizing the mutual interconnectedness of people and nature. Survey of evolutionary models; cultural ecology; systems approaches; indigenous knowledge; ethnoecology; nature and the state; political ecology; ecofeminism; and environmentalism.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 210 (student access only)

ANTH 211 Environmental Justice (5) I&S D. PENA
Examines introductory studies of environmental racism and ecological injustice in the United States and select areas of the world. Reviews environmental justice theories and methods applied to risk science, ecosystem management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development. Includes comparative studies of social movements for "eco-justice." Offered: jointly with AES 211/ENVIR 211.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 211 (student access only)

ANTH 213 Anthropology and Sport (5) I&S H. BARKER
Introduces theories, methods, and findings of sociocultural anthropology through a focus on sport. Considers sport as linked to identities, nationalism, gender, race, class, religion, and other issues. Explores cultural rituals of sport, potentials and obstacles to sport transcending social differences, and sport's role in education, youth development, and community building.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 213 (student access only)

ANTH 215 Introduction to Medical Anthropology and Global Health (5) I&S R. CHAPMAN
Explores influences of global processes on health of U.S. and other societies from a social-justice perspective. Emphasizes inter-relationships between cultural, environmental, social-economic, political, and medical systems that contribute to health status, outcomes, policies, and healthcare delivery. Focuses on health disparities within and between societies and communities around the world.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 215 (student access only)

ANTH 228 Identities: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Anthropology (5) I&S, DIV
An introduction to the study of race, class, gender, and sexuality in anthropology. Through ethnographic and theoretical readings, students are introduced to the concept of identity as intersectional construction and social performance.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 228 (student access only)

ANTH 233 Introduction to Language and Society (5) VLPA, DIV Evans, Wassink
Introduces the study of sociolects, the varieties of language that arise from differences in cultural and societal groups, often reflective of power inequalities. Raises awareness of the role that society and the individual play in shaping sociolects via the systematic observation and critical discussion of linguistic phenomena. Offered: jointly with COM 233/LING 233; A.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 233 (student access only)

ANTH 235 Global Feminist Art (5) VLPA/I&S
Introduces feminism as a way of thinking about visual art practice in terms of social hierarchy, aesthetic form, and ideology. Explores how feminist artists working in diverse locations and cultural traditions challenge, at the local and global level, artistic conventions and representations of gender, sexuality, race, class, and nationality. Offered: jointly with GWSS 235.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 235 (student access only)

ANTH 269 Special Topics in Anthropology (3-5, max. 10) I&S
Delineation and analysis of a specific problem or related problems in anthropology.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 269 (student access only)

ANTH 280 Cultures of Global Capital (5) I&S
Designed to introduce students to the study of cross-border phenomenon including global capital, migration, international philanthropy, and terrorism from an anthropological perspective. Introduces theories of globalization and the approaches anthropologists have taken in studying patterns of movement and circulation.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 280 (student access only)

ANTH 289 Identities: Service Learning (3) I&S
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 289 (student access only)

ANTH 301 Human Nature and Culture (3) I&S
Comparison of various anthropological perspectives on the sources of variation in customs, values, and beliefs of human groups, including non-Western peoples and contemporary Americans.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 301 (student access only)

ANTH 305 Anthropology of the Body (5) I&S
Surveys classic anthropological literature examining the relationship between culture and the body. Examines Euroamerican body culture historically. Explores how the body is represented in mass media and the effects this has on everyday body ideologies.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 305 (student access only)

ANTH 306 The Power of Representation: Pacific Islander Voices (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV M. KAHN
Focuses on how Pacific Islands and Islanders are being represented by Pacific Islander artists, writers, performers, poets, filmmakers, and scholars. By creatively challenging older dominant misrepresentations in ways these individuals are fashioning new identities that transform images and identities, as well as extend the boundaries of "the Pacific."
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 306 (student access only)

ANTH 307 U.S. Pacific Islander Contemporary Culture (5) I&S, DIV
Examines United States Pacific Islander culture as informed by Pacific history, social and cultural organization. Emphasis on understanding contemporary experience in the United States and other diaspora communities. Major themes include post-colonialism, migration, family, religion, politics, gender, education, and transnational identify. Recommended: either ANTH 202 or AES 151. Offered: jointly with AAS 300; Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 307 (student access only)

ANTH 310 Native North American Societies (5) I&S Smith
Traditional cultures of America north of Mexico, emphasizing diversity of North American Indian and Eskimo societies. Origins of Native-American culture areas and language groupings; subsistence systems; levels of social organization; European conquest and colonialism; and description of representative cultures from the ten culture areas. Recommended: ANTH 100.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 310 (student access only)

ANTH 311 The Cultural Politics of Diet and Nutrition (5) I&S A. ANAGNOST
Examines current debates within the United States about what dietary guidelines are optimal for human health; how changing conceptions of individual responsibility and political life are framing these debates; how social movements for food sovereignty are changing food practices: and how eaters define their ethics through food. Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 311 (student access only)

ANTH 312 Pacific Islands Literature (5) VLPA/I&S
Focuses on works written by Pacific Islanders (novels, short stories, plays, and poetry) since the 1970s. Explores colonialism and its effects on indigenous peoples. Examines discourses of gender, class, and cultural identity within the Pacific Islands region.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 312 (student access only)

ANTH 313 Peoples of Africa (5) I&S
Survey of the many cultures of pre- and post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa. Appreciation of the adaptability, strength, and creativity of African peoples. Recommended: ANTH 100.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 313 (student access only)

ANTH 314 Ethnography, Transnationalism, and Community in Island Southeast Asia/Asian America (5) I&S, DIV C. LOWE
Ethnographic exploration of the transformative processes of transnationalism in relation to identity and community formation in Southeast Asia and among Southeast Asian Americans. Experiential learning format concentrates on mini-ethnographic projects, field trips, and group presentations. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or one AAS/AES course. Offered: jointly with AAS 314.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 314 (student access only)

ANTH 315 Southeast Asian Civilization: Buddhist and Vietnamese (5) I&S C. KEYES
Civilizations of Theravada Buddhist societies in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos and in Vietnamese societies of Southeast Asia. Culture of tribal peoples who live on peripheries of these societies. Cultural transformations consequent upon the war in Indochina and resettlement of Indochinese refugees in United States. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 315.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 315 (student access only)

ANTH 316 Modern South Asia (5) I&S
Twentieth-century history and society of Indian subcontinent. Topics include nationalism, rural and urban life, popular culture, gender, and environmental politics. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 316.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 316 (student access only)

ANTH 317 Anthropology of Tibetan Civilization (5) I&S
Introduces the basic features of Tibetan society and culture, exploring how the global debate over Tibet's past, present, and future relates to contemporary concerns in anthropology, through the examination of Tibetan history, social and political organization, religion, and other cultural themes in both traditional and contemporary contexts.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 317 (student access only)

ANTH 318 Anthropology of Islam and Muslim Societies (3) I&S
Examines diverse expression and experiences of Islam from anthropological perspective. Considers Islam as a lived experience by emphasizing everyday lives of Muslims in context through ethnographic accounts. Covers range of issues including identity, rituals, gender, and political Islam. Prerequisite: one 200-level anthropology course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 318 (student access only)

ANTH 321 Comparative Religion (3) I&S
Anthropological approaches to religious experience and belief with emphasis on conceptual issues such as ritual, symbolism, identity, ecstatic experience, and revitalization movements in the context of globalization. Also addresses the diversity of religious expression in American culture and how that compares with other societies. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 321.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 321 (student access only)

ANTH 322 Comparative Study of Death (5) I&S
Death analyzed from a cross-cultural perspective. Topics include funerary practices, concepts of the soul and afterlife, cultural variations in grief, cemeteries as folk art, and medical and ethical issues in comparative context. American death practices compared to those of other cultures. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 320.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 322 (student access only)

ANTH 323 Human Rights Law in Culture and Practice (5) I&S, DIV A. OSANLOO
Introduces the complexities of issues surrounding human rights. Examines human rights concerns through critical analyses, taking into account legal, social, economic, and historical variables. Offered: jointly with LSJ 321.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 323 (student access only)

ANTH 330 Religion, Identity, and Cultural Pluralism (5) I&S, DIV
The role of religion in shaping personal and communal identity in a pluralistic society. Themes include current dimensions of American pluralism, effects of ethnicity, immigration, and electronic communication on building religious communities, and issues of conflict, violence, and reconciliation. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 329.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 330 (student access only)

ANTH 331 Native Art of the Pacific Northwest Coast (5) VLPA/I&S
Survey of the indigenous arts of the Pacific Northwest Coast from the Columbia River in the south to Southeast Alaska in the north. Overview of ancient through contemporary times, focusing on the historical and cultural contexts of the arts and the stylistic differences between tribal and individual artists' styles. Offered: jointly with ART H 331.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 331 (student access only)

ANTH 339 Social Movements in Contemporary India (5) I&S P. RAMAMURTHY
Covers issues of social change, economic development, and identity politics in contemporary India studied through environmental and women's movements. Includes critiques of development and conflicts over forests, dams, women's rights, religious community, ethnicity, and citizenship. Offered: jointly with GWSS 339/JSIS A 339.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 339 (student access only)

ANTH 341 Political Violence and the Post-Colonial State in South Asia (5) I&S, DIV
Examines theoretical approaches to the analysis of collective, state, and anti-state violence in post-colonial South Asia through the study of specific cases of political violence in modern India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 341.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 341 (student access only)

ANTH 345 Women and International Economic Development (5) I&S, DIV P. RAMAMURTHY
Questions how women are affected by economic development in Third World and celebrates redefinitions of what development means. Introduces theoretical perspectives and methods to interrogate gender and development policies. Assesses current processes of globalization and potential for changing gender and economic inequalities. Offered: jointly with GWSS 345/JSIS B 345.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 345 (student access only)

ANTH 349 Dance/Performance Ethnography (3) VLPA/I&S J. MCMAINS
Explores theoretical and practical experience in dance and performance ethnography, ethnology, and oral history. Introduces theories and methods of ethnographic fieldwork, ethnographic writing, and ethnologic analysis. Focuses primarily on dance. Also discusses methods and theories applicable to other physical practices such as music, theatre, sports, and performance arts. Offered: jointly with DANCE 350.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 349 (student access only)

ANTH 352 Buddhism and Society: The Theravada Buddhist Tradition in South and Southeast Asia (5) I&S
Religious tradition of Theravada Buddhism (as practiced in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia). Variations in ethical orientations developed through Theravada Buddhist ideas. Recommended: either JSIS C 202 or one eastern religions course. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 356.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 352 (student access only)

ANTH 353 Feminist Anthropology (5) I&S, DIV
Explores the history and contemporary practice of feminist ethnography at the interdisciplinary intersection of anthropology and gender studies. Examines how the inclusion of women, as subjects and researchers, has influenced anthropological knowledge production, and how the cross-cultural imperative of anthropology has influenced understandings of gender, sexuality, and race. Offered: jointly with GWSS 353; W.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 353 (student access only)

ANTH 356 Visual Anthropology (3) VLPA/I&S S. WELLAND
The place of photography and films in ethnography; their use in the documentation and interpretation of cultural and social systems.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 356 (student access only)

ANTH 358 Culture and Cognition (5) I&S/NW
Surveys anthropological theories and research on the relationship between language, thought, and behavior. Examines the influence of cultural inheritance on perception, classification, inference, and choice. Describes relevant cross-cultural research methods and evaluates theoretical models used by cognitive anthropologists. Prerequisite: either ANTH 203, LING 203, or PSYCH 355.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 358 (student access only)

ANTH 359 Linguistic Ethnography (5) I&S
Language use in cultural contexts. How language reflects world view. Language use in culturally significant settings. Analyzes sets of culturally specific terms in semantic domains. Includes projects demonstrating application of theory and method to data addressing specific problems. Workshop format.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 359 (student access only)

ANTH 360 Anthropology of Popular Culture (5) I&S L. BILANIUK
Analysis of the forces that shape popular culture. Examination of the local meanings of global trends in music, clothing, and leisure activities through case studies around the world. Students learn ethnographic methods and conduct an original research project. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 360 (student access only)

ANTH 361 Anthropology of Food (5) I&S
Explores how foods reproduce social relations, the meanings food acquires within culture, how food systems are intertwined with structures of power and economic inequality, national cuisines and restaurant cultures, the global marketing of foods, controversies surrounding GMO foods, and alternative food communities. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 361 (student access only)

ANTH 362 Anthropology of Tourism (5) I&S M. KAHN
Anthropological approaches to tourism. Debates about cultural encounters and cultural change, authenticity, economic development, social inequalities, identity, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and cultural representation. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 362 (student access only)

ANTH 368 Mythical Figures and Cultural Formations (3) I&S
Anthropological perspective on the social and cultural formation of a variety of mythical figures. Examines their emergence and historical specificity, cultural meaning, and social implications. Emphasizes narrative in considering how contemporary institutions and public perceptions of danger are shaped by notions of "character" and the "monstrous."
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 368 (student access only)

ANTH 369 Special Problems in Anthropology (3-5, max. 10) I&S
Delineation and analysis of a specific problem or related problems in sociocultural anthropology.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 369 (student access only)

ANTH 370 Han Chinese Society and Culture (5) I&S S. HARRELL
Themes in the society and culture of the Han Chinese people. Concepts of self; personal interaction; family, gender, and marriage; communities and the state; religion and ritual; class, social categories, and social mobility; culturalism, nationalism, and patriotism. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 370.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 370 (student access only)

ANTH 371 Anthropology of Development (5) I&S
Development refers to social, economic, cultural, political transformations viewed as progress. Studied from anthropological perspectives. Historical, social context for emergence of ideas of development. Role of development in promoting national cultures. Impact of development on individual citizenship, families, rural-urban relations, workers, business, environment. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course. Offered: jointly with ENVIR 371.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 371 (student access only)

ANTH 373 Labor, Identity, and Knowledge in Healthcare (5) I&S J. TAYLOR
Presents anthropological perspectives on provision of healthcare as a complex social phenomena. Examines division of labor, and how social groups come to occupy particular positions. Considers how knowledge and skills are gained, how they are recognized and valued, and may become sources of identity. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 373 (student access only)

ANTH 374 Narrative, Literature, and Medical Anthropology (5) I&S J. TAYLOR
Introduces anthropological perspectives on the workings of narrative in illness, healing, and medicine. Considers writings in medical anthropology alongside other genres of writing about similar topics. Readings include memoirs and fiction as well as scholarly articles.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 374 (student access only)

ANTH 375 Comparative Systems of Healing (5) I&S
Introduction to the anthropological study of healing. Examines local approaches to healing, considering their similarities and differences, and addresses their place within global systems. Includes anthropological theories of healing.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 375 (student access only)

ANTH 376 Anthropology of Disability (5) I&S
Introduces anthropological perspectives on disability. Considers disability as produced through the interaction of bodily impairments with social structures, political economies, cultural norms and values, individual and group identities, institutional orders, medical practices, assistive technologies, and other factors. Considers ethnographic studies of disability in international as well as U.S. settings.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 376 (student access only)

ANTH 380 Subject, Person, Place: Introduction to Social Theory (3) I&S
Introduces contemporary critical thinkers in anthropology. Includes works on governmentality and discipline; politics and bare life; race and recognition; gender and embodiment; and capitalism and subjectivity. Develops an understanding of how contemporary theory frames anthropology and skills in critical spoken and written analysis.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 380 (student access only)

ANTH 399 Junior Honors Seminar (5) I&S
Teaches skills required to write senior Honors thesis, including evaluation of academic and scientific writing, formulation of problem, collection of bibliographic and other resources, evaluation of research proposals, and research proposal preparation. Final product is a formal thesis prospectus.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 399 (student access only)

ANTH 403 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology (5) I&S H. BARKER
Introduces qualitative research methods of anthropology, and data generated. Methods covered include interviewing, focus groups, participant-observation, discourse analysis, and use of visual materials. Addresses ethics as relevant to every phase of research. Explores methods through focus on a specific thematic topic, which varies from year to year. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 403 (student access only)

ANTH 404 South America (5) I&S
Survey of anthropological research among the traditional peoples of South America. Historical background and contemporary life of cultural groups of the Amazonian Basin. Transformation of traditional lifestyles through the process of European conquest and the aftermath of colonialism. Detailed study of selected societies. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 404 (student access only)

ANTH 406 China's Environment (5) I&S S. HARRELL
Analysis of contemporary environmental problems in China, including population, food, water supply, pollution, biodiversity, and environmental activism. Combines natural science and social science perspectives. Prerequisite: either ANTH 210, ENVIR 201, JSIS 200, JSIS 201, or JSIS 202. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 406.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 406 (student access only)

ANTH 407 Global Futures in East Asia (5) I&S A. ANAGNOST
Explores interlinked modernity projects in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan and how the education of youth figures in projects of national development and international economic competition. Recommended: prior courses in socio-cultural anthropology and East Asian studies. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 407; AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 407 (student access only)

ANTH 410 Growing Stuff: Ecology, Economy, and Culture of Resource-Production Ecosystems (5) I&S S. HARRELL
Examines the connections between ecological, economic, and cultural aspects of local ecosystems that produce natural resources, through three case studies involving reading, writing, class discussion, and three required Saturday or weekend field trips. Case studies may include forest products, seafood, dairy products, biofuels, orchard crops, or others. Recommended: ENVIR 350; either ANTH 210 or ESRM 201. Offered: jointly with ENVIR 410/ESRM 405.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 410 (student access only)

ANTH 411 The Culture and Politics of Food: Study Abroad in Italy (8-12) I&S
Study Abroad program at the UW Rome Center focusing on the organization, politics, economy, and culture of the local food system at increasing scales of analysis: the city of Rome, the region of Lazio, the nation of Italy, the European Union, and the world.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 411 (student access only)

ANTH 412 South Asian Social Structure (5) I&S
Examines caste, class, and community in modern India. Transitions from colonial typology to analysis of social change, diversity, stability, and caste hierarchy in rural society. Current debates on class and community in Indian society, rural and urban, explored through themes of identity, structure, and mobility. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 412.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 412 (student access only)

ANTH 413 Anthropology of the Modern Middle East and North Africa (5) I&S
Presents an anthropological perspective on social/cultural aspects of contemporary Middle East and North Africa. Explores how anthropologists examine key issues in region including identity, politics, economics, religion, and conflict. Considers how ethnographic representations challenge assumptions about people's politics of region and elucidate contemporary manifestations of local, national, regional, and global power.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 413 (student access only)

ANTH 414 Applied and Public Anthropology (5) I&S H. BARKER, R. CHAPMAN
Considers the practical application of anthropology's methods and theories to the challenges and research needs of communities and organizations. Concentrates on a specific topic each quarter. Includes a required service-learning component that helps students connect classroom learning beyond the University.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 414 (student access only)

ANTH 415 Anthropology and International Health (5) I&S R. CHAPMAN, J. TAYLOR
Explores international health from medical anthropological perspective, focusing on serious health problems facing resource-poor societies around the globe and in the United States. Develops awareness on political, socio-economic, ecological, and cultural complexity of most health problems and anthropology's consequent role in the field of international health. Prerequisite: ANTH 215.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 415 (student access only)

ANTH 416 Comparative Social Movements: Mexico and the United States (5) I&S, DIV D. PENA
Historical, ethnographic, and theoretical perspectives in the study of Mexican-origin communities in social movements in Mexico and the United States with a focus on workers, immigrants, peasants, women, indigenous peoples, and students as forces of collective mobilization and social, cultural, and political change. Offered: jointly with CHSTU 416.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 416 (student access only)

ANTH 418 Indian Heritage of Mexico and Central America (5) I&S, DIV
Indian civilizations of Mexico and Guatemala, their origins and ecological foundations. Contemporary communities of Mexico and Guatemala, focusing on creative adaptation of pre-Columbian traditions to modern national realities. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 418 (student access only)

ANTH 419 Collective Memory and Violence (5) I&S
Present perspectives on cultural aspects of collective memory and relationship to violence. Explores how memories shape meaning of identity and community and influence contemporary conflict. Considers representations of the past in relation to collective violence, suffering, and trauma, including genocide. Considers relationship between memory and potential for justice and peace.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 419 (student access only)

ANTH 420 The Social Life of Psychiatry (5) I&S
Anthropological perspective on social and cultural aspects of contemporary psychiatry. Explores psychiatry as a social practice, an arena for competing cultural assumptions about mental illness and treatment, and a source of diagnostic categories and interpretive methods that influence larger society. Considers how psychiatry influences and is influenced by the cultural history of Europe and the United States.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 420 (student access only)

ANTH 421 Belief, Ritual, and the Structure of Religion (5) I&S
Systematic survey of concepts, models, and theories that characterize the anthropological study of religion. Consideration of the human universal basis of religion and of diverse ways in which religions are constructed and related to social experience. Prerequisite: either ANTH 321 or JSIS C 201; JSIS C 202.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 421 (student access only)

ANTH 422 Peoples and Cultures of Central and Inner Asia (5) I&S
Introduces Central and Inner Asia with a multidisciplinary, comparative survey of the cultures and societies of contemporary China's Inner Asia (Mongolia, Xinjiang-Eastern Turkestan, Tibet, and Manchuria), the contemporary Muslim Central Asian republics (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan), and the adjacent areas of Afghanistan and Iran. Offered: jointly with JSIS D 472/NEAR E 472.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 422 (student access only)

ANTH 423 Traffic Across Cultural Boundaries (5) I&S
Focuses on the movement of cultural patterns and processes across boundaries, examining the "contact zones" in colonial encounters, moving to borrowing and blendings along ethnic and national borders. Examines border crossing of immigration and diasporas. Ethnographic examples from the Americas and Africa. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 423 (student access only)

ANTH 424 Hunter-Gatherer Societies (4) I&S
Comparative examination of human foraging societies, emphasizing ethnographic cases and socioecological analysis. Foraging and human evolution; rationality of foraging societies; population and reproductive strategies; variability in social organization and land use; power relations between the sexes; ritual and belief; contemporary status of hunter-gatherer populations. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 424 (student access only)

ANTH 425 Anthropology of the Post-Soviet States (5) I&S L. BILANIUK
Analysis of Soviet and post-Soviet culture and identity. Historical transformations in Soviet approaches to ethnicity and nationality; contemporary processes of nation building and interethnic conflict. Examination of culture through the intersection of social ritual, government policies, language, economic practices, and daily life. Regional focus varies. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 427.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 425 (student access only)

ANTH 427 Anthropology in Urban Settings (3) I&S
Cross-cultural examination of theoretical issues in anthropology as studied in urban places. Focuses on ethnic identity and the formation of urban ethnic groups; migration and its rural and urban consequences; family and kinship organization as an adaptation to urban complexity; the nature of urban voluntary associations; law and politics; and the developments in anthropological method. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 427 (student access only)

ANTH 428 Anthropological Perspectives on Ethnicity (5) I&S, DIV
Anthropological approaches to ethnicity and ethnic group relations with reference to other models including race, caste, class, regional groupings, nations, religion, and stratification. Data drawn from precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial periods. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 428 (student access only)

ANTH 429 Expressive Culture (5) VLPA S. WELLAND
Anthropological view of one expressive aspect of culture: plastic and graphic arts, myth and folktale, music, dance, humor and tragedy, or play and games. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 429 (student access only)

ANTH 430 The Anthropology of Music (3) VLPA/I&S
Analysis of aspects of anthropological thought influential in ethnomusicology. Critical evaluation of dominant theoretical schools and modes of explanation, e.g., evolutionist, diffusionist, historical particularist, structuralist, functionalist, symbolist, and semiotic, through detailed examination of seminal texts. Offered: jointly with MUSIC 480.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 430 (student access only)

ANTH 432 Sociolinguistics I (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV Evans, Wassink
Interrelationships between social and linguistic factors influencing variation in speech production and perception, morphology, syntax, lexicon. Considers contribution of ethnic, regional and socioeconomic group memberships to dialect differentiation and progression of language change. Nonstandard language, diglossia, pidgins, creoles, gender differences, bi- and multilingualism, ethnography of speaking, pragmatics, and language attitudes. Prerequisite: either LING 200 or LING 400; recommended: prior or concurrent registration in LING 450. Offered: jointly with LING 432.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 432 (student access only)

ANTH 433 Sociolinguistics II (5) VLPA/I&S Wassink
Examines field methods linguists use in socially oriented studies of language variation and change. Includes language attitudes, study of urban dialects, syntactic variation, sampling and interview design. Discussion of issues related to recording, ethics, and analysis of large bodies of data. Prerequisite: LING 432. Offered: jointly with LING 433.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 433 (student access only)

ANTH 435 Economic Anthropology (5) I&S
Chief features of nonmonetary and simple monetary economics. Impact of central or metropolitan market economy and industrial technology as peripheral systems, especially of small-scale and limited monetary circulation. Development and application in anthropology of economic concepts, including Marxian. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 435 (student access only)

ANTH 437 Political Anthropology and Social Change (5) I&S
Study of politics from different anthropological perspectives, especially processual approaches to political change. Focused examination of cultural aspects of modern state formation in local and regional contexts. Themes: colonialism and nationalism, regime and transitions, local politics and global processes, social construction of bureaucracy. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 437 (student access only)

ANTH 439 Pidgin and Creole Languages (5) VLPA/I&S Wassink
Explores aspects of the linguistic structure, history, and social context of pidgin and creole languages. Creolization as one possible outcome of language contact. Examines theories of creole genesis, similarities and differences between creole and non-creole languages. Prerequisite: either ANTH 203, LING 200, LING 201, LING 203, or LING 400. Offered: jointly with LING 430.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 439 (student access only)

ANTH 442 Global Asia (5) I&S S. WELLAND
Explores how Asia has been constructed through transnational interactions such as imperialism, anti-colonialism, tourism, diaspora, and global capitalism. Topics include the cultural construction of similarity and difference, politics of representation, and political economy of global circulations of people and things. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course. Offered: jointly with GWSS 446/JSIS A 452; W.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 442 (student access only)

ANTH 443 Anthropology of Modern Japan (5) I&S
Examines the problem of modernity in Japan since the late nineteenth century, with emphasis on contemporary Japan. Critically addresses previous anthropological work concerning patterns of Japanese "culture." Particular focus on the influence of modern forms of power, media, and exchange in the construction of present-day Japan. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 449.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 443 (student access only)

ANTH 444 Politics of Representation in Modern China (5) I&S A. ANAGNOST
Focuses on issues of representation and power in twentieth century China. Combines substantive information on modern Chinese society and culture with recent debates in social theory and the politics of representation. Major themes include Chinese nationalism, body politics, popular culture, and everyday practice. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 403.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 444 (student access only)

ANTH 445 Literature and Society in Southeast Asia (5, max. 10) VLPA/I&S C. LOWE
Focus on either Vietnam or Thailand. Provides students with opportunity to explore how those living in Southeast Asia have reflected on the radical social changes their societies have undergone through novels, short stories, and poetry. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 447.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 445 (student access only)

ANTH 446 Class and Culture in East Asia (5) I&S, DIV
Examines the nexus between culture and systems of social stratification/class in East Asia, with an emphasis on Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China. Topics include class formation, mechanisms of social mobility and reproduction, markers of status and hierarchy, resistance, and the formation of class identity. Offered: jointly with JSIS D 443.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 446 (student access only)

ANTH 448 Modern Korean Society (5) I&S Sorensen
Social organization and values of twentieth-century Korea. Changes in family and kinship, gender relations, rural society, urban life, education, and industrial organization since 1900. Differences between North and South Korea since 1945. Recommended: HSTAS 212/JSIS A 212. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 448.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 448 (student access only)

ANTH 449 Social Transformation of Modern East Asia (5) I&S Sorensen
Comparative study of social change in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam since 1945. Concentration on small-scale social units in rural and urban areas under both communist and capitalist political systems. Recommended: two history or anthropology of East Asia courses. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 405.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 449 (student access only)

ANTH 450 Language and Gender (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV L. BILANIUK
Survey of the theoretical trends, methods, and research findings on the relationship between language and gender. Focus on power relations in gendered language use. Extensive study of research based on conversational analysis. Prerequisite: LING 200; either LING 201, LING 203, or ANTH 203. Offered: jointly with GWSS 450/LING 458.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 450 (student access only)

ANTH 452 Explorations in Biopower (5) I&S S. AMRUTE, A. ANAGNOST, C. LOWE
Explores Foucault's concept of biopower - power organized around life - from the perspectives of its theoretical mediations and its anthropological interventions. Looks at specific descriptions of what biopower is and ethnographic extensions of the concept to particular settings and experiences taking place within the modern state.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 452 (student access only)

ANTH 453 Culture, Controversy, and Change: The Case of Female Circumcision (3) I&S B. DUNCAN
With female circumcision and its surrounding debates as "a tool to think with," develops a number of skills: identifying stakeholders and rhetoric in loaded debates, assessing opposing arguments, critically evaluating scientific evidence, and situating controversial issues in their proper political, historical, social, and cultural contexts.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 453 (student access only)

ANTH 454 Women, Words, Music, and Change (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Comparative analysis of use of myths, tales, music, and other forms of expressive culture to account for, reinforce, and change women's status and roles. Recommended: GWSS 353. Offered: jointly with GWSS 454.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 454 (student access only)

ANTH 455 Areal Linguistics (3, max. 6) VLPA/I&S
Issues involved in classification of languages. Systems of classification based on structure, word order, areal features. Ways in which languages may be classified for different purposes. Processes such as borrowing, vocabulary specialization, lexical change, and language death and revival. Prerequisite: either LING 200, LING 201, ANTH/LING 203, or LING 400. Offered: jointly with LING 455.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 455 (student access only)

ANTH 456 Contemporary Ethnography (5) I&S
Discusses several contemporary ethnographies. Focuses on what constitutes ethnography and how ethnography is done, as well as the relationship between ethnographic description, methodology, and theory. Covers a range of geographical areas, theoretical perspectives, and literary styles.. Prerequisite: either a 100- 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 456 (student access only)

ANTH 457 Ecological Anthropology (5) I&S
Survey of anthropological research on interaction between human societies and their environments. Logic of different subsistence systems; intensification and transformation of subsistence strategies; population regulation; ecological aspects of human nutrition, disease, spatial organization, ethnicity, social stratification, conflict, and cooperation; historical roots of current ecological crisis.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 457 (student access only)

ANTH 458 Ethnobiology: Plants, Animals, and People (5) I&S E. HUNN
Culturally mediated relationships between human and natural environment studied in a comparative and evolutionary framework. How do peoples in diverse cultures recognize and name plants and animals and understand their relationship with nature? How is this traditional ecological knowledge applied in people's daily lives? Prerequisite: either BIO A 201, ARCHY 205, or one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 458 (student access only)

ANTH 459 Culture, Ecology, and Politics (5) I&S D. PENA
Critical studies of class, gender and race differences in environmental politics. The political-economic dimensions of ecological change. Contemporary environmental movements including the varieties of bioregionalism, deep ecology, ecofeminism, ecosocialism, environmental justice, and social ecology. Offered: jointly with ENVIR 459.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 459 (student access only)

ANTH 460 History of Anthropology (5) I&S
Sources and development of leading concepts, issues, and approaches in anthropology. Findings of anthropology in relation to scientific and humanistic implications and to practical application. Main contributors to field; their work and influence. Past, present, and future perspectives, including anthropology of modern life.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 460 (student access only)

ANTH 461 Historical Ecology (5) I&S/NW J. FITZHUGH, S. HARRELL
Explores a global range of case studies in the historical dimension of the environment, human adaptation, and cultural change. Investigates the co-evolution of environment and culture in archaeological and historical contexts. Develops a better understanding of modern human-environmental dynamics as historically situated. In
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 461 (student access only)

ANTH 463 Critiques of Contemporary Capitalism (5) I&S
Karl Marx inaugurated radical reworkings of both social theory and political action. Begins with some of his seminal writings, then considers the Frankfurt School, British labor theory, and postcolonial theory. Uses these readings to understand economy and subjectivity produced through the aporias of late capitalism. .
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 463 (student access only)

ANTH 464 Language Politics and Cultural Identity (3) VLPA/I&S L. BILANIUK
Theories and case studies of the power of language and how it is manipulated. Multilingualism, diglossia. Role of language and linguistics in nationalism. Standardization, educational policy, language and ethnicity. World languages, language death and revival. Prerequisite: either LING 200, LING 201, ANTH/LING 203, or LING 400. Offered: jointly with LING 464.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 464 (student access only)

ANTH 465 Critical Anthropology of Mass Culture (5) I&S
Critical overview of theories of mass culture and their relationship to current anthropological practice. Analyses of the historical interconnections among capitalism and commodity fetishism, modernity and representation, and media and consumption.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 465 (student access only)

ANTH 466 Anthropology Honors Thesis ([1-9]-, max. 18) I&S
Individual research under the direction of a thesis adviser, culminating in a senior honors thesis. Open only to upper-class students in departmental honors program.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 466 (student access only)

ANTH 467 Anthropology of Education (5) I&S
Uses a wide range of social theory and philosophy to investigate mechanisms which reproduce inequality and asymmetry in American education.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 467 (student access only)

ANTH 468 Anthropology of Care (5) I&S J. TAYLOR
Introduces the anthropology of care, with an emphasis on ethnographic studies of care practices. Considers how care practices generate patterns of relationality and visions of the human. Explores where caring happens, who is involved in care, what counts (or does not count) as deserving of care, and how politics shapes care.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 468 (student access only)

ANTH 469 Special Studies in Anthropology (3-5, max. 15) I&S
Delineation and analysis of a specific problem or related problems in anthropology. Offered occasionally by visitors or resident faculty.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 469 (student access only)

ANTH 470 Minority Peoples of China (5) I&S, DIV S. HARRELL
Interaction between China and the peoples of its periphery, including inner Asia, Tibet, northern mainland Southeast Asia, and aboriginal peoples of Taiwan. Emphasis on ethnicity, ethnic group consciousness, and role of the Chinese state. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course; LING 203; either ANTH 370/JSIS A 370 or HSTAS 454. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 470.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 470 (student access only)

ANTH 471 Colonialism and Culture (5) I&S
Explores the cultural, political, and historical implications of the power to colonize. Readings include ethnographic, historical, and literary works on colonialism, nationalist responses, and postcolonial positions.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 471 (student access only)

ANTH 472 Case Studies in Medical Anthropology and Global Health (5) I&S
Uses multidisciplinary case studies to analyze quantitative parameters of diseases; contrast the description and analytic approaches of health sciences, anthropology, and other social sciences; integrate divers disciplinary perspectives into cohesive information; organize class presentations; and apply critical thinking in approaches to complex health issues. Offered: Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 472 (student access only)

ANTH 473 Anthropology of Science and Technology (5) I&S/NW C. LOWE
Introduces the study of science and technology as social and cultural phenomena. Considers both theoretical and methodological questions. Readings include key texts from interdisciplinary field of science studies as well as selected ethnographic texts. Examples taken from U.S. society and other local contexts. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 473 (student access only)

ANTH 474 Social Difference and Medical Knowledge (5) I&S J. TAYLOR
Explores relations between medical and social categories: how social differences become medicalized; how medical conditions become associated with stigmatized social groups; and how categories become sources of identity and bases for political action. Considers classifications (race, gender, sexuality, disability) and how each has shaped and/or been shaped by medical science/practice.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 474 (student access only)

ANTH 475 Perspectives in Medical Anthropology (5) I&S J. TAYLOR
Introduction to medical anthropology. Explores the relationships among culture, society, and medicine. Examples from Western medicine as well as from other medical systems, incorporating both interpretive and critical approaches. Offered: jointly with HSERV 475.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 475 (student access only)

ANTH 476 Culture, Medicine, and the Body (5) I&S
Explores the relationship between the body and society, with emphasis on the role of medicine as a mediator between them. Case study material, primarily from contemporary bio-medicine, as well as critical, postmodern, and feminist approaches to the body introduced within a general comparative and anthropological framework.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 476 (student access only)

ANTH 477 Medicine in America: Conflicts and Contradictions (3) I&S
Introduction to the pragmatic and theoretical dilemmas of current biomedical practice with emphasis on social and cultural context. Case studies in technological intervention, risk management, and other health-related issues used to explore connections among patients' experiences, medical practices, and the contemporary social context.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 477 (student access only)

ANTH 478 Introduction to the Anthropology of Institutions (5) I&S L. RHODES
Historical, theoretical, and ethnographic perspectives on the study of total institutions, with an emphasis on prisons and psychiatric facilities. Includes issues of subjection and subjectivity, institutional social dynamics, and social justice concerns.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 478 (student access only)

ANTH 479 Advanced Topics in Medical Anthropology (3-5, max. 15) R. CHAPMAN, L. RHODES, J. TAYLOR
Explores theoretical and ethnographic advanced topics in medical anthropology. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 479 (student access only)

ANTH 483 Africa Living with HIV/AIDS (5) I&S R. CHAPMAN
Examines the epidemiological, historical, political-economic, and social-cultural dimensions of Africa living with HIV/AIDS and the current challenges and debates in international HIV/AIDS policy and programming. Various approaches and analytical models help students grasp the complicated and multiple effects, responses, conditions, and debates surrounding the African HIV/AIDS pandemic.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 483 (student access only)

ANTH 484 Ideologies and Technologies of Motherhood (5) I&S, DIV
Examines how motherhood is culturally constituted, regulated, and managed within various ideological and technological milieus. Uses ethnographies from anthropology and case studies from feminist legal theory. Topics include slave mothers, surrogate mothers, lesbian mothers, transracial mothers, co-mothers, teen mothers. Prerequisite: GWSS 200. Offered: jointly with GWSS 458.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 484 (student access only)

ANTH 487 Cultures and Politics of Environmental Justice (5) I&S, DIV D. PENA
Comparative survey of environmental justice movements in the world with focus on critical studies of environmental racism, risk, and sustainable development. Provides theoretical knowledge and research methods incorporating the study of equity and autonomy in environmental impact and risk assessment and other aspects of environmental policy politics. Offered: jointly with AES 487.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 487 (student access only)

ANTH 488 Agroecology (5) I&S/NW D. PENA
Cross-cultural survey of agroecological research methods, theoretical problems, policy issues, and ethical debates. Local knowledge and ethnoscientific bases of alternative agriculture. Comparative political ecology of agroecosystems with a focus on indicators of social equity and ecological sustainability.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 488 (student access only)

ANTH 489 Anthropology Practicum (2-9, max. 15)
Faculty-supervised internships, either on or off campus, in organizations utilizing anthropological skills in nonacademic settings. Settings may include museums, academic journals, social service or other governmental agencies, and private nonprofit service agencies.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 489 (student access only)

ANTH 491 Honors Colloquium (2, max. 12) I&S
Introduction to anthropological research. Students read original articles and papers and discuss them with authors. Research presenters include department faculty, visiting faculty, and advanced graduate students. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 491 (student access only)

ANTH 495 Advanced Problems in Ethnology (3-5, max. 10) I&S
Current problems in ethnology. Seminar format.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 495 (student access only)

ANTH 497 Domesticating International Human Rights: Perspectives on U.S. Asylum and Refugee Law (5) I&S, DIV A. OSANLOO
Examines the creation, production, and proliferation of law and legal categories relating to the status of refugees and asylum-seekers in the United States. Integrates anthropological perspectives of law's ability to create meaning in the examination of deeper implications of asylum and refugee law in American society. Offered: jointly with LSJ 425.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 497 (student access only)

ANTH 498 Women's Rights and Politics in Islamic Society (5) I&S, DIV A. OSANLOO
Human rights theory with women's legal rights and practice within context of the Islamic state. Introduction to debates regarding universality of human rights through examination of women's rights in Muslim context. Considers journalistic notions of homogeneity among Muslims, political nature of the Islamic state, and its mobilization of human rights. Offered: jointly with LSJ 421.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 498 (student access only)

ANTH 499 Undergraduate Research (*, max. 12)
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 499 (student access only)

ANTH 500 Preceptorial Reading (6)
For beginning graduate students who have not had adequate training in the problems, principles, and methods involved in the analysis and comparison of social and cultural systems. Not open to graduate students in the sociocultural anthropology program.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 500 (student access only)

ANTH 503 Preceptorial Reading in Linguistic Anthropology (6)
For beginning graduate students who have not had prior training in the problems, principles, and methods involved in linguistic anthropology. See also course description for ANTH 203. Not open to graduate students in the linguistics program.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 503 (student access only)

ANTH 507 Current Issues in Sociocultural Anthropology (2)
Biweekly presentations by participants and guest lecturers of current literature and ongoing research in topics pertaining to social, cultural, and linguistic anthropology. Prerequisite: first-year sociocultural graduate students in good standing or permission of sociocultural faculty. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 507 (student access only)

ANTH 508 Current Issues in Sociocultural Anthropology (2)
Biweekly presentations by participants and guest lecturers of current literature and ongoing research in topics pertaining to social, cultural, and linguistic anthropology. Prerequisite: first-year sociocultural graduate students in good standing or permission of sociocultural faculty. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 508 (student access only)

ANTH 509 Sociocultural Anthropology Problem Paper (4)
All first-year graduate students in sociocultural anthropology select a topic for independent research, conduct that research, and prepare a paper of about 25-50 pages on the topic chosen. Prerequisite: first-year sociocultural graduate students in good standing or permission of sociocultural faculty.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 509 (student access only)

ANTH 510 Seminar on North American Indians (3)
Advanced comparative treatment of selected aspects of the Indian cultures and societies of North America.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 510 (student access only)

ANTH 514 Regional Seminar (3-5, max. 15)
Comparative treatment of selected aspects of cultures and societies of a particular region or area.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 514 (student access only)

ANTH 516 Rethinking Area Studies (5) C. LOWE
"Area study" is critiqued for its sources of funding, relationship to governmentality, and for ignoring other forms of global linkage in its particular framing of cultural, social, and political connectivity. Designed for graduate students conducting research on, in, or across such an "area." Attempts to rethink regions.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 516 (student access only)

ANTH 517 Seminar on South Asia (3)
Advanced analysis of selected problems in South Asian ethnology and social structure. Prerequisite: ANTH 412.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 517 (student access only)

ANTH 518 Advanced Qualitative Methods in Anthropology and Public Health (5)
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 518 (student access only)

ANTH 519 Advanced Qualitative Methods in Anthropology and Public Healh (5) J. PFEIFFER
Provides theoretical training in qualitative research and in depth training in qualitative data management, analysis, interpretation, and presentation. Focuses on how to frame qualitative research questions, design appropriate research strategies, and integrate qualitative and quantitative methods in research designs in public health. Offered: jointly with G H 538/HSERV 521; Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 519 (student access only)

ANTH 521 Seminar on the Anthropological Study of Religion (3, max. 9)
Advanced seminar in the anthropological study of religion designed for students who have a background in the theory and applications of theory developed in the anthropological study of religion. Seminar topics vary each quarter. Prerequisite: ANTH 422 and graduate standing; permission of instructor for graduate students in Comparative Religion.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 521 (student access only)

ANTH 522 Peoples and Cultures of Central and Inner Asia (5)
Offered: jointly with JSIS D 572/NEAR E 572.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 522 (student access only)

ANTH 523 Seminar on Religious and Political Violence (5) Robinson
Employs ethnographic studies and anthropological theory to examine the relationships between culture and power in the analysis of religious and political violence. Topics include modernity; secularisms and fundamentalisms; ritual, sacrifice, and martyrdom; law, rights, and subject-making. Offered: jointly with JSIS B 523.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 523 (student access only)

ANTH 525 Seminar in Culture Processes (3, max. 6)
The concept of process and its application to the study of culture.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 525 (student access only)

ANTH 526 Political Islam and Islamic Fundamentalism (3/5) Robinson
Examines political Islam as a modern phenomenon produced at the intersections between localized and globalized political cultures and between political, religious, and social authority. Focuses on anthropological studies to examine how Islamic publics produce moral judgments about political practices. Offered: jointly with JSIS B 526.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 526 (student access only)

ANTH 527 Ethnicities, Nations, and Cultural Identities (3)
Exploration of how cultural differences have been represented in ethnic and national narratives and how these narratives have shaped identities and social relations.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 527 (student access only)

ANTH 530 Dialectology (3)
The principles of dialect deviation as related to linguistic structure and usage. Prerequisite: LING 452, LING 462, LING 508, or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with LING 530.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 530 (student access only)

ANTH 532 Sociolinguistics I (5) Evans, Wassink
Examines social variation in the phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexicon of languages and dialects. Includes nonstandard language, diglossia, pidgins and creoles, gender differences, bi- and multilingualism, ethnography of speaking, and language attitudes. Prerequisite: either LING 200 or LING 400; recommended: prior or concurrent registration in LING 450. Offered: jointly with LING 532; S.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 532 (student access only)

ANTH 533 Law, Liberalism, and Modernity (5)
Examines relationships between law, culture, and power through post-structuralist theories that consider subjectivity, agency, and identity. Explores connections between modern liberal law and the body, possessive individualisms, and discourses of rights. Topics include rights-talk, globalization, biopolitics, subject-making, modern nation-states, the rule of law, neo-liberalism, and legal cultures.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 533 (student access only)

ANTH 535 Research Issues in Demography and Population Studies (1-2, max. 7)
Interdisciplinary seminar on current research issues in demography and population studies. Critical analysis and discussion of readings drawn from anthropological, economic, geographic, and sociological approaches. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 535 (student access only)

ANTH 536 Seminar in Visual Anthropology (3-5)
Significance of anthropological cinema and photography placed in historical perspective. Screening of films to determine the role of the anthropologist as filmmaker, as well as the role of the filmmaker as anthropologist.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 536 (student access only)

ANTH 537 Political Anthropology and Law (3, max. 6)
Seminar on special topics in politics and law and their interrelationships.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 537 (student access only)

ANTH 539 Social Movements in Contemporary India (5) P. RAMAMURTHY
Covers issues of social change, economic development, and identity politics in contemporary India studied through environmental and women's movements. Includes critiques of development and conflicts over forests, dams, women's rights, religious community, ethnicity, and citizenship. Offered: jointly with GWSS 539/JSIS A 531.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 539 (student access only)

ANTH 540 Anthropology of Place (5) M. KAHN, D. PENA
Explores a variety of ways that "place" has been studied and theorized. Attention paid to places as they are sensed, inscribed, practiced, narrated, scripted, created, and reclaimed. "Place" also discussed in relation to issues of the environment, travel, diaspora, race, class, and gender.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 540 (student access only)

ANTH 541 Cultural Aspects of International Development (3)
Emergence of development as an aspect of late colonialism and the decolonization process. Ways in which development came to visualize social change in sectoral terms like rural land use, cities, and education, while objectifying people in target groups. Relationships between development and modernity, and development and globalization.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 541 (student access only)

ANTH 543 Seminar in Anthropology and Political Theory (5)
Examines the role of political theory in contemporary anthropology. Designed to work through particular thinkers or constellations of thought that inform anthropological thinking today. Content dependent upon instructor, but may include such topics as Marx, Weber, and Durkheim; Foucault, the Anthropology of Reason; and Frankfort School.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 543 (student access only)

ANTH 549 Dance Performance Ethnography (3) McMains
Theoretical and practical experience in dance and performance ethnography, ethnology, and oral history. Introduces theories and methods of ethnographic fieldwork, ethnographic writing, and ethnologic analysis. Focuses on dance methods and theories. Also discusses methods and theories applicable to other physical practices such as music, theatre, sports, and performance art. Offered: jointly with DANCE 550; W.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 549 (student access only)

ANTH 550 Field Techniques in Ethnography (5)
Techniques of collecting, ordering, and utilizing ethnographic data in the field. Problems of rapport, elicitation, observation, interpretation, and ethics. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 550 (student access only)

ANTH 551 Research Design (5)
Focuses on the basic components, format, and writing style of grant proposals. Works through various stages of proposal writing, including titles, abstracts, introduction, theoretical orientations, significance, methodology, data analysis, etc. Discusses funding sources, human subjects reviews, and preparing budgets. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 551 (student access only)

ANTH 552 Practicum in Ethnographic Research (3)
Techniques of data recording, analysis, and writing for the field ethnographer. Not recommended for non-anthropology graduate students. Prerequisite: ANTH 550; ANTH 551.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 552 (student access only)

ANTH 556 The Evolution of the Family (3)
Biological evolution of species-specific behaviors and forms of sociality linked to human mating, reproduction, and parenting. Cultural evolution of human systems of kinship and marriage as fitness-maximizing adaptations to a wide range of habitats. Prerequisite: upper-division course in evolutionary theory, population genetics, behavioral ecology, primatology, or animal behavior.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 556 (student access only)

ANTH 559 Seminar in Language and Culture (3, max. 9)
Theoretical and methodological problems in language and culture.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 559 (student access only)

ANTH 560 Discourse and Culture (5)
Exploration of discourse and narrative as culturally constitutive activities. Critical examination of the social implications of cultural variation in discourse. Techniques of discourse analysis in anthropological research.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 560 (student access only)

ANTH 561 Seminar in Methods and Theories (3, max. 9)
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 561 (student access only)

ANTH 562 Clinically Applied Anthropology (3)
Anthropology as it relates to interdisciplinary delivery of culturally relevant healthcare. Cultural variation in illness beliefs and behavior, types of healing practices, illness prevention, social support networks. Prerequisite: graduate standing, permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with NURS 562.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 562 (student access only)

ANTH 565 Theory of Sociocultural Anthropology (5)
First core-course sequence for the beginning graduate student in sociocultural anthropology in which the development of theory is analyzed and emphasis is placed on the relation between theory and a growing body of ethnographic data. Prerequisite: graduate standing in anthropology or permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 565 (student access only)

ANTH 566 Theory of Sociocultural Anthropology (5)
Second core-course sequence for the beginning graduate student in sociocultural anthropology in which the development of theory is analyzed and emphasis is placed on the relation between theory and a growing body of ethnographic data. Prerequisite: ANTH 565.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 566 (student access only)

ANTH 567 Theory of Sociocultural Anthropology (5)
Third core-course sequence for the beginning graduate student in sociocultural anthropology in which the development of theory is analyzed and emphasis is placed on the relation between theory and a growing body of ethnographic data. Prerequisite: ANTH 566.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 567 (student access only)

ANTH 569 Special Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology (3-5, max. 15)
Delineation and analysis of a specific topic or set of related topics in sociocultural anthropology.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 569 (student access only)

ANTH 570 Environmental Anthropology (5)
Current issues in the study of human environment interaction from a cross-cultural perspective: ecological adaptation and maladaptation; ethnoecology and indigenous knowledge; anthropogenic environmental change; political ecology of "development;" interrelations of cultural and biological diversity; conflicts over indigenous land use and property rights, environmental justice, resource conservation, and sustainability.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 570 (student access only)

ANTH 572 Environmental Anthropology Research Methodology Colloquium (2, max. 10)
Environmental anthropology research methodology and practice. Presentations by faculty and advanced students, hands-on exercises, and extensive discussion. Students at various stages in the program learn practical details of current methods. Limited to environmental anthropology PhD students. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 572 (student access only)

ANTH 573 Current Issues in Environmental Anthropology (2, max. 10)
Presentation and discussion of current research and scholarly literature in environmental anthropology and related fields. Prerequisite: graduate standing in any field of anthropology or permission of instructor. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 573 (student access only)

ANTH 574 Culture, Society, and Genomics (3) B. MCGRATH
Examines social and cultural issues of human genome sequencing and control of genetic expression. Attitudes and behaviors toward health, illness, and disability are studied using historical, contemporary, and cross-cultural case study material. Offered: jointly with NURS 582/PHG 521; Sp.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 574 (student access only)

ANTH 575 Cultural Construction of Illness: Seminar in Medical Anthropology (5)
Historical and comparative examination of depression, neurasthenia, somatization, hypochondriasis, and hysteria. Anthropology of psychosomatics and psychiatry, including cultural analysis of selected biomedical, indigenous folk medical, and popular common-sense conceptualizations of illness.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 575 (student access only)

ANTH 578 Special Topics in the Anthropology of Institutions (5)
Explores theoretical issues.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 578 (student access only)

ANTH 580 Presenting Research Effectively (2)
Designed to help advanced graduate students develop the ability to present research projects effectively in a variety of formats relevant to the academic job-search process (c.v., job letter, interview, etc). Faculty and alumni speakers share information, advice, and guidance regarding the job-search and the various paths toward meaningful employment. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 580 (student access only)

ANTH 581 Dissertation Writing (3)
Students experiment with different styles of anthropological writing. They apply writing techniques and styles to their own material. Students peer review for one another. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 581 (student access only)

ANTH 583 Africa Living with HIV/AIDS (5)
Examines the epidemiological, historical, political-economic, and social-cultural dimensions of Africa living with HIV/AIDS and the current challenges and debates in international HIV/AIDS policy and programming. Various approaches and analytical models help students grasp the complicated and multiple effects, responses, conditions, and debates surrounding the African HIV/AIDS pandemic.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 583 (student access only)

ANTH 584 Ways of Speaking (5)
Theory and literature of the ethnography of communication, with special emphasis on the descriptive-comparative approach to culturally patterned styles of communicative conduct. Offered: jointly with COM 584.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 584 (student access only)

ANTH 590 Seminar in Museum Theory and Administration (5)
Examination of principles of administrative theory and museum operations. Administrative structures and policies, management theory, board issues, organizational conflicts, planning issues, collection concerns, financial constructs, professional standards, and museum/community relations from an organizational and management perspective. Recommended: MUSEUM 580. Offered: jointly with MUSEUM 590.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 590 (student access only)

ANTH 599 Effective Teaching of Anthropology (1)
Class required of all graduate students who accept teaching assistantships: instruction in teaching methods and issues, e.g., professional ethics, preparing and delivering lectures, leading discussion groups, test writing and grading, diversity in the classroom. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 599 (student access only)

ANTH 600 Independent Study or Research (*-)
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 600 (student access only)

ANTH 700 Master's Thesis (*-)
Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 700 (student access only)

ANTH 800 Doctoral Dissertation (*-)
Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: ANTH 800 (student access only)