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AIS 102 Survey of American Indian Studies (5) I&S Colonnese, Washuta
Explores basic issues of American Indian studies including theories about American Indian origins and demography; the impact of European disease and colonialism, the formation of American Indian stereotypes, the resistance of native peoples to racism and oppression, and the treaty status and continuing challenges for Indian nations. Introduces American Indian studies faculty and their research and teaching specialties.

AIS 110 Musical Traditions of Native North America (5) VLPA
Utilizes historical and contemporary sources to survey the music and music-related traditions of Native North America. Examines traditional music and context from the Northwest Coast, Arctic, Southwest, Great Basin, Plains, Plateau, California, and Eastern Woodlands music-style areas, as well as contemporary neo-traditional and popular genres of American Indian music.
Instructor Course Description: Carol Edelman Warrior Chad S Uran Gary J. Witherspoon

AIS 151 Indian Art of Northwest Coast (3) VLPA
Studio course on Pacific Northwest coast Indian/Eskimo art. Traditional and contemporary forms; principles of form, style, and techniques; values that influence Indian/Eskimo art styles.

AIS 170 Survey of North American Indian Art (5) VLPA
Major American Indian art traditions of North America. Precontact and early-contact-era traditions and the evolution of Indian art forms in contemporary times. Design and techniques in Indian art.
Instructor Course Description: Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse

AIS 201 Introduction to American Indian Histories (5) I&S Harmon
Survey of histories of Indians in the Uniited States from native perspectives. Presents traditional creation accounts and oral histories, archaeological, and historical evidence. Focus is cultural dynamics, considering change and continuity through prehistoric, protohistoric, colonial, and American periods.
Instructor Course Description: Alexandra J Harmon

AIS 202 Introduction to Contemporary Experience in Indian America (5) I&S
Survey of contemporary Native-American people, cultures, and issues. Focus on modern experiences through readings from Native-American autobiographies, contemporary narratives and literature, and reports of important topical issues, e.g., water rights, Indian gaming, treaty law.
Instructor Course Description: Scott Pinkham

AIS 203 Introduction: Philosophical and Aesthetic Universes (5) I&S
Social constructions of reality, aesthetic as well as philosophic, as conceptualized by approximately five traditional American Indian cultures from different regions of North America.
Instructor Course Description: Carol Edelman Warrior Gary J. Witherspoon

AIS 230 Contemporary Indian Gaming and Casinos (5) I&S Wright
Overview of the contemporary $18.5 billion Indian tribal gaming industry (with a focus on the Pacific Northwest), which is heavily regulated, is an economic engine for non-Indian communities, and funds economic, social, and cultural revitalization of Indian reservations, yet often generates intense political discussions. Offered: W.
Instructor Course Description: Mary C Wright

AIS 240 Native North American Women (5) I&S
Indian women in the social structure; historical and contemporary roles; changes in male-female relationships; problems and opportunities of contemporary women; the feminist movement and Indian rights.
Instructor Course Description: Mary C Wright

AIS 253 Wood Design (5, max. 15) VLPA Oliver
Studio course in wood sculpture utilizing Pacific Northwest Indian hand tools. Properties of woods and their uses.

AIS 270 Native Peoples of the Pacific Northwest (5) I&S
Examines indigenous societies on the Pacific Northwest's western slope, from southeast Alaska to California, including social structures and relations, subsistence strategies, belief systems, and changes over time, both before and after non-Natives' arrival. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 270.
Instructor Course Description: Charlotte Cote

AIS 271 Native Peoples of the Intermountain West (5) I&S
Examines societies of the Columbia and Fraser River Plateau and Great Basin, including social structures and relations, subsistence strategies, belief systems, and changes over time, both before and after non-Natives' arrival.
Instructor Course Description: Mary C Wright

AIS 272 Native Peoples of the Southeast (5) I&S
Examines indigenous societies of North America's southeastern sector, including social structures and relations, subsistence strategies, belief systems, and changes over time, both before and after non-Natives' arrival.

AIS 309 Methods in Amerindian Linguistics (5) VLPA/I&S
Survey of native North American languages; introduction to systems of transcription; focus on reading of texts and analysis of grammatical structure in two languages; introduction to the use of microcomputers in the description and analysis of Native American texts.

AIS 310 A Linguistic Approach to Culture (3) VLPA/I&S
Analytical study of a language, with special focus on Native Indian languages of North America. Emphasizes analysis of sound systems of languages, as well as a universal system of classifying and writing speech sounds. Emphasis on practical application, with time devoted to sound transcription practice.

AIS 317 North American Indians: The Southwest (5) I&S Witherspoon
Overview of history and ethnography of the Southwest with emphasis on Apacheans, Pueblos, and Pimans/Yumans. Social organization, religion, worldview, and expressive culture of such specific groups as Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Tewa, and Tohono O' odham.
Instructor Course Description: Gary J. Witherspoon

AIS 320 Changing Rivers of Puget Sound (5) NW
Explores the physical and ecological evolution of Puget Sound rivers, their geologic origins, hydro-geomorphic processes, and associated ecosystems. Uses methods for detecting and evaluating natural and anthropogenic environmental change, and the historical context of resource management and restoration, including Native American treaty rights and impacts of population growth and climate change. Offered: jointly with ENVIR 320/ESS 320; Sp.

AIS 330 United States-Indian Relations (5) I&S Harmon
History of relations between American Indians and non-Indians in the United States with emphasis on national laws and policies. Examines origins and impacts of Indians' and non-Indians' strategies for dealing with each other, historical reasons for Indians' contemporary conditions and status.

AIS 331 American Indian History I to 1840 (5) I&S, DIV Harmon
History of indigenous peoples and their descendants in the area that now constitutes the United States, from the eve of European discovery of the Americas to 1840. Emphasis on relations between indigenous peoples and immigrants. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 331.

AIS 332 American Indian History II Since 1840 (5) I&S, DIV Harmon
History of American Indians in the United States from 1840 to the present. Emphasis on relations between Indians and non-Indians, government policies, and Indian strategies of survival. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 332.

AIS 335 American Indians and the Law (5) I&S, DIV Harmon
History of laws governing American Indians: aboriginal law systems, U. S. laws, and contemporary tribal laws. Effects of laws and legal institutions on contemporary Indian identity and tribal status, self-government, land ownership and use, natural resources, religion, family life, cultural and spiritual practices, crimes and punishment, and federal responsibilities for Indians.
Instructor Course Description: Alexandra J Harmon Charlotte Cote

AIS 340 Indian Children and Families (5) I&S, DIV
Cross-cultural survey of Indian child rearing, family structure, and related social issues. Includes historical changes in family structure, value orientation and adaptation to a bicultural environment, education, child welfare, health problems, and aging.
Instructor Course Description: Dian L. Million

AIS 341 Native Women in the Americas (5) I&S
Historiography, sociology, biography, autobiography, and fiction about native women in the United States and Canada. Offered: jointly with GWSS 341; AWSpS.
Instructor Course Description: Rosemary Gibbons

AIS 350 Two-Dimensional Art of the Northwest Coast Indians (5, max. 15) VLPA Oliver
Studio course emphasizes principles of structure and style of two-dimensional art which can be found on many old, traditional Northwest Coast pieces, such as painted storage boxes and chests, house panels, and ceremonial screens. Students apply these principles in creating a variety of graphic projects.

AIS 360 American Indians in Cinema (5) VLPA/I&S Colonnese, Washuta
Studies representations of American Indians in American films from 1900 to present. Examines the foundations of American Indian stereotypes and how Hollywood helped create and perpetuate those stereotypes. Activities include reading critical materials, and viewing, discussing, and writing critically about films by non-native directors. Offered: ASpS.
Instructor Course Description: Tom G Colonnese

AIS 370 Researching Indians' History (5) I&S Harmon
Finding and interpreting sources of information about American Indians' history. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 315.
Instructor Course Description: Alexandra J Harmon

AIS 376 First Nations Literature (5) VLPA Colonnese
Literature written by First Nations Canadian authors as a form of cultural resistance and a reseizing of identity. Offered: S.

AIS 377 Contemporary American Indian Literature (5) VLPA Colonnese, Washuta
Creative writings - novels, short stories, poems - of contemporary Indian authors; the traditions out of which these works evolved. Differences between Indian writers and writers of the dominant European/American mainstream. Offered: jointly with ENGL 359.
Instructor Course Description: Andrea Opitz Carol Edelman Warrior Dian L. Million Elissa Washuta

AIS 378 Contemporary American Indian Literature: A Northwest Focus (5) VLPA Millon
Literature and poetry of the Pacific Northwest (Coast and Plateau) Native peoples. Contemporary literature and discussion of social and cultural issues raised by American Indian writers and writing. Offered: AW.
Instructor Course Description: Dian L. Million

AIS 379 Powwow: Tradition and Innovation (5) VLPA/I&S
Explores the historical and cultural roots of powwow. Discusses the ways this indigenous Native art form has adapted since prehistoric times.
Instructor Course Description: Scott Pinkham

AIS 425 Indians in Western Washington History (5) I&S Harmon
Relations of Indians and non-Indians in the Puget Sound region, from the 1790s to the present, with emphasis on evolving ideas about Indian identity. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 417.
Instructor Course Description: Alexandra J Harmon

AIS 431 History of American Indian Education (5) I&S
Traditional and European-introduced methods of schooling, the federal role in Indian education, and contemporary Indian education issues. Special attention to Indian concepts of learning; boarding school education; the role of the Bureau of Indian Affairs; current trends in bilingual and bicultural education for Indians.
Instructor Course Description: Charlotte Cote

AIS 435 Spiritual Encounters: Native Spirituality in the Contact Era (5) I&S
Explores North American Indigenous interaction with, resistance to, and syncretization with Christianity, the European colonizers' religious system. Focuses on Native revitalization movements and new forms of religious expression such as the Indian Shaker Church and the Peyote Road, as well as the legal, social, and cultural issues of Native freedom of religion. Offered: W.
Instructor Course Description: Mary C Wright

AIS 440 Reading Native American Women's Lives (5, max. 10) I&S, DIV
Seminar based on social science writings, autobiographies, biographies, and fiction written by, with, or about indigenous women of the United States and Canada. Offered: jointly with GWSS 440.
Instructor Course Description: Jeanette M. Bushnell

AIS 441 Gender in Native American Societies (5) I&S, DIV Cote'
Examines gender roles, identity, and relations in Native American pre- and post-contact societies. Analyzes how contact with European gender customs influenced and altered traditional gender practices, especially in regard to women's social position and the roles of the third/fourth genders in Native American communities.

AIS 442 Images of Natives in the Cinema and Popular Cultures (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV Ross
Cultural examination of images of native people in cinema and popular culture based on social science writings and films by or about natives in the United States and Canada. Offered: jointly with GWSS 442.

AIS 443 Indigenous Films, Sovereign Visions (5) VLPA/I&S Cote', Hart, Ross
Explores fiction, documentary, experimental film, and digital media from indigenous artists from around the world. Focuses on personal, political, and cultural expression. Issues include media and sovereignty movements, political economy, language revitalization, the politics of decolonization, and indigenous aesthetics. Offered: jointly with COM 443.

AIS 444 Criminality and "Deviance" in Native Communities (5)
Seminar based on social science writings and biographies written by and about incarcerated natives and "deviance" in native communities in the United States and Canada. Offered: jointly with GWSS 444.

AIS 446 American Indian Economic History (5) I&S Harmon
Surveys and analyzes the history of American Indians' economic challenges and strategies. Topics include the economic cultures of indigenous North American societies, the impacts of European colonization and U.S. government policies, and tribal strategies aimed at improving Indians' economic circumstances. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 446.

AIS 451 Critical Conversations in American Indian Studies (5, max. 10)
Critical issues in American Indian Studies. Topics vary. Offered: Sp.
Instructor Course Description: Dian L. Million

AIS 461 First Nations Government and Politics in Canada (5) I&S Cote'
Focuses on First Nations government and politics in Canada. Examines development of First Nations political governing structures with an introduction to the values, perspectives, concepts, and principles in Native political cultures. Explores federal Indian policy in context of First Nations strategies to become self-governing. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 426.
Instructor Course Description: Charlotte Cote

AIS 465 First Nations Filmmaking in Canada (5) VLPA Cote'
Examines First Nations video production in Canada; how film is utilized as a medium for addressing issues significant to First Nations. First Nations filmmakers "decolonize" the screen by providing real and positive images of First Nations people that correspond to their cultural and social experiences. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 422.
Instructor Course Description: Charlotte Cote

AIS 466 Producing the Documentary Short (5) VLPA Cote', Hart, Ross
Explores documentary theory, methods, and aesthetics. From humanities, social science, and indigenous studies perspectives, students critique a self-produced documentary, looking at methodology, perspective, and ethics. Students also explore pre-production, production, and post-production documentary techniques.

AIS 475 Special Topics in Indian Studies (1-5, max. 15) I&S
Current research and readings in American Indian Studies content areas.
Instructor Course Description: Tom G Colonnese Charlotte Cote Chad S Uran Deana Dartt-Newton Dian L. Million Elissa Washuta Gary J. Witherspoon Jeanette M. Bushnell Rosemary Gibbons Scott Pinkham Mary C Wright

AIS 498 Senior Project (5, max. 15)
Intensive research and presentation on a selected issue. For students majoring in American Indian Studies or other advanced students by permission. Offered: AWSp.

AIS 501 Documentary Film/Video Research Methods in Native Communities (5)
Seminar exploring theoretical, methodological, and aesthetic issues when researching documentary film and video projects in Native American communities. Utilizes readings, screening, discussions, and a major research project to explore issues of documentary representation, ethics, and historiography. First part of a two-quarter documentary production sequence. Offered: jointly with GWSS 510; AWSpS.

AIS 503 Documentary Theory, Form, and Practice (5)
Explores documentary theory and practice, utilizing readings and documentary filmmaking exercises. Students create short documentary sequences while investigating traditional and more experimental ideas about the non-fiction form; theories of representation, subject ethics, documentary authenticity, the intersection of fiction and non-fiction forms, documentary and performance, documentary and historiography.

AIS 590 Special Topics (1-5, max. 15)
Offered by visitors or resident faculty as a one-time, in-depth study of special interest.