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AFRAM 101 Introduction to African American Studies (5) I&S, DIV
History, culture, religion, institutions, politics, economics, arts, and psychology of peoples of African descent as developed from experience in both the old and new worlds. Multidisciplinary analysis of social life from a black perspective as illustrated in selected historical and contemporary writings.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 101 (student access only)

AFRAM 150 Introduction to African American History (5) I&S
Introductory survey of topics and problems in Afro-American history with some attention to Africa as well as to America. Basic introductory course for sequence of lecture courses and seminars in Afro-American history. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 150.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 150 (student access only)

AFRAM 214 Survey of Afro-American Literature (5) VLPA Butler
A chronological survey of Afro-American literature in all genres from its beginnings to the present day. Emphasizes Afro-American writing as a literary art; the cultural and historical context of Afro-American literary expression and the aesthetic criteria of Afro-American literature. Offered: jointly with ENGL 258.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 214 (student access only)

AFRAM 220 African American Film Studies (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Examines the history and theory of African American filmmaking, introducing central political and aesthetic debates by way of different cinematic eras, genres, and filmmakers. Focuses primarily on black directors and producers independent and commercial contexts as they confront popular representations of U.S. blackness in their own cinematic practice.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 220 (student access only)

AFRAM 246 African American Politics (5) I&S, DIV C. PARKER
Survey of African Americans within the U.S. socio-political processes. Situates African Americans within a post-civil rights context where there is debate about race's centrality to an African American politics. Recommended: either AES 150, AFRAM 201, or POL S 202. Offered: jointly with POL S 246.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 246 (student access only)

AFRAM 260 African American Family (5) I&S, DIV
Explores the structures and functioning of various types of black families. Single-parent families, two-parent families, extended families, and consensual families are explored. Their consequences for male/female relationships are linked and critiqued. Offered: jointly with SOC 260.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 260 (student access only)

AFRAM 261 The African American Experience Through Literature (5) VLPA/I&S Scott
Instructs students in hermeneutical and sociological methods of analyses. Analyzes selected novels, essays, poems, short stories, and plays with the purpose of understanding the structures and functions of both society and personality. Offered: jointly with SOC 261.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 261 (student access only)

AFRAM 270 The Jazz Age (5) I&S, DIV Walter
Interdisciplinary study of period after World War I to Great Crash. Afro-American and Anglo-American currents and impulses that flowed together in the Roaring Twenties. Covers politics of normalcy, economics of margin, literature of indulgence and confusion, transformation of race relations, and cultural influence of jazz. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 270.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 270 (student access only)

AFRAM 272 History of the South Since the Civil War (5) I&S, DIV Walter
Reconstruction and its aftermath, the Agrarian (Populist) revolt, disfranchisement and segregation, the effects of urbanization and subsequent depression, desegregation, and the struggle for civil rights. Examines the New South, the conflict of ideology with structural and material change, and the place of the South in contemporary America.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 272 (student access only)

AFRAM 315 Black Identities and Political Power (5) I&S Rivers
Relates the deployment of political power within institutions to shifting racial identities. Shows how racial identities both reflect and inflect relations of domination and resistance within and between cultures in the black diaspora. Prerequisite: either AES 150, AFRAM 150, AFRAM 201, or POL S 201. Offered: jointly with POL S 315.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 315 (student access only)

AFRAM 318 Black Literary Genres (5) VLPA Ibrahim, Retman
Considers how generic forms have been discussed, distributed, and valued in the larger context of African American, or other African-Diasporic literary studies. Explores how black writers and artists treat the terms and conventions of generic forms in response, and comparison, to their cultural treatment of others. Offered: jointly with ENGL 318; AWSp.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 318 (student access only)

AFRAM 320 Black Women in Drama (5) VLPA, DIV
Character types of black women as represented in plays by black women. Some black male playwrights are juxtaposed with black female writers for comparative analysis. Playwrights include Georgia Douglas Johnson, Angelina Grimke, Alice Chidress, Lorraine Hansberry, Ira Aldridge, LeRoi Jones.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 320 (student access only)

AFRAM 321 History of Afro-American Women and the Feminist Movement (5) I&S
"Feminist Movement" from early nineteenth century to present. Treats relationship between black and white women in their struggle for independence, at times together and at times apart. Discusses the reasons, process, and results of collaboration as well as opposition. Examines recent and contemporary attempts at cooperation. Offered: jointly with GWSS 321.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 321 (student access only)

AFRAM 330 Music, Folklore, and Performance in Black Society (5) VLPA Steptoe
Focuses on cultural expressions created by people of African descent in the Unites States in the twentieth century, with an emphasis on music, folklore, dance, and humor. Offered: WSp.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 330 (student access only)

AFRAM 334 Civil Rights and Black Power in the United States (5) VLPA/I&S Steptoe
Examines the politics and culture of the modern African American freedom struggle, which began after WWII and continued into the 1970s. Interrogates political strategies associated with nonviolent direct action, armed self-reliance, and black nationalism, as well as the cultural expression that reflect these political currents. Recommended: AFRAM 150; AFRAM 270. Offered: jointly with HSTAA 334.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 334 (student access only)

AFRAM 337 Music and Social Change in the Sixties Era (5) VLPA/I&S Walter
Introduction of popular music and social change in 1950s and 1960s. How this interaction effects significant change. Considers political activism for civil rights and against the Vietnam War as they intersect with the development of rock and roll, R&B, acoustic and political folk music, and post-bebop jazz.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 337 (student access only)

AFRAM 340 The Harlem Renaissance: A Literary Study (5) VLPA
Highlights Harlem Renaissance - 1912 through mid-1930s - as establishing a role for twentieth-century African American writer, encompassing literature, politics, and decolonization of the image of Africa, and solidifying integrationist and nationalist schools of thought. Examines images, themes, and characterizations in creating a literary aesthetic simultaneously American and African American.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 340 (student access only)

AFRAM 350 Black Aesthetics (5) VLPA/I&S
Draws on both multi-media and print sources, including fiction, poetry, prose, films, polemics, historiography and speeches to explore the idea of a black aesthetic in various cultural, historical, and political contexts within the twentieth century.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 350 (student access only)

AFRAM 358 Literature of Black Americans (5) VLPA
Selected writings, novels, short stories, plays, poems by Afro-American writers. Study of the historical and cultural context within which they evolved. Differences between Afro-American writers and writers of the European-American tradition. Emphasis varies. Offered: jointly with ENGL 358.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 358 (student access only)

AFRAM 370 Afro-American Political Thought (5) I&S
Political ideologies and philosophies of pivotal Afro-American historical figures and the conditions under which these ideologies are developed, rejected, and transformed. How ideologies relate to solution of Afro-American political problems.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 370 (student access only)

AFRAM 437 Blacks in American Law (5) I&S Walter
Historical continuity for changing relationship between American jurisprudence and black Americans, 1640-1986. Statutory and case law which determined role of blacks in American society, and use of law by blacks to gain civil and personal rights.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 437 (student access only)

AFRAM 498 Special Topics in African American Studies (3-5, max. 15) I&S
Topics in which students and faculty have developed an interest as a result of work done in other classes or as a result of the need to investigate in greater depth Afro-American Studies issues. Topics vary.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 498 (student access only)

AFRAM 499 Independent Study and Research (1-5, max. 10)
Identification and investigation of the problems and needs of the black community. Methods and alternatives of approaching these problems and needs. Students designate their areas of interest and subsequently pursue research and problem solving.
MyPlan Course Details: AFRAM 499 (student access only)