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SAGE Awards allows OSP to request modifications to awards.

A modification refers to any change to the award record.

Use a modification to:

  • Make a change in scope of work (change in direction, aims, objectives, purpose)
  • Provide additional compliance requirements not in an earlier eGC1, such as animal or human subjects or cost share
  • Identify additional funding, including when award exceeds 25% or more of the original eGC1 amount
  • Provide non-SNAP Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) or other progress reports requiring institutional submission by OSP

For more detailed information on the data to include, see OSP’s Award Changes webpage and GCA’s Award Setup pages.

The Processed Awards feature will be coming soon.

It will allow you to view a processed Award’s activity including Advances and other request history, add or remove Related Items, or create Modifications to the Award.

The following image shows the Processed Awards portion of the Awards Landing page.

Processed Awards View List of Awards

The Award Activity Record will provide a summary of award details and actions.

SAGE Central Awards provides access to all items related to sponsored awards, including Requests for processing award setup requests, advances, and modifications.

The following image shows the upper portion of the Awards Landing page.

SAGE Central Awards Landing page upper portion

SAGE Central is the new UW application for OSP (Office of Sponsored Programs) and GCA (Grant & Contract Accounting) to use for creating Award Setup Requests (ASRs) and Award Modification Requests (MODs).

It includes:

  • Shared views for improved collaboration
  • Modern technology and designs, similar to SAGE Budget and Advances
  • Greater opportunities for new features and future enhancements

The system:

  • Facilitates collaboration between campus units, OSP, and GCA through shared views
  • Streamlines the award setup process in Workday and reduces communication by email
  • Integrates award financial information with Workday
  • Provides transparency to the status of work in progress and increases visibility on award information
  • Saves time by auto-filling eGC1 information into the Award Setup Request
  • Provides easy access to help content and other resources