September 2021 Advance Maintenance Release

SAGE Advances

Replace Attachments on Advances

Attachments to the new Advance request tool can now be replaced with new versions of the document after the Advance has been routed for review. Prior to this update, once an Advance had been routed, you could only upload attachments as additions without a clear relationship to the existing attachments they replaced. This update brings attachment functionality in line with the eGC1, making it easier to maintain attached documents and identify the latest versions.

advance attachment table with expanded options menu

When there are multiple versions of an attachment, the latest version will display at top and click the expand arrow to see prior versions.

advance attachment versions

Warning on Advances Related to Award with Automatic Carryover

When an award includes automatic carryover, and a department would like to begin spending on a future period that is not yet fully authorized, a temporary budget extension is more often the appropriate choice rather than a renewal advance request. To help inform users, a new warning will display after clicking to create an advance when SAGE detects that the advance is related to an award (funding action) that includes automatic carryover. You can choose to either proceed with an advance, or, be redirected to the temporary budget extension form.

create advance automatic carryover warning

Notification of Advance Extension to Reviewer from Organization Receiving Funding

An email notification will now be sent to the Advance Reviewers for the Organization Receiving Funding on Advance Extensions when the advance is routed to GCA. This will keep campus reviewers informed, while not requiring direct approval in SAGE.

Advance Reviewers Now Display on Advance Approval Graph

The names and NetIDs for the people designated in ASTRA to approve for an organization will now display on the Advance approval graph. This will make it easier for Advance Preparers to identify who to coordinate with when needed.

advance approval list of organization reviewers

Improved Visibility to Cost Share and Compliance Updates

The Cost Sharing and Non-Fiscal Compliance sections of the new Advance request will now display an “Updated” indicator to make it easier for reviewers to identify when the responses in the Advance have been altered from what was listed on the related eGC1.

example of updated indicator on non-fiscal compliance section


Add Link to Cycle View from Advances in SERA

GCA will now be able to navigate to the associated cycle from within Advance requests in SERA. This will make it easier for GCA to quickly reference information about how the advance fits within a broader award.

sera advance request header example

GCA can Replace Cost Share Addendum with New Version

GCA can utilize the new attachment versioning functionality to replace Cost Share addendums when an Advance is in “In GCA” or “Processed” status. This will allow GCA to ensure the Advance request record contains the latest version of the Cost Share Addendum.


Advance Extensions Display on FAs and in Cycle View

Advance Extension requests will now display alongside New and Renewal type requests on the Funding Action and Cycle view in SPAERC and SERA. This will provide OSP and GCA with visibility to how Advance Extensions fit within the broader award.

Funding Action:

list of related advances on a funding action


cycle view including an advance


Priority Review Indicator Now Displays for All Disclosures Related to Advances

All SFI disclosures that are triggered for review by a routed Advance will display in FIDS with a “Priority Review” flag. Previously, this flag was only set for Advance-related disclosures that went to “Review Required” status. Now disclosures that resolve to “No Review Required” will also be flagged for priority review. This will provide ORC with an easy way to identify all disclosures with a related Advance in routing.