September 2017 SAGE Maintenance Release

Personnel Roles and Approvals

New “Application PI” Role

For certain types of funding applications, there is a need to list a PI (Principal Investigator) on the sponsor application forms that differs from the PI on the eGC1. This is often the case with NIH Career Development mentored opportunities and Fellowships, when the PI on the sponsor forms does not meet the eligibility requirements necessary to serve as a UW PI.

In order to better identify and accommodate this situation, a new personnel role type has been created on the “PI, Personnel and Organizations” page, called “Application PI”. When the Application PI role is selected, additional contact details for person will display and be editable. This will allow preparers to call out the contact information to be used on the sponsor forms. This is particularly important for NIH applications using Grant Runner.

This new role should only be used when there is a need to designate a different PI on the sponsor forms than on the eGC1.

“Application PI” flow to Grant Runner Forms

When an Application PI role is assigned to a personnel entry, and Grant Runner is being used to complete the sponsor forms, then the Application PI name and contact information will automatically flow through to the SF 424 and Key Person Expanded forms where the Application PI is listed.

“Application PI” and Approvals

When an Application PI is identified in the Personnel section of the eGC1, that individual will automatically be added to the approval graph, directly after the eGC1 PI. As such, they will automatically receive the same approval notification email that the eGC1 PI receives.

When the Application PI initiates their approval, they will be presented with an Assurance Statement, in the same way that the eGC1 PI is. Their approval will also represent that they have read and are providing the appropriate assurance as required by the sponsor.

“Multiple PI” Approval Changes

In order to improve efficiency and ensure compliance with federal rules around provision of assurance statements by Multiple PIs, SAGE will now automatically add personnel with the role type of Multiple PI to the approval graph. As is the case for the eGC1 PI and Application PI, the Multiple PIs will automatically receive approval notification email, and will be presented with an Assurance Statement at time of approval.


Bug Fixes: SAGE Suite

Budget: Cannot add personnel on the day they end one position and start another

You can now add personnel to a budget as they transition from one position to another.

Budget: Refresh Rate updates

Now on the Update Periods modal when you “refresh rate” for a period:

  • The rate will update for that period and no other periods.
  • If you have previously set a custom rate, the “custom” checkbox will be cleared.

Now on the F&A tab in a budget, when you “refresh rate” the “custom” check box and any justification text will be cleared for all periods and reset to the base rate.

PI & Personnel: Improved error handling on attempt to enter same person twice

When a user inadvertently attempts to add the PI to the Personnel section of the eGC1 or attempts to add one of the personnel as a PI, the system will now provide a clear message that a person can only be added to the PI, Personnel & Organizations page once.