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Faculty Salaries

Members of the ad hoc Advisory Committee on Faculty Salaries

Professor Charles Hirschman, Chair, Department of Sociology, Box 353340, Chair
Professor Nelson Fausto, Chair, Department of Pathology, Box 357470
Professor Thomas Fleming, Chair, Department of Biostatistics, Box 357232
Professor Vandra Huber, Department of Management and Organization, Box 353200
Professor Earl Hunt, Department of Psychology, Box 351525
Professor Mark McDermott, Department of Physics, Chair, Faculty Senate, Box 351271
Ms. Helen Remick, Assistant Provost for Equal Opportunity, Box 354560
Professor John Young, School of Art, Box 353440
Professor Greg Zick, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering, Box 352500

Ex-Officio Member:
Mr. Phillip Hoffman, Assistant Director, Institutional Studies, Box 351263, Resource Expert

Faculty Salaries