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Faculty Salaries

Appendix D
Department of Sociology Faculty Activity Report

Faculty Activity Report for 1997-98
Due by Friday, April 17,1998


  1. Teaching and Student Supervision Activities
    (Parts A-G to be completed by Advising Office)

    1. Scheduled Courses Taught:
        Number/Title Limit Actual Enroll. List of TA's (if any)
    2. Undergraduate Reading Hours:
        Course # # Students # Credits Quarter
    3. MA Committees (Chair):

    4. Other MA Committees:

    5. Ph.D. Supervisory Committees (Chair):

    6. Other Ph.D. Supervisory Committees:

    7. Graduate Reading Hours:
        Course # # Students # Credits Quarter
    8. Other Teaching Activities (new course developed or revised, teacher training, guest lectures, etc.):

  2. Publications

    1. Books, articles, and chapters published in the last year and those in press (include full bibliographic citations):

    2. Books, articles, and chapters under review (include potential publisher and status of the review (e.g., revise and resubmit):

    3. Books, articles, and chapters in preparation (include best estimate of date of completion):

    4. Book Reviews:

    5. Other Publications (e.g. technical reports, articles in the mass media):

  3. Grants, Fellowships or Other Funded Projects:

    1. Current Projects (include full title of project, grant sponsor, budget, and time period):

    2. Applications Pending:

    3. Applications in preparation (include best estimate of date of submission):

  4. Editorial Activities
    1. Editor, associate editor, or editorial board (include term of service):

    2. Reviews for journals, publishers, or grant agencies:

  5. Professional Activities
    1. Elected office, honors, or committee service:

    2. Other professional service for the discipline, a foundation, or national organization:

    3. Papers Presented at Professional Meetings and Conferences:

    4. Other Conference Activities (as organizer, chair, discussant):

    5. University Lectures:

    6. Consultancies:

  6. University Service
    1. University, College:

    2. Department:

  7. Other Noteworthy Activities

Faculty Salaries