Board of Regents Agenda

Thursday, March 20, 2008
3:00 p.m.
Tacoma Room, GWP Building
UW Tacoma Campus

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I. Call to Order

Roll Call: Assistant Secretary Keith

III. Confirm Agenda
Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents: Regent Barer
Report of the University President: Dr. Emmert
VI Consent Agenda  
  Approval of Minutes of Meetings of January 17, and February 21, 2008  
  Honorary Degree for Mr. Quincy Jones A–2
  Honorary Degree for Sir Timothy Berners-Lee A–3
  Honorary Degree for Mr. Greg Mortenson A–4
  2008-09 Residence Hall, Single-Student Apartment and Family Housing Rental Rate Adjustments A–9

Grant and Contract Awards – December, 2007

  Magnuson Health Sciences Center Sixth Floor and RR-Wing 2-Floor Projects Presentation F–6
  UW Tacoma Phase 3: Project Presentation F–7
  Washington Dental Service Building for Early Childhood Oral Health – Budget and Financing Plan Approval F–8
  Molecular Engineering Interdisciplinary Academic Building (MEIAB) Project: Project Presentation F–9
  Lewis Hall Renovation Project: Project Presentation F–10
  UW Tower Capital Improvements F–13
  Standing Committees  
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Simon - Chair  
    Academic and Administrative Appointments (Action) A–1
    Higher Education Coordinating Board Master Plan (Information only) A–5
    Student Planning for the Future of UW Tacoma (Information only) A–6
    Recommendations Made by 2003 Decennial Accreditation Visiting Committee (Information only) A–7
  Joint Session  
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Simon - Chair  
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Blake - Chair  
    Housing Master Plan (Information only) A–8
    2008 Legislative Summary (Information only) A–10
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Blake - Chair  
    Report of Contributions – January, 2008 (Information only) F–1
    Actions Taken Under Delegated Authority (Information only) F–3
    Investment Performance Report (Information only) F–4
    Metropolitan Tract 4th Quarter, 2007 (Information only) F–5
    UW Tower Occupancy Progress Report – March, 2008 F–12
    Benchmarking University Advancement Performance (Information only) F–14
    UWINCO Update (Information only) F–15
    Report of Internal Audit Results 2007 and Report of Planned Audit Activities 2008 (Information only) F–16
VIII. Other Business  
  Reports from ex-officio representatives to the Board:  
    Faculty Senate Chair - Professor Dan Luchtel  
    ASUW President - Mr. Tyler J. Dockins  
    GPSS President - Mr. David B. Brown  
    Alumni Association President - Mr. Norm Proctor  
IX. Date for Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, May 15, 2008
X. Adjournment