Board of Regents Agenda

Thursday, October 18, 2007
3:00 p.m.
Petersen Room, Allen Library
UW Seattle Campus

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I. Call to Order

Roll Call : Assistant Secretary Keith

III. Confirm Agenda
Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents: Regent Barer
Report of the University President: Dr. Emmert
VI Consent Agenda  
  Grant and Contract Awards – July, 2007 F–2
  West Campus Parking Garage Expansion Revised Budget, Financing Plan and Delegated Authority F–6
  Approval of University of Washington 2008 State Supplemental Budget Request F–8
  Standing Committees  
  Joint Session  
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Barer - Chair  
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Blake - Chair  
    Academic and Administrative Appointments (ACTION) A1
    Husky Stadium (Information only) F–9
    SIS (Skagit, Island and Snohomish Counties) Academic Planning Update (Information only) F–10
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Blake - Chair  
    Report of Contributions – August, 2007 (Information only) F–1
    Actions Taken Under Delegated Authority (Information only) F–3
    Capital Projects Office Semi-Annual Report (Information only) F–5
    UWINCO Update (Information only) F–7
VIII. Other Business  
  Reports from ex-officio representatives to the Board:  
    Faculty Senate Chair - Professor Dan Luchtel  
    ASUW President - Mr. Tyler J. Dockins  
    GPSS President - Mr. David B. Brown  
    Alumni Association President - Mr. Norm Proctor  
IX. Date for Next Regular Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Regents is Thursday, November 15, 2007
X. Adjournment