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Board of Regents 2001 Monthly Meetings May Meetings

Board of Regents Agenda

Friday, May 18, 2001
1:00 p.m.
Walker-Ames Room
Kane Hall

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Confirm Agenda
Report of the President of the Board of Regents: Regent Proctor
President's Five Year Review (Information Only)
Resolution of Appreciation to John W. Amaya B-1
Report of the University President: Dr. McCormick
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes of Meeting of March 16, 2001  
Contracting with UW Physicians Network A-2
Adoption of Amendments to Chapter 478-250 WAC, Governing Indexing of Public Records and Chapter 478-276 WAC, Governing Acess to Public Records A-3
UW Bothell Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program- Establishment of the Master of Arts in Policy Studies A-4
Division of Spanish and Portuguese Studies- Establishment of the Master of Arts Degree A-5
Grant and Contract Awards - February and March, 2001
Development of Student Housing by Twenty-Fifth Avenue Properties F-3
Amendment to Investment Policies F-6
New Bioengineering Building - Architect C-1
Husky Den Remodel - Delegated Authority C-3
S1 Parking Garage Expansion - Architectural Opportunities Report C-3
Adoption of Amendments to WAC 478-136-030, Limitations of Use from Chapter 478-136 WAC, Use of University of Washington Facilities C-4
Approval of Washington Park Arboretum Master Plan C-5
VII. Standing Committees
A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Chin - Chair
Academic and Administrative Appointments A-1
B. Finance and Audit Committee: Regent Brotman - Chair
Gift Report - March and April 2001 (Information Only) F-1
Establishment of an Investment Subcommittee (UWINCO) F-5
Amendment to Investment Policies (Information Only)  
C. Capital Assets Committee: Regent Grinstein - Chair
Clinical Information System (Information Only) C-6
  D. Strategic Emphases Committee: Regent Zehnder - Chair
Other Business
Reports from ex officio representatives to the Board:  
ASUW President - Ms. Jasmin Weaver
GPSS President - Mr. H. Gorkem Kuterdem
Alumni Association President - Ms. Patricia Bostrom
Faculty Senate Chairman - Prof. Mary B. Coney
IX. Date for Next Regular Meeting: June 8, 2001 at the UW Tacoma Campus
Executive Session (to discuss matters covered by RCWQ 42.30.140 (4)(b)) (to discuss with legal counsel representing the agency litigation to which the governing body or agency is or may ba a party, when public knowledge regarding the discussion is likely to result in an adverse legal or financial consequence to the agency)
XI. Adjournment

Board of Regents 2001 Monthly Meetings March Meetings

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