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Board of Regents 2001 Monthly Meetings May Meetings

Capital Assets Committee

Regents Grinstein (Chair), Clack, Gates, Yapp

Thursday, May 17, 2001
1:30-3:00 p.m.
142 Gerberding Hall

New bioengineering Building-Architect
Weldon E. Ihrig, Executive Vice President
Douglas J. Holen, Acting Assistant Vice President for Capital Projects
Action C-1
Husky Den Remodel-Delegated Authority
Weldon E. Ihrig
Douglas J. Holen
Action C-2
Adoption of Amendments to WAC 478-136-030, Limitations of Use from Chapter 478-136 WAC, Use of University of Washington Facilities
Norman G. Arkans, Associate Vice President and Executive Director, University Relations
Action C-3
Approval of Washington Park Arboretum Master Plan
Weldon E. Ihrig
Neal Lessenger, Special Assistant, Office of Regional Affairs
Kristiina Vogt, Dean, College of Forest Resources
Thomas M. Hinckley, Professor, Ecosystem Sciences
David Hervey, President, Arboretum Foundation
Kenneth Bounds, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, City of Seattle
Action C-4
Clinical Information System (Information Only)
Weldon E. Ihrig
Kerry Kahl, Director, Purchasing and Stores
Tom M. Martin, Director-CIO, Medical Centers Information Systems
Action C-5
S1 Parking Garage Expansion-Architectural Opportunities Report-Approval
Weldon E. Ihrig
Douglas J. Holen
Action C-6
Metropolitan Tract Report
Weldon E. Ihrig
Jeanette L. Henderson, Director of Real Estate
Lisa Stewart, TrammellCrow Company
Other Business
Weldon E. Ihrig

Board of Regents 2001 Monthly Meetings May Meetings

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