Calling all students! Endorse Learning Technologies STF proposals!


It's likely that the computer you're using was funded by a STF proposal submitted on your behalf by UW-IT Learning Technologies.

This summer, Learning Technologies replaced 194 old computers in the Odegaard Learning Commons with brand-new 27" iMacs thanks to STF funding.

This year, we've got lots of great ideas for technology upgrades and enhancements that we're proposing in order to make your experience as a student in the Learning Technologies spaces even more useful and exciting.

But we need your help!

Take a look at our proposals, and if you like the sound of any of them, take a moment to submit a short endorsement explaining why you think our proposal should get funding from the Student Tech Fee.

Oh and by the way, you can endorse more than one proposal!

3D Printing and Physical Computing:
Have you ever wanted to make a 3D printed diorama for your history class, or maybe a molecular structure, or just mess about with the possibilities of interlocking gears? If so, this is the proposal for you. 3D printing would bring the ability to manipulate and create tangible objects to Odegaard.
MGH 066 Refresh:
We plan to upgrade this space so that supports group work and renews the possibilities of powerful media, gaming, and 3D collaborations. We’re asking for hardware to get the ball rolling, and already have interest from the iSchool, the UW Games for Learning, and other groups.
Odegaard Learning Commons Partial Refresh:
This proposal would replace half of the remaining "old" computers in Odegaard with new 27" iMacs, adding additional speed and reliability to more workstations in the largest computer lab on campus.
Technology Studios Refresh:
The Presentation Studio and Sound Studio are aging, and are also permeable to sound. We can work to make them quiet, powerful spaces that don’t let sound in or out, and have the latest in software and hardware.

Don't forget to submit your endorsement!

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