New Teaching with Technology Profile Published - Dr. John Wataha

Before arriving at UW, Dr. John Wataha "hadn't really done any teaching with the Web." But since coming to the University of Washington School of Dentistry, he's become an advanced user and a proponent of Catalyst Web Tools. "Catalyst has fundamentally expanded the opportunities and strategies I have to teach our students."

After getting comfortable with the Tools, he began showing other faculty within the department what Catalyst offers. He observes, "About half the faculty in our group are now using Catalyst Web Tools in some form, and they are actively experimenting to see how they can adapt the Tools to their needs." In addition to Gradebook, Wataha uses CommonView, GoPost, and WebQ to structure his courses, and hopes to add Collect It next year.

Although Dr. Wataha has become an adept user of classroom technologies, he isn't satisfied with the status quo. He sees many opportunities for improving assessment and student interaction via technology. Digital formats for the wax models that students are required to create, smart software for assessing the wax models, and digitized images that demonstrate oral and dental dynamics (currently instructors rely on manipulating layered acetates which are then projected) are just a few possibilities he envisions.

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