Future Direction of CommonView

CommonView, the online workspace for organizing and presenting content, including Catalyst Web Tools, is always in development. Our philosophy is to initially release a basic version of a tool that addresses known, broad-campus needs. As this version gets used in real-world environments, we invite feedback from support channels and the Client User Engagement team to discover new user needs and workflows. Through this process, Catalyst Web Tool developers continue to refine and add new features and functionality to all of our tools. For a recent example, Google Sites hub, a way to integrate Google Sites into CommonView for e-portfolio projects, was developed and released after user feedback showed that many were hoping to support portfolio creation and sharing on their class Web sites.

Click here for more on Google Sites Hub.

Future direction for CommonView includes tighter integration with other Catalyst Web Tools and the ability to set cascading permissions for all tools connected to a CommonView workspace. There will be more exciting improvements to come -- look out for opportunities to inform the future of CommonView soon!

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